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June 2014 Character of the Month: Moon Knight

The community has selected a new individual to praise and Khonshu is very pleased.

Sorry, Spider-Man, but it's time to step out of the spotlight. The web-slinger was voted as our very first Character of the Month and had May all to himself. Now it's time to praise another character: Moon Knight! The latest poll had 10 anti-heroes to choose from and 645 Comic Viners voted. Marc Spector was able to gain a lead over the competition and now we're excited to give the dude a whole lot of attention. Congratulations, Moon Knight fans!

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Created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, Moon Knight debuted back in 1975 and has been the focus of multiple volumes. The latest one, by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey, is receiving nothing but an overwhelming amount of love. So, what happens next? Throughout June we're going to have several features about the brutal hero. We'll talk about his best covers, his best fights, his must read stories, and he'll likely make appearances in the Question of the Week and the Batman Battle of the Month. Be sure to keep your eyes on the homepage throughout the upcoming month for plenty of Moon Knight goodness!

Wondering how the voting went down? Well, here's poll's results.

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Let's begin the celebration right now. Share with us your favorite image of Moon Knight below and explain why it's full of awesomeness. Commence the Moon Knight praise! Do you like this feature and want to provide feedback and/or make a suggestion for future editions? Feel free to tell us below or reach out via Twitter.