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Joss Whedon Says No Dollhouse Comics

Seems a little early to be thinking about one.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics have always done well.  Fans of the show just can't get enough.  When Joss Whedon took more control over the current 'Season 8' comic, things just got better.  He told IF Magazine that a comic based on his new show, "Dollhouse" wouldn't be likely.
There won’t be one,” says Whedon. “The science fiction of this is much more science. It’s mostly actors, acting differently. It’s not something you need to see drawn. There is a CSI comic book, so anything could have a comic book I guess.”
Is anyone reading the CSI comic?  I don't think my local comic shop is carrying it if it's still being put out.

The good news for Whedon/Buffy fans is there are plans for a "Season 9' comic when Season 8 is over.

Don't forget, "Dollhouse" premieres Friday February 13 on FOX.