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James Robinson Returns to the Comic Vine Podcast

FANTASTIC FOUR #1 is on sale today and this is your chance to submit questions for all of James' books.

If you've been listening to the Comic Vine podcast, you know James Robinson has been a frequent guest. Since his last appearance, he's been busy. Really busy. You've probably read THE SAVIORS over at Image Comics as well as the first couple issues of ALL-NEW INVADERS. This week marks the new FANTASTIC FOUR series written by James with art by Leonard Kirk. He also has another upcoming series at Image, AIRBOY with Greg Hinkle. (You can find out more about that HERE).

To celebrate all of this, James is returning to record a podcast with us.

Yes, even the Fantastic Four are shocked.
Yes, even the Fantastic Four are shocked.

This is your chance to submit questions to James about FANTASTIC FOUR, ALL-NEW INVADERS and THE SAVIORS. You can ask about AIRBOY but since the first issue hasn't been released yet, there'll be plenty of other questions.

This will likely happen every two months or so.

How can you ask James questions?

We will record THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27 around 2 p.m. PST. Be sure to get your questions in before that. Tell your friends. Tell your mom too. James would like that.