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It's Official, Uncanny X-Force Revealed In Second Coming #2

Find out who what the new roster will be.

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Things are about to change. We've heard that there will be a new roster in X-Force. Rumors started floating as to who the members would actually be. Today, Marvel makes it official. In a press release, it's revealed that the new line-up will be seen in Second Coming #2.
After the devastation from Bastion's forces, the X-Men have to band together and rebuild. Of course one team will have different plans. When a secret society resurrects Apocalypse, Wolverine's black-ops team is the only one that can take him down. 
 == TEASER ==
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Why the new team? What was wrong with the old X-Force? We'll find out in October when Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña bring on the all-new ongoing series, Uncanny X-Force.
Second Coming #2 is written by Matt Fraction, Chris Yost, Mike Carey and Zeb Wells and goes on sale today. Uncanny X-Force #1 goes on sale this October.
Is this the team you want. Are you happy to see the changes, not only in the team but what about the creative team? Are you excited about this new direction or scared that Deadpool is actually part of this?
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Posted By Baddamdog
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Edited By ComicMan24

I like this roster. Not sure about Deadpool but I'll wait and see first. I don't like the "Uncanny" addition to the title though.
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Edited By Silver2467

Deadpool seems like an interesting addition to the team. Of course, he has had several interactions with the X-Men and has worked with them before, but he seems like he'll be playing a more significant role in this. Personally, I'm not a Deadpool or X-Men fan, but all the same, this is an interesting update. 

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Posted By Darknom

Love it!  
kinda missing X-23 but  it's ok...all the other dueds are not "X-Forcey" anymore

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Posted By themaskedhero

Gosh, this doesn't sound like the best team or even book in the world. And I can't sit back and say "Well Yost is writing it, so it's going to be fantastic" anymore. I like Deadpool, but I feel he's gotten too much exposure. Psylocke is cool, I guess. And Angel, yeah, just keep writing him well.
I guess I'll have to play the "I'm going to have to read it" card and figure it out later.

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Posted By gmanfromheck
@Baddamdog: There's been a couple threads speculating on the team. But today Marvel made it official and including the official artwork. (Also, this is on the news page).
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Posted By Cherry Bomb

Psylocke!  <3 
I'm gonna miss Domino. :(

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Posted By Namor1987
@G-Man said:
" @Baddamdog: There's been a couple threads speculating on the team. But today Marvel made it official and including the official artwork. (Also, this is on the news page). "
 Yes I've got a huge poster with Psylocke, Archangel, & Wolverine on it but I think Fantomex & Deadpool will make great additions to the team alongside Psylocke.
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Posted By Darknom

wow...i can't  believe that i forget about    Domino!  =[ 

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Posted By PuckPuck

Deadpool and Wolverine back together should be ... interesting.

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Posted By Dark_Phoenix00x

Dont like Deadpool on the team. Will miss the old team, I really liked it

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Posted By Mr. Kamikaze

I like the team, it looks good. Even with Deadpool. 
Fantomex is awesome, so I'm glad he is there. But I am a bit upset there is no Domino or Elixir or X-23....hopefully Second Coming #2 reveals more than just those on the poster. So I am still holding out for those guys...hell even Cypher on the team would be kinda cool.... 
Anyways. Good news, I look forward to it.

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Posted By Hamz

I'll miss Domino, and I'll miss the colour of the uniforms. But alas all good things come to an end and restart again with a bit of a change, right?

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Posted By daak1212

Great! The two biggest whores on marvel are on the same team ( Wolverine and Deadpool )

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Posted By Aspenite

Good roster!

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Posted By gmanfromheck

Even if she was a little redundant with Wolverine on the team, I liked having X-23 there.

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Posted By RafaGreyDanvers

Psylocke the best ever!! She totally fits this team!! She's my favourite heroine! This is all i ever wanted! Now you're gonna see the real powwer of Betsy!
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Posted By jimtherabidcow

Am i the only one who's happy to see Fantomex back in an X-men line up?
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Posted By Benzo

the team looks cool!, but it's still a shame ,that domino is not there any more! :(    
but anyway, it's great to see fantomex on the team! :D

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Posted By AmazingSpiderMike

I liked the previous roster, but this one is more vicious.

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Posted By Yaujtapool

This looks f@ckin awesome .

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Posted By FadeToBlackBolt

Sweet, 4 great characters and Wolverine; I'll pick this up :)

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Posted By Darknom

the   previous roster was a blade/claw...this team is a gun team 

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Posted By Namor1987
@Darknom:  Agreed
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Posted By notorious

love the fact dat fanthomex is on there hope they do sumthin more wit the costumes tho fx looks savage wit the zebra stripes
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Posted By Thunderscream


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Posted By Iron Fist Angel

Well Angel's in so I'm happy, lol. I do think this roster is more interesting than the previous one. I will kind of miss Vanisher though as his interactions with the other members were pretty funny. I'm sure Deadpool will more than fill that void though.

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Posted By longbowhunter

Domino you will be missed. I really thought she had found her place in the Marvel Universe. Fantomex is a cool character and I think this is where Deadpool should be. When was the last time we saw Wade off somebody? As far as the creative team goes I think Remender is gonna have big shoes to fill. Yost & Kyle did amazing things with this book. I also loved their New X-Men stuff!
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Posted By Planewalker

I just have one thing to say where is Mike Choi ? Couldn't care much about the team lineup if the art sucks 

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Edited By NXH

I prefered the old team. Not just the team, but creative team aswell. 
Kyle Yost were the best X writers. I really digged Clayton Crain's art but he began slipping a bit.  
And Mike Cho was okay. I know might get crucified for saying that, but I just thought Mike Cho's art was okay. As for this new team, I like Phylocke, I love Deadpool despite that he's everywhere and now that he is in X-Force now is really pushing it. I don't know anything about the guy in te white coat and mask (Cant remember his name, Fantax or something, is it?). And Wolverine I love and I think he makes a great leader and he deffentialy prove that in the previous X-Force team and Archangel, muh... If Wolverine was to get a brand new X-Force team, I think it would've been better that they completely got a new lineup. Then again, Archangel wasn't in X-Force to begin with. But still. =/ 
I'm not so keen on the creative team, but I have heard Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña did a great job on The Punisher so I'll wait and see what happens.  
I particually looking forward to X-Force sex and violence.

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Edited By Surdefunctaph

I'll miss some of the old cast like X-23 and Domino.  Psylocke, Deadpool and Fantomex should make up for that, though.   Good to see Fantomex back in circulation.
Will NOT miss Clayton Crane's art or Kyle's and Yost's writing.

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Posted By zabdi

It all looks good except deadpool, he seems to be popping up everywhere these days and for what was a more serious/black humoured book, i dont really know how hes going to fit in. 
oh and is it me or is 60% of the team Weapon X experiments

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Posted By goldenkey

This team looks GREAT, gotta jump on here.  Looking forward to seeing Deadpool as a member.  I have a feeling DP and Fantomex are gonna work off each other well.  Looks very promising, and of course the return of Apocalypse.  Best  villian ever

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Posted By shockwave632

Is there any explanation as to why Psylocke's costume looks a lot like Ms. Marvel's? Or is that just coincidence?

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Posted By ninjadude853

i'm totally gonna get this

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Posted By Joe Venom

Psylocke needs to put some clothes on, would have been a nice time for her to get a new costume oh wells  >.>

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Posted By CiaranStatham

I like most of the roster with the exception of Deadpool. I can't stand him, and the entire point of the vast majority of his appearances is that he doesn't work well with others. Hopefully Psylocke or Wolverine will stab him in the face and he'll be gone by the third issue.  
I also don't see the need to relaunch the series - There's nothing wrong with having a roster and creative-team change actually during a book's run - But hey, I suppose that's Marvel, grabbing you by the balls and trying to get you to spend more cash. I bet this relaunch issue costs 3.99 too!

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Posted By DH69

most important question. IS THE ARTIST STAYING ON?!

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Posted By Joeybagad0nutz

Is looking forward to seeing how Deadpool works on this team. I'm definitly picking this one up.
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Edited By jamesewelch

As a long time X-Force fan (since it's inception), I was a bit excited for this new title, but then the more I stare at that cover with mutants and the cliche ridiculous overuse of guns so profoundly used during the '90s (I've grown up since those days), I'm grow a bit uneasy about it. I'd like to have seen a new direction with maybe Psylocke leading the team rather than keeping Wolverine there. 
As for the crew, I'm okay with Psylocke (fan of her) and Fantomax (don't know much about him, but "new" mutants are a plus). As for Archangel, I'm on the fence to whether or not it's a good idea. It's nice that he's there (along with Wolverine) to provide some continuation from the former team, but I think that slot could have been better used.
As a fan and subscriber of Deadpool comics, I think this is not the greatest of ideas. It would be nice for maybe 1 story arc until he messes up and gets kicked off the team. That way Marvel can use him to get sales to support the title's first few issues and some PR from the sales numbers. Likewise with Wolverine, I think it would be okay for him to stick around for 1 or 2 story arcs, then leave the team in the hands of Psylocke. That would free up 2 slots for new or old but not well known characters.
Either way, I'll probably stick around for at least the first story arc to see how the title goes. 

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Posted By Amegashita

I think it's funny that Marvel, and this new X-Force creative team couldn't just wait to go blabbing their mouths off about who is going to be on the new X-Force team till it actually came out in October, November-ish.  Somebody's a little to excited about working on an X-Force title.  So much for surprises, huh.

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Posted By harleyquinnhawkgirl

OMG I hope we see a lot of Psylocke because I want to see more of her.
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Posted By Troilus

I'm rather pissed that this is an entire new team and just an additional series.  I loved domino, and x-23 (but she's getting an ongoing so i can see why there), and elixer (who's always near death for some reason), and archangel (in his horseman form was great for the series, and easy to see returning with the new storyline).  Not my top faves but wolfsbane (who hasnt been there for quite awhile, is going back to x-factor), and vanisher (who was a non willing member, and is dead? from second coming), and thunderbird (who's always been rather background for this series).   I like psylocke, but she's not really the blood thirsty killer as the previous team was.  Wolverine I don't really care for, deadpool can stay out of my x-men comics into his dozen other titles.  Phantomx? random d-list char.

I will prolly not pickup this title, and just get the x-23 title instead.  Especially since the new title won't have choi/oback's awesome art i don't think.  I hope domino finds a home in another x title for a while.

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Posted By Namor1987

They said Archangel will co-lead the team with Wolverine. Glad to see seniority coming into effect

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of course deadpool would be awesome for the team if he could stay sane. I want to know why Domino was taken off the team. I liked X-23 but atleast they explained why she wont be there. I think they need to move Ice Man over to that team. Arch Angel has been around for as long as Ice Man has and he's become much more popular once they changed him to Arche Angel and put him on this team (basically took that good boy image away). They need to do the same with Bobby. He needs to master his  abilities more (like Emma did) and become part of the X-Force. He would be extremely awesome on  that team with out limitations. 
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Posted By manofsteel42

deadpool is lame and annoying and I want to see Hellion in that team, Im tired of seeing him take the back seat to other characters    

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Posted By gabrielsolomon

Gonna miss X-23 and Domino, and I really dont like Deadpool. would've preferred someone like  
Mercury, Surge, one of the Three in One or Armor 
And for gods sake why is Wolverine still there Im still kinda hoping he'll die soon
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Posted By Pacperson

I really liked the old team =(
But Hopefully.....Deadpool can be written right, and prove himself to the X-men

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Posted By spider-pig23

The team is intriguing, but one question:"WHERE THE HELL IS X-23?!"