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Is Jessica Biel In Talks For Thor?

People like rumors, right?

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Not sure how valid this is.  It's just been reported that Jessica Biel might be in talks for Thor.  Apparently the same source that spilled some Thor news before brought this up.  There was a rumor before that Natalie Portman was in talks .  We haven't heard anything about that since.

If Biel is indeed 'in talks,' who do you think she'd be up for?  We have Jane Foster but I think Kenneth Branagh said that the entire movie would be in Asgard.  We can't forget Lady Sif .  Biel might have to darken her hair a bit but she could probably pull off the role.  Slash Film speculates that perhaps Biel is going for Enchantress .

Do you think this is just a crazy rumor or could there be some truth to it?  What about Portman?  Could she handle being Sif?  Would you want to see Biel in Thor?