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Is Jeremey Renner Really Going to Play Hawkeye, Now?

Looks like it's happening, after all.

Maybe more like this?
First he was in, then he was out, then there was the chance he might cameo in Thor (which is what all casting rumors lead to, right?) Now, it’s looking like Jeremy Renner playing Hawkeye in the AVENGERS movie is very, very, very close to happening. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he’s in final negotiations with Marvel, right now. What’s maybe more surprising is that THR is acting like Joss Whedon is directing AVENGERS for sure, now. That hadn’t been officially confirmed by Marvel, last I checked. You think there would’ve been some big announcement or press release, right?

I haven’t seen THE HURT LOCKER or really anything else Renner’s been in. Was he in 28 WEEKS LATER? I only saw that in the theaters and it’s been a while since that came out. I suppose it'd be hard for Marvel to do better than an actor who just starred in 2009’s Oscar winner, though. == TEASER ==

The thing I’m curious about is how much Hawkeye’s going to be worked-over for the movie. Seeing as how Black Widow is going to be in it, as well, I’m sure they’re going to take some pages from ULTIMATES and have her and him serve as the Avenger’s recon/black ops team. That would kind-of have to be the only option since Hawkeye doesn’t have any powers and I don’t know if using a bow & arrow is enough of a gimmick to wow general audiences when put next to a thunder god and a super soldier. And I definitely agree with G-Man that they’re going to need to use Hitch’s re-design from Ultimates, because a purple bird just won’t work on screen no matter how practical the fabric is.

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Posted by PrinceIMC

Yeah they might tone down the bow and arrow gimmicks but a badass athlete and super marksman will be cool.

Edited by Duo_forbidden

I would love to see the ultimate comic version in the film. Personally, I kind of like the Ultimate version of Hawkeye than the mainstream in that besides using a long bow, he's using crossbows and guns.

Posted by Technoman

Hmm very interesting but it needs some pics of renner.

Posted by goldenkey

I hope he gets the part, he was great in the Hurt Locker because he had balls, and his sarcasim worked.  You can put him in the Avengers and don't need a huge back story to make him work.  I think Joe Mads Ultimate design of his suit could work, making it black or greay with a purple  tint to it, I just don't see it happening.  Spider-man was an exception, but directors don't like to completely hide an actors face because it's hard to get the emotion on film.  Sure it has been done but it's not liked by film makers. 
Posted by Deadpoolic

Despite the lack of movies with him, me thinks he really can fit the part

Posted by ImperiousRix

Alright, seems like another decent casting.  I thought Renner did a good job in Hurt Locker, so I'd like to see how he does in this. 
I agree they'll likely go with a more Ultimates 2 or Ultimates 3 look for Hawkeye (much like they did for Cap), because the pointy cowl would just look kinda silly.

Posted by frogger

After seeing him in  The Hurt Locker I could definetly see him playing Hawkeye. I really hope this happens.

Posted by SoA
@Duo_forbidden: me too , jeremy renner i think can pull off ultimate hawkeye ,it seems more pratical then the 616 costume lol
Posted by Kid_Zombie

SWEET! This is great news! Hes an awesome actor and could play hawkeye with ease.
Ya i wonder what they will do for him costume wise. Minus this site, most sites i see bitch about his ultimate costume but its really the most realistic thing to do. Frankly i dig the ultimate costume, so maybe a mix between the two?

Posted by Bathory1313

I would love to see him play Hawkeye.. especially after his role in 28 weeks later, he makes a good solider.

Posted by moxie-lane

ugggg no this isn't good -le sigh- josh h. would be better not him. or jensen a. he's to old and doesnt look like hawkeye.
Posted by simonchan

like button!! :D

Posted by superboy12

i like him but i would rather see josh holloway play hawkeye
Posted by _Sub-Zero_
Posted by simonchan
@moxie-lane:  yea but he has the personality. cocky brash, and army based. perfect ultimate/regular hybrid  : ))
Posted by Sheep-Kill

Yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah.  I can see it.  Hawkeye really was one of the first characters I read in marvel so im cool with that.  Also Renner kicked as in Senior TRip LOL.  Cult Classic

Posted by Moomin123


Jeremy was born for this role, who knows, maybe this'll be ideal for him since he already played an action hero in the Hurt Locker, even if that's not a comic film.

Posted by Nyogtha

He was good in S.W.A.T. and Dahmer. I don't care what costume he wears just as long there is a bow in his hands, guns are cop out.

Posted by Jordanstine

So confirmed are: 
Iron Man 
Captain America 
Black Widow 
War Machine 
Pretty good line-up already.   
Nick Fury
tossed in there like a "Professor X" role of course.   
Possibly have Ant-Man in there too.   
Only needs another female hero like Wasp or how about Ms. Marvel or maybe Spider-Woman (who herself is a former SHIELD agent)?
Posted by blueninjapanther

that's awesome. Someone should make the black panther movie so he could also join the avengers movie!

Posted by Captain13

I think they might be trying to fit to many good characters and stars into one movie.
How about we leave it at Cap, IM, Thor, Hawkeye, Warmachine, Black Widow, and Hulk?
Maybe Giant-man. They can introduce Wasp in the Ant-man movie or in Avengers 2.

Posted by Final Arrow

Bad ass

Posted by dvorak

Despite the fact that I hated The Hurt Locker, I enjoyed his performance for the most part. It's an interesting choice, to be sure.

Posted by Namor1987
@_Sub-Zero_:  Dang he looks just like him
Posted by Cap4Prez
@moxie-lane said:

"ugggg no this isn't good -le sigh- josh h. would be better not him. or jensen a. he's to old and doesnt look like hawkeye. "

I would like to see Renner in this. He's not too old and he looks the part. 
Josh Holloway looks the part as well and he's a couple years older than Renner. Jensen Ackles would be a cool Hawkeye as well and he's in his 30s. Only a few years difference in ages.

Posted by moxie-lane
@Jordanstine: or they can do mockingbird and start to introduce some shield agents lol
Posted by reaper2923

That guy was awesome in the Hurt Locker and he could be an awesome Hawkeye

Posted by moxie-lane
@simonchan: yeah i guess i'll have to look him up on youtube and see his acting...i want him with a bow and arrow tho to kinda represent his true form.
Posted by Bruce Vain

Tom, Jeremy plays alot of Military / Cop roles the guy is very talented. So him possibly being the choice for Hawkeye is great. He's also pretty funny as well since I think it was his first movie , National Lampoon's Senior Trip. Lol
Posted by moxie-lane
@Cap4Prez: i guess jermey to me looks older than them all lol. but i really would like jensen to be him. or maybe paul walker has the look as well. just i dont know. i'll have to research jeremy more
Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon

i think the regular hawkeye suit would work, but ive got a better idea:
HAVE ECHO (In all her Taskmaster-esque glory) AND HAWKEYE (with high-tech crossbows with all sorts of cool weapons) AS RONINS AND LOVERS.  Now that would be awesome.  Read Dark Reign: The List.  That shows Ronin at his best.  

 And Ronin Uses a Gun.  Beat that Hawkeye
Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon

oh, and jeremy renner is an AWESOME choice

Posted by sora_thekey

Hawkeye in the Avengers movie is a "+" for me!

Posted by Man of Lengend

AWSOME i dig clint barton as a character..... hope they se the ultimate costume... seems more practicle
Posted by Crackdown

 I seriously do wish/hope they use Ultimate Hawkeye's new costume. Because that thing is seriously awesome.

Posted by crazywolf

This is so cool. Jeremy Renner was great in S.W.A.T. and the Unusuals and I like his sarcasm and delivery of his lines. Still, I haven't seen the Hurt Locker yet but I will soon. Renner has the background to be a great Hawkeye. He would look so awesome in the Ultimate Hawkeye suit. 

Yeah I hope the script is good. Considering its a big ensemble cast (depending on the final script and casting), I hope the movie has a sufficient length so it doesn't seemed rushed or that some characters get cut to only 1 or 2 scenes. 
That was the major problem with X3. Script wasn't solid and story and pacing was rushed in the movie's time frame. At least, Marvel will be more hands on with the Avengers.

Posted by 4Essence

One of the best castings I've seen in a while. Kudos Marvel 
*Assuming this is true tho*
Posted by Gothic Storm

I like Hawkeye and all, but shouldn't they be including some ladies in this movie? Pardon my phrasing, but this is going to be a sausage-fest. I know Black Widow might be in it, but where are the others? Alright, so there were not many ladies in the early years of the Avengers... But if they are doing the original team, then they should leave out Hawkeye and Black Widow. Just my 2 cents. *shrug*

Posted by Gothic Storm
@Jordanstine said:
So confirmed are: 
Iron Man 
Captain America 
Black Widow 
War Machine 
Pretty good line-up already.   
Nick Fury
tossed in there like a "Professor X" role of course.   
Possibly have Ant-Man in there too.   
Only needs another female hero like Wasp or how about Ms. Marvel or maybe Spider-Woman (who herself is a former SHIELD agent)? "
Was Hulk finally confirmed to be in this movie? Marvel has been avoiding the question up until now I think. I don't think they could include Spider-woman since it would cause friction with Sony. Ms. Marvel on the other hand... Yeah, she would definitely sell some tickets to the non-comic book fans.
Posted by jamdown

finally, and what movie is that screen shot from 

Posted by DH69

oh god no he's ugly

Posted by TheBlueAngel93

I'm fine with the Ultimate look as long as he still uses his bow and arrows, he's not Hawkeye with out his bows.
And I disagree, if Batman can stand up next to people like Superman, Flash, and Green Lantern without super-powers, then so can Hawkeye, or in that fact any other non super-powered superhero...*cough!* Bucky Cap *cough!* .
Maybe they could somehow fuse Clint's 616 look and Ultimate look together?

Posted by Gothic Storm

  Here's a fun little video that sort of pertains to this story... sort of.


Posted by bob agent of agency x
@Gothic Storm said:
"  Here's a fun little video that sort of pertains to this story... sort of.

My fav youtube Vid 
anywhere back to the point, do they NEED Hawkeye, I mean they having Hulk, Ironman and a GOD, do they really need THREE(Cap and Black Widow) characters who are extremly skilled but don't technoly have powers.
Posted by LFCMANIA

Renner was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. in hurt locker - my brother hated it but i loved it (well seeing as i'm military obsessed - i should have). I have a feelings Renner would fit this part kinda well.
Posted by 123422

Just use the Ultimate HE, and we're all set!

Posted by Pizawle

I think it is an awesome casting.

Posted by xerox_kitty

I just had to google this guy.  He's kinda cute, but way too baby faced for someone like Hawkeye.  I always pictured Clint Barton as being in his late 20's to mid 30's.  I guess that's too old by Hollywood's standards.  At least I can rely on Thor for some fuzz-faced action!

Posted by Sparda

Renner is a phenomenal actor and Hurt Locker showed that he could do an action hero type character, so I am definitely down with this.

Edited by cmaprice

Ultimates 1 & 2 design, please. Ultimates 3 Hawkeye and beyond is bad enough on the page, let alone translated to film. At that point, you may as well throw up the classic design. They're equally absurd looking, and at least the classic has history. Ultimates 3 Hawkeye is the worst of both worlds.

 There's our guy.
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