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Is Flash Heading to the CW?

The channel allegedly has big plans for the character.

He may not have his own live-action film coming out in the near future (although, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is out now on blu-ray/DVD), but it looks like Flash could be racing his way towards a lot of appearances over at the CW. According to Deadline, Arrow's co-creators want to give the Justice Leaguer his very own show. But before that, they're allegedly going to introduce Flash in the next season of Arrow.

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Deadline also says Geoff Johns will help write the potential show. Viners, what do you think about the speedster possibly appearing in Arrow and perhaps getting his own series? Could this be DC's way of familiarizing the general audience with more characters before taking a risk and using them on the big screen? There was a rumor that he'd get his own movie in 2016 or past that, after all. Only time will tell, I suppose. But in the meantime, I'm all for this as long as they bring their "A" game.

Source: Deadline

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Posted By Saren

@barkley said:


just read the article the flash will have its not hard if you just do the real world guys don't shoot arrows at people either running on rooftops... suspension of belief ....its Tv show its suppose to be fun I know im watch its starting to look like SUPERHERO SHOW with superpowers

Yeah, that answers that question.

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Posted By Ace20XD6

I'm surprise not many people, if any, are even mentioning the Flash TV show back in the 90's. Hearing this just makes me think DC is trying to play it safe.

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@jwalser3 said:

@justthatkid: The effects could be like the one girl in MoS. When she was zipping around the soldiers. As for rouges, New 52 ones seem like the right choice. IIRC doesn't current Captain Cold have an ability to naturally slow Flash down when in his presence?

Movie budget vs. Tv budget?

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Posted By Raw_Material

That would be cool. What if CW expands on the universe of heroes and villains including the members of the Justice League and street-level and cosmic-level villains. The CW Network has definitely introduced and brought about a city of heroes!

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Posted By jwalser3
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Posted By ssbm

i love the idea i dunno why though i think i would rather see an aquaman show first for live action that is a young arthur curry striving and doing whatever is necessary to become king in a new world seems a bit more interesting than just barry doing his thing even though i love that in the comics live action i want a bit more but if we are talking animation the more barry the better

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I don't know about the Arrow part. I mean, I like the show because it is something more centered in reality, with no superpowers.

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Posted By MadFacedKid

@ssbm: I'm still waiting for Mercy Reef and Amazon.

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Posted By frogjitsu

The audience doesn't need a tv show to test the waters. Besides, on CW, it's not going to be great anyways. Just give us what we want already, a Flash MOVIE!!!

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A Flash easily has the potential to be excellent...but it's going to be on the CW, so it almost certainly will not be. After Smallville I was burnt out on the whole CW model of entertainment, so I never watched any of Arrow. I just decided to give it a chance a couple of weeks ago and it was considerably worse than I ever could have imagined. The production values in particular seemed to be of day-time soap quality.

I would still be cautiously optimistic about Alan Heinberg's Wonder Woman show (if that's still a thing), but a Flash show from the creators of Arrow? It would take the most amazing trailer in the world to convince me to even watch the pilot.

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I am really excited to see what they can do. Just stick to the darker tone that makes Arrow so good and avoid the cheesiness of Smallville and all its love triangles, and this should be really good! I've always thought Flash's rogues were perfect for TV.

I just hope the Flash still gets a movie though...

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Posted By ViperKing

I will definitely enjoy the TV show but I am disappointed that it isn't a live-action movie, animated movie, or an animated TV series. Being on CW guarantees that it won't be done as well as it could be. Also super speed is hard to do for it to be believable so I'm not that excited for it to be done in a no-powers universe.

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Posted By Miss_Garrick

Doesn't matter to me. The powers that be will probably pick Barry or Wally as the Flash, and I'm only interested in Jay Garrick. I do like the 90's Flash show even though it was Barry.

Also they'll do the EXACT SAME THING they did with Arrow and Smallville and have all the characters have dark secrets and go back and forth about whether they can trust each other and then won't and then will and so on for the entire shows run! I am really sick of how way too many shows nowadays do this exact same plot device/trope/clichéd pile of $&^*#@.

Getting Geoff Johns to write it will be a smart move though.

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Posted By bigboi100000

= p

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Posted By PrinceMarvel_

I am looking forward to this. I did enjoy the earlier Flash tv series, although I could see why it may not have been successful.

I also wouldn't mind seeing Elongated Man as a supporting cast, as he began as a Flash supporting cast member. If it is a police procedural, they could use Elongated Man as his partner.

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@princemarvel: I would not watch it if Elongated Man was one of the supporting cast members. It is too difficult in a live-action television series to give him the correct look in any scenario, especially since it is being done in the CW universe. If super speed is difficult to do for it to look great, you can bet so much money that doing those "stretching" abilities will be extremely difficult and will not happen for the next decade or so.