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Invincible Iron Man #25 Shows A Slick New Armor

That's some shiny stuff!

Invincible Iron Man has been a great read from the beginning. I've been surprised month after month since I was on the "I Hate Tony Stark" bandwagon when the series started. Sure he started coming around during Secret Invasion but we still have all the shenanigans he pulled during Civil War. Matt Fraction has been doing a great job in making Iron Man likable once again.
We've seen Stark become "Disassembled" in trying to keep his tech from falling completely into Norman's hands. We know that there will be a new Iron Man armor in issue #25 but check out the new "trade dress" for the issue as seen at

The trade dress was designed by Rian Hughes and features Salvador Larroca's art.  

"The concept here was to show the 'reassembled' Iron Man," explains Hughes. "So we have a gleaming, Stark Industries showroom-fresh Iron Man, all reflective curves and gorgeous chrome, evoking some kind of high-end supercar brochure from Porsche or Ferrari."     

Issue #25 will be on sale April 28 with the next arc, "Stark: Resilient."