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Interview: Gerry Duggan talks DEADPOOL #27 and the Craziest Wedding this Year

It's the big day for Deadpool.

Today is a day to celebrate. Deadpool's current series is reaching its 27th issue. It's also a day he'll (hopefully) never forget. Deadpool is getting married. But wait, didn't he already get married in the Infinite Comic, DEADPOOL: THE GAUNTLET? We'll get to see the actual ceremony now.

We first talked to DEADPOOL co-writer, Gerry Duggan, about the wedding right when it was announced. Because this is such a momentous occasion, and because we just wanted to talk to him again, we asked Gerry some questions about this special over-sized celebratory issue.

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COMIC VINE: You mentioned before that the idea of Deadpool getting married started as a throw-away gag. Where or how did it actually first come up?

GERRY DUGGAN: It was initially a gag I wrote into THE GAUNTLET - and was revealed in the chapter where Shiklah rubbed it in Dracula's face. So - they were married in Chapter 9, and she bragged about it to Dracula. If Jordan [D. White] and Marvel had not wanted to go down the path we're going on - I would have a new character called THE ANNULER show up or something. As it was, we all chatted- and thought we could earn this as a way to move Wade Wilson forward. It's especially fun and complicated given what else is coming his way.


CV: Who is more surprised about the wedding, Deadpool or you and Brian?

GD: Nobody should be really surprised. Deadpool fought a cow. A quickie marriage is pretty far down his "CRAZY" depth chart.

CV: Will we find out where Deadpool is registered at?

GD: The only formal registration he has is with the NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS as a parolee.

CV: Was writing and scripting DEADPOOL: THE GAUNTLET different since you had to accommodate for the Infinite process and panels?

GD: It was neat to do an INFINITE COMIC. They're an important on-ramp to our great culture. Comics aren't on newsstands anymore. A glass surface of some kind if very likely to be a new reader's first try at comics. I'm proud of how it turned out. Much of the credit should go to Reilly Brown, the inkers, colorists and the group at Marvel that mashed it into the tablets- Jordan D White, Frankie Johnson and Ron Perazza and his team.

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CV: What kind of security would be needed for Deadpool’s wedding? I’d imagine there’d be a few that would try to take advantage of the day and target Wade.

GD: I thought about that too - but they staked out a place in the park, and frankly - the invited guests are far more dangerous than anyone that would like to roll up on them to drop bodies.

CV: Will Shiklah be a main part of the series moving forward or will she appear from time to time?

GD: She's joining the supporting cast. You'll see her more than you will the others. I'm reluctant to say too much about who you'll see and for how long. She won't be the only new face after the wedding. That's all I can say, sorry.

CV: You guys are the lead writers on the series. Did you take part in the coordination of all the various stories in DEADPOOL #27 or is that more Jordan D. White’s area?

GD: Jordan is the master of the DP world, but I wrote the framing device which I hoped would accommodate our guest's stories. I think it worked well. On a personal note, everything that Deadpool NOW has accomplished has been on the backs of the old Deadpool teams. It's a special treat to have so many creators back. They made Deadpool a fan favorite. Their stories brought Deadpool popularity which in turn bought us time to tell our tales. Sometimes our predecessors were trying to tell stories while keeping an eye on a sword over their heads. It can't have been easy. I've not felt that pressure at all.

CV: Will we find out if there’s a band, DJ, or Jordan and his ukulele playing at the wedding?

GD: Jordan JUST appeared in Deadpool 24 and 25, I think there's some rule that says he can't come back for a while. Eagle-eyed readers will recognize our wedding issue DJ...

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CV: You guys are fast approaching issue 30 and beyond. Will we see the series’ numbering continuing to move forward and not see the numbering relaunched?

GD: Not to dodge your question, but Marvel business affairs keeps it's own counsel. I know soon we'll be the highest numbered Marvel book, an odd quirk of the publishing plan, but it also feels like a target...all good things (and this run) must come to and end. I have an end in mind, and a ripcord to pull if I don't quite get there.

CV: Now that Deadpool’s married, how much settling down might he do? Is it possible for Deadpool to settle down?

GD: The funny thing is: he thinks he'll get the chance. He deserves a run of good luck, a good partner and some quiet time. But...Deserve's got nothing to do with it.

DEADPOOL #27 is on sale TODAY. Buy it at your local comic shop or through comiXology or the Marvel app. If you don't buy it, it'll be like kicking a puppy. So ask yourself, would you rather buy DEADPOOL #27 or kick a puppy?

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@animehunter: I think they have to be "notable characters". There are actually more characters on the 27 cover than they get credit for, 8 characters on the cover didn't count because they aren't well known enough. Not sure what qualifies as being well known, but Guinness has some kind of guideline.

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Deadpool is one of my favorite characters. I have read most of his comics, but this current series is my favorite and probably my favorite book out right now. They have really allowed him to grow and change as a character. I really enjoyed the Gauntlet; however, I felt Deadpool and Shiklah's relationship was a bit forced, and they didn't give it enough time to develop.

I was very excited about the wedding issue, but after reading it I was a little disappointed. The entire wedding story was about Wade finally getting a happy day, and although I think that was a big issue for him, it hardly focused on the romance between Deadpool and Shiklah. Shiklah wasn't even present for most of the story. It was more like "Deadpool and Friends go to a Wedding". Maybe as the story progresses the writers will include more romantic dialog between the two characters, but as of right now I'm not buying it.

Now, the rest of the wedding issue kind of pissed me off. With 90 pages I thought I was getting a good bit of material, but honestly I wish they had a $2.99 version with just the wedding story, so readers could have the option to opt out of all that other crap. It definitely solidified my stance on Duggan and Posehn's run being the best Deadpool so far. Some of the stories were a garbled mess with no discernable beginning, middle, or end (Continuity Spontinuity and Space Racist come to mind). I did like one or two (esp. Joe Kelly's The Niagra Bride), but I would have rather just saved my money for something else.

I'm not too worried though because it seems like they are setting up good stuff for Deadpool's future. Coming up is his Original Sin (hopefully we'll find out about Mama and Papa Wilson, and we can finally put to bed this whole 'is he or isn't he' Canadian thing), his honeymoon, Dazzler helping him fight vampires (I can see the Sexy Dazzler causing a little tension between the newlyweds), and the biggest reveal of them all (Wade's Daughter).

This is a preview from issue #28- Deadpool and Shiklah's Honeymoon in Japan. It does look pretty awesome.

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From Bleeding Cool

A Guinness World Record For Deadpool? Not So Fast…

We ran this a couple of days ago, but yesterday Marvel Comics sent out a press release about Deadpool #27 getting the Guinness World Record for the most number of characters in a comic book cover.


And at first glance that’s exactly what they’d got. 236 characters

But there’s another comic that also had 236 characters on its cover. GI Joe: America’s Elite from 2007, published by Devil’s Due.


Look, they counted them.


Must they share the award? No. because Marvel forgot one thing. GI Joe didn’t count the animals. on that cover. And Marvel foes count the animals, such as Dogpool, on their cover.

Which means if you count the animals, or if you don’t count the animals, then GI Joe beats Deadpool. And Jordan White? That certificate hanging in your office is a lie. And damn dirty lie.

So should the remains if Devil’s Due get the certificate? Not so fast… because there’s always the DC Absolute Crisis On Infinite Earths volume…



Well over five hundred characters, with or without animals….

Either way, Marvel, it’s time to hand that certificate over. And thanks to the members of the Bleeding Cool message board for their due diligence…

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This was amazing, can't wait for the next arc.

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By far the best Deadpool run and one of the best comics out there.

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Great read, thanks.

Easily my favorite writers next to Nicieza - Duggan & Posehn made me read Deadpool again

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cant wait. going to get my comics NOW. thank you marvel for creating SHIKLAH!

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Squirrel Girl is a bridesmaid lol

I heard she can beat Batman

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"I have an end in mind, and a ripcord to pull if I don't quite get there."

This makes me frightened :/

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The flowers shes holding has a Skull shape.

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@that_one_guy_at_the_comic_shop said:

anyone else catch that batman reference on the bottom of the main cover "Most important issue #27 in the history of comics"

I didn't know it was a Batman reference. I just thought it was funny to point out the absurdity of a 27th issue holding a place in history. So, what is the reference?

Edit: I just looked at Detective Comics 27 and I totally get it now. I don't read DC.

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anyone else catch that batman reference on the bottom of the main cover "Most important issue #27 in the history of comics"

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Man, oh man. This is going to be a blast to read. This is quickly becoming my favorite Deadpool run.

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"Deserve's got nothing to do with it." Truer words have never been spoken.