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Injustice: Gods Among Us 2: 5 Must Have New Characters

If the fighting game does get a sequel, these characters NEED to be playable. Sorry, but the Condiment King didn't make the cut!

A sequel to the very awesome fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us is allegedly on the way, and we can't help but wonder which new playable DC characters it'll include.This is obviously pure speculation, but why not have a little fun making a wish list, right? And no, Darkseid isn't on the list. Yes, playing as him would rock and we hope they'll give us that option, but someone that epic should need to be unlocked after completing the game or something similar to that (yes, we know he's in the mobile version, but that hardly counts). Obviously, several characters from the first game need to return (with some new moves, of course), but here are five more heroes and villains we believe should be available from the start or at least unlockable shortly after beginning the story mode.

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Dinah Lance is an expert hand-to-hand combatant and, thanks to her canary cry, she has projectile capabilities. So, that begs a question: how is she not playable? It's not like she isn't a popular character, either. Not only are there plenty of fans of her comic appearances, but she's also well-known thanks to her role in the former animated shows and even Arrow (well, she's technically not Dinah in that, but the idea is there). As far as I can recall, Black Canary didn't have any kind of role in the first video game and she's only making her presence known in this alternate timeline through Tom Taylor's digital comic (which we cannot recommend enough, by the way). Unless it's eventually revealed that she dies in the pages of the comics (because those events take place before the first game's story), there's really no good reason why she isn't playable. Come on, you can't have a fighting game without her! She's sporting some serious skill and her canary cry will offer some impactful ranged and radial moves.


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Yeah, I know many of you don't want additional Batman characters added to the roster, but really, Jason Todd as Red Hood feels tailor-made for a fighting game! Not only can he hold his own in unarmed combat, but he also tends to have a variety of weapons at his disposal. Tasers, small explosives, knives, pistols, grappling lines, etc. There's a ton of possibilities with Todd and the variety of short to long range attacks could make him a very balanced -- and not to mention downright cool -- person to use. We already know these kinds of weapons can make a character fun to play as (see Mortal Kombat's Stryker), so there's no good reason why they couldn't dish out some exciting combos and attacks with Todd. Plus, that means we could potentially get Todd in his Batman costume from Battle for the Cowl. And let's be honest here: who out there wouldn't want to see a skilled Dick Grayson player vs. a skilled Jason Todd player?


Also a good option: Tattooed Man.
Also a good option: Tattooed Man.

When an individual can call upon the strongest attribute of a specific animal, the possibilities for excellent combos and special attacks seems unlimited. Many characters tend to specialize in just a few things, but Vixen could be one of the most balanced fighters out there. She could charge across the screen with the speed of a Cheetah or slam someone against a wall with the force of an elephant. And if developers are concerned over her popularity, it shouldn't be that big of an issue since Vixen played a decent role in the very rad Justice League Unlimited. But really, the concern should be over making distinct and thrilling characters. When it comes to that objective, Vixen most definitely fits the bill and there's so much they could accomplish with this fighter. Seriously, she could have a ridiculous awesome super move, too. It may not send someone to the moon or create a crater, but it could string together a crazy amount of unique moves.


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Yes, there's already two lanterns in the game, but that hardly means they're identical. And Atrocitus? Well, the big dude absolutely has what it takes to be a powerful combatant that feels different than the competition. He could dish out savage melee attacks and honestly, who wouldn't want to spew rage plasma at their enemies? Atrocitus is one formidable alien and battling as him has the potential to be a really, really good time. To top it off, they could use an alternate costume or two to turn him into a different Red Lantern. There's legitimate choices like Bleez or even Skallox (or perhaps Razer for my fellow Green Lantern: The Animated Series fans), but how hilarious would it be to unleash all of his epic moves with a Dex-Starr alternate skin?


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First and foremost, Aquaman needs a villain in the game. Using Arthur Curry is a real treat (easily my favorite character to use), so it's only fair to have him face-off against an equally exhilarating nemesis. There's quite a few options that come to mind, but Black Manta seems like a stellar choice and could be every bit as fun to control as the Atlantean. The game needs characters who can hold their own from anywhere on the screen, and Black Manta has no issue with that. Up close, he can pull off some vicious moves as he slices and dices with bladed weapons or he could even fire a wider energy blast at the ground in front of him. At a distance, he can release a more concentrated blast of energy or throw a variety of piercing weapons. This guy seems like a perfect fit for the game and it would be a serious mistake to overlook him.

5 Honorable Mentions: Poison Ivy, Demon Knight, Plastic Man, Katana, Swamp Thing

Agree? Disagree? Be sure to let us know who's in your "5 new playable characters" wish list below.

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captain boomerang sorry about captiam america post it was an acsident.

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beast boy




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If this game ever happens... :/

I'd love to see the Villains roster get a Legion of Doom treatment. Expanded and diverse. Add some more Titans to the Heroes roster, plus change up the mystical folks. I dropped Hawkwoman, Raven, Zatanna, Batgirl, Frost, Ares, Bane, Doomsday, Grundy, Zod, and Scorpion. Perhaps give Adam a little better Grapple game to make up for slimming down on the Brutes a bit.


John Constantine - He'd have a bag of mid-range to long-range tricks, with an emphasis on traps. Maybe his special button could be to summon an angel or a demon, depending on whether he's winning or losing the fight?

Black Canary - Martial arts emphasis with the ranged scream to back her up if needed. Special button to change the hitbox of her scream, maybe?

Booster Gold - Special to get a force field, like Lex had in the last game. Some humor in his quotes. mid-range energy blasts from his gloves, somewhat clunky fighter up close.

Blue Beetle - Reyes costume. Lots of gadgets, but is differentiated from Cyborg by being quicker, but not as hard-hitting. Special could temporarily boost his flight speed and recovery from hits?

Starfire - Pretty straightforward energy attacks, maybe air-activated bursts to the ground? Special could power her up for higher-damage bursts?

Static - Not "new", per say. But would be welcome on console.

Darkseid - See Static^ So much more could be done with this guy. Brute with high durability.

Cheetah - Wavered between her and Circe for a while. Eventually decided her quickness with some bladed close attacks would be great. Some pouncing and rolling moves to make playing her feel like a hybrid of Rolento in SF and Sonya in MK. Special for poison claws or speed boost?

Captain Cold - Flash needs a rival! Cold would have lots of tricks. Special could be like Ollie's was last game: use the button while pushing different directions to call in the other 4 Rogues for support attacks. Heat Wave could put up a wall of fire. Mirror Master could activate teleports either on Cold or the opponent. Trickster could toss an exploding gumball trap as he glides by. And Weather Wiz could pull opponents closer or launch them with a gust, setting up for a combo.

Black Manta - Average movement speed with nice range on his laser, and deadly close range with his bladed weaponry. Special has to call forth a shark with a laser on its head, seriously... Ok, maybe a bladed weapon switch would be better.

Brainiac - Could get redundant with 'borg and Blue Beetle being in the game too. His special button should differentiate him. Perhaps something that exchanges the 2 players' positions, effectively messing with those who rely on stage interaction too much? Could fight similar to how Zod did, with an air of authority and like he's not even breaking a sweat.

Enchantress - To rival Constantine, give him a dangerous mystical villain. June Moon could have standard magic attacks similar to what Zatanna used in the last game. Special button could shift her stance into Enchantress, giving her more aggressive and evil-looking moves. Storm of Teeth as a super attack could be incredible!

Scarecrow (Arkhamverse) - I've wanted him to show up since his cameo in the last game. Special could be a style-change between his glove and a scythe? Or give him a metagame kind of power like Brainiac's. Something that would remind us of his really cool scenes in Asylum. Maybe take the opponent's meters off the screen so they're fighting blind? Or reverse their controls? Diabolical stuff that would really strike fear in even an experienced fighter.

Major Disaster - The wildcard pick on the bad guys' side. Rival to Booster Gold in terms of comedic relief for the villains. Pompous, but always screwing up, his attacks could all imply that he's hitting you by accident. Not sure of the Special on him. Maybe an attack that could damage him while either damaging the opponent or sapping them of their meter?

Clayface - Rivals Manhunter as a shapeshifter on the baddies' roster, but physically fights as more of a brute-type. Great opportunity to have his body always moving as he fights, clay churning in and out. He wouldn't be a move-copier like Double in Skullgirls, but his character animation could be similar to that. Could use blunt instruments that he pulls out of his own gooey innards.

Queen Bee - Another wildcard of sorts, but could be a great answer to Starfire, with plenty of airborne attacks and some projectiles. Quick, but again, best in the air. Perhaps her special could stun?

Vandal Savage - The power of Bane or Doomsday, but at a faster clip. Give him the Spear with his New-52 costume to add some variety and personality to the character. The only area I'm struggling with is his super could be too generic, similar to how disappointing Hawkgirl's, Shazam's, etc... were in the first game. But if he has the speed he's had in the New-52, his super could be brutal-looking enough to make up for its lack of flair in other areas.

I'm toying with the idea that having "Neutral" characters fill up part of the screen would be cool. Lobo and Catwoman would fall in with these choices:

Atrocitus - Almost nobody else in the DC Universe screams "NR Studios, I could be in your fighting games!" quite like Atrocitus. He spits acid blood, for the love of God! Could be an amazing brute-type, with dangerous grapples.

Etrigan - I said "almost nobody else" in my previous statement for a reason. Etrigan would be perfect too. Give him a sword plus some hellfire attacks and watch him go to town as a nimble and aggressive character.

Deadshot - I know a lot of people have shrugged at this possibility, remarking that Floyd's not really a hand-to-hand fighter and wouldn't be right for the game. What I think hasn't been noticed about his comic appearances is that he's a hell of an evasive character. His wrist-shooter game is all about countering if his cover is blown. Slade has his array of weaponry including his sword when he's not firing guns, give Floyd some tricky dodge-counters to add a new dynamic to the game and accompany his ranged potential. Heck, Jacqui's basically the same character in MKX, right? :p

The Shade - Was debating on which shadow-character to add, but Shade adds the highly needed element of class that the rest of the roster is missing. Also missing in most of the game, a solid porter, and ol' Richard can teleport with the best of 'em. Shadow creature summons galore! Plus, smacking down opponents with a cane is always a rewarding feeling in any fighting game.

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I'd have to say my list would be large for a dlc but I would suggest Constantine, supergirl, power girl, atrocitus, blue beetle, black manta, poison ivy, Mr freeze, Gorilla grodd, reverse flash, and the watchmen

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1.Captain Atom

2. Red Tornado

3. Gorilla Grodd.

4. Braniac

5. Black Canary

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Posted By ZeroPlus

John Constantine




Captain Atom

Dr Fate

Black Canary


Phantom Stranger


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Captain Cold, Clayface, Red Tornado, Black Manta, Captain Atom, Plastic Man, Beast Boy, Starfire, Firestorm, Cheetah, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Black Canary, Dr. Fate, King Shark and Amazo could all have amazing gameplay.

My honorable mentions would be Swamp Thing, Giganta, Larfleeze, Atrocitus, Ocean Master, Darkseid and Red Hood.

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would like Black canary, but Dr Fate put her in another universe... so not really available

red hood would probably disappointingly like a mix between batman and deathstroke

Animal man would be better than Vixen

Atrocitus would be awesome

as would Black Manta

> Dr Fate but probably too powerful

> Darkseid but probably too powerful

> Vandal Savage

> Swamp Thing

> Phantom Stranger but probably too powerful

> John Constantine

> Mr Freeze / Captain Cold

> Firestorm

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Red Hood

Black Canary

Beast Boy

Black Manta


Captain Atom


the Atom

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Posted By PapaMidnite

-Ocean Master

-Professor Zoom

-Red Hood


-Dr. Fate

-Rose Wilson aka Ravager

-Blue Beetle

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Posted By Batman-Hush

-Tim Drake

-Black Canary



-Cassie Sandmark

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Big Barda


Black Lightning or Static

Captain Cold (replacing Killer Frost)

Jason Todd (replacing Nightwing)

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1. Watchmen DLC. (I'd literally pay $100 for that, lol. Especially Comedian and Ozymandias)

2. Parasite

3. Dr. Fate

4. Black Manta

5. Cyborg Superman as his own character.

I have more people I'd like to see in this game, but here's a few.

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I would love to See Black Canary! Also I feel Starfire would be a great addition, along with Shiva. But overall I do believe they should add some less popular characters like Vixen (seems not very well known) or even someone like WildCat.

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Lets get Gorilla Grodd

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Captain Cold

Dr. Fate

Red Hood

Blue Beetle

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I know this is a late reply, but I think it's an interesting discussion and I wanted to add my 2 cents...

Purely in terms of game-play diversity, I think it would be interesting to add:

  1. Ra's al ghul
  2. Blue Beetle
  3. Black Canary
  4. Swamp Thing
  5. Atom

This is purely for terms of gameplay diversity. I'm not sure how or if they could factor into the story for the sequel.

Red Hood I think would be fun, and interesting, but would be too close to DeathStroke. They could differentiate him with relying on blades more than guns and having grenades and such, but I think there are more interesting characters to add.

Vixen is not interesting to me as calling on the abilities of different animals is not visually interesting. I'd much rather see a character transform. Turn into a hawk and do damage, a bear and swipe etc. I thought about adding Beast Boy or Clayface, but really Martian Manhunter can serve that purpose, they just have to utilize him better.

I don't really want to see another lantern in the game, even atrocitus, and I think Black Manta would be kind of boring with his energy beams. Might be fun to play, but again, I think there are better options.

Ra's would be interesting as a master hand to hand combatant who relied primarily on a sword. Deathstroke players tend to use his guns more than his sword, and I think a purely sword based character would be a lot of fun. He could even have a projectile attack with it.

Black Canary for all the reason stated above.

Blue Beetle I think could be interesting, given that his suit can transform. He could have some characteristics that would be different from everyone else. With his wings and the suits transforming capability, as well as the different senses it seems like a no-brainer.

I think Swamp Thing or posing ivy would be interesting, although Swamp Thing is a better choice to lessen the bat characters, and it seems more likely he would be involved given the scale of the story of Injustice.

Lastly Atom could be a real treat, being able to be small to dodge attacks or to grow to dish out some extra damage.

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would not mind supergirl or powergirl

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1 - Black Canary (replace BatGirl)
2 - Power Girl (replace Raven)
3 - Hawkman
4 - Dr. Fate
3 - Vixen

1 - Darkseid (replace Scorpion)
2 - Zoom (replace Zod)
3 - Giganta
4 - Black Manta
5 - Atrocitus

DLC: Gorilla Grodd, Star Sapphire, Cheetah, Firestorm, Atom, Mary Marvel

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1. Black Manta

2.Blue beetle


4.Red hood


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@tylerahm: Kaldur would be cool.

Would prefer the original Aqualad though as Tempest greater power set and variety of options. Eye lasers, Energy blast, Typhoons, heat blast, cold blast, teleportation, flight, electrical attacks and more :)

He could come with skins in a pack for the other Fab 5 members Grayson in Batman suit with escrimas, Wally as Flash, Donna Troy, and Red Arrow as a Green Arrow skin just change the color of the arrows.

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I would love to see Kaldur (Aqualad) with the water bearers there is unlimited potential use with him!

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I know...I should list my top 5...but There´re too many characters I would like to I created my own roster^^36 playable characters without DLC! Playable should be: Batman/Nightwing/Cyborg/Raven/Starfire/Beastboy/Superman/Supergirl/Wonderwoman/Flash/Shazam/GreenArrow/Kilowog/HalJordan/MartianManhunter/Joker/Deathstroke/Bane/PoisionIvy/HarleyQuinn/Catwoman/Bizarro/LexLuthor/Cheetah/Prof.Zoom/GorillaGrodd/BlackAdam/Lobo/Sinestro/Metallo

6 of them have to be unlocked!! (Huntress/Dr.Fate/Vixen/BlackManta/KillerCroc/SolomonGrundy.

6 DLC characters are below: Aquaman/Spectre/Redhood/Arkillo/Scarecrow/Clayface.

hope the most people agree with my list and Netherrealm WILL take a look my roster and WILL take as many of them into their as possible ^^

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Posted By TheAllAnimal

On Ed Boons twitter page, he already hinted 3 characters in injustice 2 and from what I heard and read it's going to be a new roster of heroes and villians.

The three characters are:


-Beast boy


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How about Darkseid and The Evil Superman as the new villains! DLC is Scorpion and Sub Zero! :)

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Great picks!

I want

Black Canary

Red Tornado

Robin (Yellow & green costume would look cool)

Black Manta


Captain Cold

Cap Boomerang

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I think Reverse-Flash and Captain Cold should be in the game as well as Black Manta. They made Zod different from Supes, same with Hal and Sinestro or even Cap. Marvel and Black Adam, so they could make Reverse-Flash different from Flash. Swap Killer Frost for Cap Cold, i didnt like her character or gameplay at all. And Black Manta is a badass just like Aquaman, and should be given a chance. I also think Grifter would be an awesome character to play as, along with Starfire. I think playing as Plastic Man would be unique and fun.

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Posted By Aliltron

I would want:

Black Manta

Doctor Fate


Black Canary

Swamp Thing

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Static anyone

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Posted By Xx1DeathStroke1xX

Id want to see the atom, dead shot, Ra's al Ghul, Darkseid, Brainiac, bizzaro, metallo, and argus.!

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I think katana would have sick moves

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My top needed characters: (We have enough Batman characters)

Neatherrealm doesn't think so.

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Posted By anurag_50

Cap Atom.

Swamp Thing.

Darkseid. (why can't they bring him in?)

Doctor Fate.

Superboy (new 52 telikinetic version)

Damian Wayne

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Posted By CorruptedOwl

Grifter. Oh wait, Talon!

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Posted By Vaeternus

Grifter for sure, Supergirl or Powergirl, V, Rorshach, Dr. Fate, Hawkman, Atrocitus, Swamp Thing, Black Canary, Mongul, Firestorm, Zoom, Azrael, I'd like Spectre but he's way too powerful lol. Red Hood for sure.

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Posted By GraniteSoldier

@frozen: But she can exist as part of the parallel universe. She'd be an interesting edition to the game.

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Posted By Frozen

@granitesoldier: @saoakden: Supergirl doesn't exist in the universe, that's why in the comic Superman tells Batman that his son would make him feel less alone as a Kryptonian.

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Posted By Kneepawn

I love all of these choices! I still say starfire and beast boy just to complete the teen titans

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No Caption Provided

1. We need to switch out Hawkgirl for Hawkman

Yes yes yes! I'm only getting it if Hawkman is in.

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Posted By Equonox

Captain Atom and Dr Fate are must-haves

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Posted By Grays0n

Red Hood
Black Manta
Black Canary
Starfire ( Because I'm Biased )

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Posted By jcass10

5 huh?

Plastic Man

Captain Atom

Red Tornado

Captain Cold/Zoom- if they can figure out a way to differentiate him from Flash, if not, Cold is cool

Black Manta/Ocean Master- If my memory is correct, Aquaman didn't have a villain last year.

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Posted By jonny1995

Good choices.

But here are the characters I want to see in the sequel: Brainiac, Darkseid, Bizarro, Etrigan, John Constantine, Starfire, Atrocitus, Mongul, Metallo, Despero, Beast Boy, Deadman, Static Shock, Wraith, Supergirl, and Hawkman.

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Posted By SteamPunk001

Definitely liking this line up of possibile fighters for Injustice 2. Personally though, I'd like to see Starfire, Etrigan, Cheetah, Mr. Miracle, Big Barda, Ragdoll (or any of the Secret Six, really), and Caitlin Fairchild get in on the action as well. They, along with the five fighters mentioned in the article, all have reasons for fighting with or against the Regime (though mostly against for the bulk of them).