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Best Cover Ever!!!

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Lmao this is a fruity a$$ cover

its great

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@g_man Is this for realz? I gotta ask the guy at my LCS if it is.

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Love the INHUMAN part.

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Such a great cover

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Does anyone know how many copies were printed for the second and third printings? For some reason they aren't listed on Comichron.

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I'd buy that just for the cover

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best cover EVER

Posted by ZbvmX

I will buy multiple copies of this book with all my might! (with the hope that Image will do a 5th printing, and feature something even more out of this plane of existence).

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This really is the best cover.

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"From the writer of Hawkeye and Inhuman and the guy who talks to Applebee's on Facebook" XD

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HAHAHA! Now this is how you make a "sequel" printing!

I don't read the book but this is such a great cover.

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Cool cover.

Off Topic kinda: I seriously can't see the appeal of this comic. It has really awkward comedy and IMO off storytelling.

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So funny

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lol. Best cover, best series.

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THe series is good but I just don't like tHe art. Cover is beautiful tHougH.


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I already brought the first printing cover, so i don't need that cover but i wish i had it.

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Definitely picking this up.

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Having never seen a picture of Fraction before... that's exactly what I thought he would look like.

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I didn't read Inhuman, so what's the joke behind it being crossed out?