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Hydra in the Captain America Movie?

Revealed on an iPhone, no less.

 We'll get the logo and the suits, but I doubt Strucker and Viper will show up.

Over the weekend, Slashfilm and some other people noticed that the Hydra insignia was on the back of Joe Johnston’s iPhone during his interview with EW.  I don’t know if he pointed this out or not, but if he didn’t, I suppose it’d say something about there being a new subtly in viral marketing (or about fan’s superhuman attention to any details relating to comic movies.) Either way, this corroborates what Johnston was saying at the Marvel Studios Comic Con about the Red Skull working for both the Nazis and Hydra (making something of an evil empire free agent.) Couple that with the footage of the Skull acquiring a Cosmic Cube prior to his red deathly transformation and the CAP movie’s shaping up to be a lot more complex than I could’ve predicted.

Seriously, when word first got out about there being a CAPTAIN AMERICA movie, I assumed it was going to be a simple origin story, like the 90s one (except better executed, of course.)  That is, you’d have Cap’s origin, then you’d see him fight the Skull and the Ratzis, and then he’d get frozen at the end. Simple as that.  == TEASER ==

But the elements keep piling on. So far, you’ve got…

So, like I said, all those are going to add up something a lot more interesting than your typical, no-frills origin story. And I’m sure they’re all going to factor somewhere into the Avengers movie, somehow.

I’ll also point out that we’ve gotten something pretty darn close to a big screen Hydra with GI: JOE - - THE RISE OF COBRA. Natch!

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Posted by EdwardWindsor

Lots of components , hopefully they are tied together well since could make an awesome film

Posted by Gambit1024

I'm very scared for this movie. 

Posted by ComicMan24

I hope it won't become a mess.

Posted by Captain13

Looks like Cap has a lot of @$$ to kick.

Posted by Ahmed Sherif

I hope it'll turn out good.
Posted by fred9101

Who's the girl on the right?

Posted by sora_thekey

So far it sounds like this could easily become 2 awesome Captain America movies, rather than just one Origin story....

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.


Posted by Baddamdog

Woooo I'm actually excited for this!!

Posted by Icon

Well yeah, HYDRA should be in it. 

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

Maybe most, or all, of these elements are just small bits.
Like perhaps the Invaders will be shown fighting with Cap, once Cap is shown to be a phenominon and the rest of the good guys join in the patriotic hero thing, but they never really go into their characters.  Or maybe Armin Zola is there, has a few lines but not much.
maybe the Howling Commandos  are there to set up SHIELD's role in Cap and their connection to him in modern times.   Or perhaps Bucky has been signed on for multiple roles so that Cap can keep having bad dreams and visions of Bucky dying in front of his eyes.  Like how they signed Uncle Ben and Norman Osborn for multiple movies.
But its possible that not many of these are going to get much screen time.

Posted by RedK

seems like their putting a bit much into this film

Posted by Joe Venom

I know this is the Captain American movie but I hope to a lot of Namor and Invaders action

Posted by TheBlueAngel93 he saw a Hydra insignia on the guys phone? Way to jump to conclusions....
My big question is that they said the Invaders were going to be in the movie, but who's going to play them? I haven't heard (unless I somehow missed something..) any word on anybody trying out for the roles of any Invaders. And I'm still wondering how they're going to fit Nick Fury (since he was the leader of the Howling Commando's) in as well and explain how he's in the modern day with Tony Stark, but is also fighting in World War II on top of explaining Cap's origin, along with the rest of the movie's plot.

Posted by hellfiregod529

The only thing I don't like is that nick fury is played by sam jackson. Just because they based the ultimates Version off of him doesn't mean they had to use him. Kurt Russel would have been a perfect nick fury. Indubitably.

Posted by ArkaneArkade

Yeah, not hugely surprised.  I'd half expect to spot Stan Lee as the Supreme Hydra at some point.

Posted by Comiclove5

This actually has me happy. 
@Joe Venom

"I know this is the Captain American movie but I hope to a lot of Namor and Invaders action "

Me to Joe, Me too.
Posted by TheMarvelFanboy

This movie is sounding really good

Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

I've always liked Hydra.   

Posted by grimreaper1980

cool, but who will play baron strucker

Posted by xxSadisticSmilexx

 I don't know, I just don't know...    

Posted by Technoman

Well this isn't exactly confirmation.

Posted by Fortanono

HYDRA? AWESOME! Second Best Feature To The Movie (#1 Is The Invaders)!

Posted by IAMtheHERO

yes i like captain america

Posted by PirateNeal

Oooo..... Hydra

Posted by skaarason

huh ?

Posted by DavidHenderson

Should be fun if leads to a Hydra vs. SHIELD subplot in the Avengers 

Posted by chalkshark

I think all this actually proves, is that Joe Johnston is a member of Hydra. Not a terribly subtle member, either.

Posted by reaper2923

Well at least they have comic references, but still Human Torch as Cap..................

Posted by Astroknot

eh maybe

Posted by Ryonslaught
@Red L.A.M.P.:  me too
Posted by conformist21

all we need is Namor and the Invaders, i bet howling commandos will be small like Agent Colson in the first iron man movie, then if Hydra shows up, they'll get at SHIELD if the SHIELD movie goes through.
Seems relatively plausible, although the cosmic cube throws me off.
Yes for Winter Soldier please.

Posted by Flash Wildblaze

as long as it all fits together smoothly it should be awesome

Posted by superboy12

Hail Hydra!
Posted by Decept-O

All Hail Hydra!  *not*  No having these possible additional characters and story elements sounds promising. 
Can Best Buy provide me with some free swag of some type?  I'm not a College student, but hey, can't hurt to ask.  I'm such a panderer.......
Posted by DH69

great now i want an iphone even more

Posted by BatmanBakesCupcakes

Sounds cool. I understand the epicness of the movie.

Posted by bmak

this movie sounds like it will be magnificent, really hope that they don't screw it up

Posted by GraphicCasualFreak

I was hoping for Red Skull, or is that too WW2?

Posted by Gylan Thomas

Might just mean he likes Hydra :P

Posted by Crimson Eagle

maybe the guy likes Hydra.
Posted by greenenvy

Just want to see viper/madame hydra she is one my favorites marvel villains.  

Posted by CedricAckeyi

seem interesting

Posted by ASLAN186

I know people have higher expectations with every passing superhero movie, but more content does not always equal good content. Just look at Peter Jackson's King Kong...

Posted by Captain Bintang
Posted by cbishop

Is Red Skull working for Hydra, or is Hydra working for Red Skull?  At least that would give Hydra a purpose other than general terrorism.

Posted by Orider

I can't think of Captain America without at least considering Hydra

Posted by Mbecks14

As a non-expert on Captain America, is this good or bad news?

Posted by Nova`Prime`
@fred9101 said:
" Who's the girl on the right? "
That's Viper or Madam Hydra, I am not sure which one but I know its one of them.
Posted by Mutant X

I gotta say, of all the movies coming out, I'm most excited for this one.

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