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Here Comes Even More Posters, Banners & TV Spots for 'The Dark Knight Rises' [Update]

The marketing campaign for the movie continues.

Last week we saw a bunch of movie posters, banners and TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises. The joke was we'd be seeing new ones each day until the movie is released. That may not exactly be the case but it's getting pretty close to that. Check out all the images that have been released last week here. There were so many that the post had to be updated three times. We'll see what this week has to offer.

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Are you digging the posters or banners more? Are these even making it to theaters?

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Here's the third TV spot (even though it's listed as the fourth).


Here we go again. Another TV spot has surfaced. This one's listed as the third when it's really the fourth one.