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Halle Berry To Return As Storm In 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'

The actress reveals her excitement over her reprisal of the role in the upcoming 'X-Men' film.

Director Bryan Singer has been keeping pretty busy lately splitting his time between celebrating the success of his latest film, Jack The Giant Slayer at the box office (it hit number one over the weekend) and making some additions to cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past. The director of the upcoming X-Men movie tweeted his excitement over the announcement that actress Halle Berry would return to reprise the role of Storm in the upcoming film.

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The actress spoke of her excitement over joining the cast of Days, even if she isn't quite sure what her role in the upcoming movie will be. Berry revealed in a recent interview that she "loves" Storm and is "happy to be back."

"I love Storm. This character is so loved by so many people and I am just happy to be back," The actress said. When she was asked what her role in the film would be, she replied that she was "not sure," but that "the script, as it always is with 'X-Men' is a work in progress, it is [presently] being honed and figured out." Regardless of what role she will play and how the addition of a character like Storm will impact the film in general, Halle Berry is happy to be back. "Whatever it is that I will end up being, I am just happy to be back. I love that character."

With so many actors and actresses announced, one has to wonder how Singer will fit them all into one film. What do you think of the news of Halle Berry's return to Storm? Are you looking forward to seeing the actress return to the role?

Source: MTV