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Guy Richie May Not Do "Sgt. Rock" Afterall

The director discusses his upcoming plans and projects

How About A "Sgt. Rock Movie?

With his film "Sherlock Holmes" geared for release in December, director Guy Richie is already looking to existing characters for inspiration on his future projects.  MTV caught up with the director and they asked him if the rumors about his desire to do a SGT. Rock film were still valid, to which he replied that he is;

"very keen on" SGT. Rock film, but that it is  "an interesting time in movies right now ... I’ve never read so many good scripts."

That response does not sound too promising for fans of DC's Sgt. Rock character. Lest we forget that Richie is also behind the idea of " Gamekeeper," written by Andy Diggle, which was to be published by Virgin Comics. After the publishing company went defunct, the comic never took off. The idea for " Gamekeeper," however, is still prevalent and is something Richie would "still like to do," whether it be a comic or film. The rights to the "Gamekeeper" idea are presently owned by Warner Brothers.

It seems that the heralded director does have his eye on comic book movie adaptations;

"You’ll find out shortly...I don’t commit myself in case I tread on someone’s toes,"
"What I like is a world where you have major broad poetic license, whether its comic properties or whatever," he said. "I like stepping into an animated world. Exactly how that animation manifests itself is secondary. The primary thing is to leave what we perceive as a normal world and depart into a '300-type or 'Avatar'-esque. And that appeals to me. I like 'Sin City' and '300' and 'Watchmen.' I like departing from a normal world."

...although it more than likely will not involve capes and tights.

"Superheroes aren’t really my thing."

With the release of Wednesday Comics by DC, Sgt. Rock may have seemed at first like a strange addition to the series which stars so many more main stream characters such as Batman, Superman and Supergirl. I recall when looking through issues themselves and being surprised at the fact that "Sgt. Rock" was in it at all. Perhaps, however, this is DC's way of testing the waters to see how successful a character like "Sgt. Rock" would be. Perhaps they are testing the waters to see how popular that character would be with fans. Maybe I am simply reading too much into it? Who knows. What are your thoughts? Would you like to see a "Sgt. Rock" film?

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Heard of him, but haven't read any

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Posted By Red L.A.M.P.

I guess mine are from 1975, just looked it up.  But still pretty old.  I specifically know I have this issue:

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@Red L.A.M.P. said:
" Do the kids know who Sgt. Rock is?  I have some issues I got when I was a kid but they were actually from before I was alive.  Im talking the 60s! "
This is the first time I've even heard of this series. I was born in '77.
There are some advantages to using older properties for movie themes.  There are less public expectations. With things like the Spider-man movies. Those have to somehow meet the expectations of the past and present fans. With this, very few people know what to expect.  This could be as good as what appears to be with the Sherlock Holmes movie (REALLY looking forward to that one.), or this could turn out like that movie he did with his former wife.
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@Red L.A.M.P.: There have been modern series as well. I know who SGT. Rock is, and I love his stuff. I would like to see a SGT. Rock movie if it was done well, there was a mini series going on for six months a couple months back so some kids must know who he is.
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i enjoy his stuff either way so id watch it.

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Do the kids know who Sgt. Rock is?  I have some issues I got when I was a kid but they were actually from before I was alive.  Im talking the 60s!

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I think a Sgt.Rock movie could work if its done right.