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Greg Capullo Covers Image United #2

The Spawn and Haunt artist adds his touch to the Image characters.

I really enjoyed the first issue of Image United.  For me, it was mainly a nostalgia thing.  Even though the story was just getting set up, I could feel the excitement over the entire arc building up inside of me.  Image announced earlier this week that Greg Capullo, artist on Spawn and Haunt, will be doing a one-time variant cover featuring the entire cast up against the main villain of the series, Omega Spawn.

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"When it came time to choose an artist for our next guest variant, Greg Capullo was the first guy who came to mind," Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson said. "From his early days following Todd on SPAWN to his creator-owned series CREECH and his work on HAUNT, Greg has become nearly as synonymous with Image Comics as any of the founders. Besides that, he's also a phenomenal cover artist in his own right. We're thrilled to have him on board." 

Retailers can order as many copies of the colored version as they wish.  There will also be a limited edition 1:100 black and white version.  Good luck finding that one.
Issue #2 will be a 32-page full color comic with a $3.99 price.  It's on sale December 23, 2009