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Green Lantern (The Movie) Will Be In 3-D

Warner Bros. is definitely on the 3-D wagon.

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Word just got out that the Green Lantern movie will be in 3-D. Whether you like 3-D or despise it, it's here to stay. More and more movies are being released in 3-D. With the success of Avatar, it's really no surprise. 
Speaking of Avatar, I thought that would've been a subpar movie without the 3-D effects. The only reason I did see it was so I could experience it that way rather than wait until it was released on Blu-ray. Now imagine how cool a 3-D Green Lantern movie could be. I like the 3-D movies. I think this is great news. The only thing that would make it better is if a scene like this appears in the movie:

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Don't ask why, just enjoy it. And you might as well embrace the fact that more and more movies will be released in 3-D. Maybe I should go and read that issue of Green Lantern in 3-D. I actually have it sitting in my garage for some reason.
The movie will be released on June 17, 2011. What are your thoughts on Green Lantern in 3-D, yay or nay?