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Green Goblin to Appear in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Come find out who's playing the classic bad guy!

The cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 continues to grow! According to The Hollywood Reporter, we'll see Norman Osborn in the webhead's sequel and he'll be played by Chris Cooper (American Beauty, The Muppets).

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As you might recall, Norman Osborn is dying in the first film and he's desperately searching for a cure. Whether or not said "cure" will turn him into the Green Goblin in this movie has yet to be confirmed. The website says, "It is unclear whether Cooper will make his villainous turn in this film or in a sequel. Osborn starts out as a mentor to the superhero before turning bad."

Personally, I was rooting for Tommy Lee Jones. Viners, do you think Cooper's a good choice for the classic villain? I really hope his transformation is saved for the third film because this one is already packed with characters (Rhino, Electro, MJ, Harry!).

The Amazing Spider-Man is scheduled to come out May 2, 2014.

Source: THR

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Avatar image for gambit1024
Posted By Gambit1024

I'm ok with the casting, but saying that Green Goblin is in the movie is a stretch. I think he'll be the big baddie for the third.

Avatar image for teamunitednerds
Posted By TeamUnitedNerds

I actually like the pattern that comic book movies are taking lately with having the most famous villain appear in the second movie. It worked for the Dark Knight with the Joker, and it'll work with Man of Steel for Lex Luthor

Avatar image for redowl_1
Posted By RedOwl_1

I'm scared they will screw it up with so many villains to work with (like the Spider-Man 3 disaster that resulted on Venom truly getting like 5 minutes of screen-time)

But we will see, The Avengers work out with more people very well, and till we are not talking about Whedon writing here, Webb might pull out the trick

@Equonox said:

I'm definitely sensing a sinister six.

Yeah all like spider-sense kind of sensing, because there can't be so many villains as a mere coincidence.

Avatar image for vincie_pooh
Posted By Vincie_Pooh

@k4tzm4n: I couldn't agree anymore hahah its Tommy Lee Jones when I see that photo. LOL

Avatar image for daltonmunnal
Posted By daltonmunnal

So now we have rumors/confirmations on Electro, Rhino, Morbius, Black Cat, Venom, Chameleon, Mysterio (look at the moon and the clouds in the lost shot of the first movie before the credits roll. May not be intentionally but they certainly made it look like a hint at Mysterio) and Goblin. I would still bet money that 1). Most of these characters are shown pre transformation, 2.) Goblin and the Death of Gwen Stacy will wait till the third movie, and 3.) There will be more than three movies.

Anyways, what's with all of these complaints that people don't want to see Goblin again? How is reusing a villain considered just doing the same thing over and over again? Do you really think Gobby only has one story to be told? (He has more... like the Death of Gwen Stacy, one of the most famous comic book stories ever told) Can you really not enjoy seeing a character in more than one movie? Because Spidey's about to be in his fifth and sixth. Were the last three Spider-Man films the same as the first because they all had Spider-Man in them? You see how this complaint makes no sense, right?

Avatar image for green_ankh
Posted By Green ankh

Coop is awsome ! He may be wasted in the film. the First was really pretty bad.

Avatar image for drellassassin
Posted By DrellAssassin

I'm cool with this, and unfortunately Tommy Lee Jones is too old.

Avatar image for kartron
Posted By kartron

Are you kidding? More than who does it, do we really need to see green goblin once again after Sam Raimi's version? Heck no! Also not with so many other villains!!

Avatar image for the_average_bear
Posted By The Average Bear

Interesting! I could see him really nailing this

Avatar image for amazing_webhead
Posted By amazing_webhead

Wait, the actual Green Goblin, or just Osborn?

Avatar image for w0nd
Posted By w0nd

@gothamred: not if they are simply being introduced and leaving it at that

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