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Will He-Man have the power to be the MASTER of the DCU as well?

I never thought I'd see this actually happen.

There have been random He-Man/DCU action figure two-packs. They've always caught my eye and made me briefly wonder how the confrontations would actually play out. Now we will get to find out.

DC Comics has announced this summer the heroes of the DCU will be facing off against He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

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You might ask what and why but does it really matter? This is going to be something to see.

The six-issue miniseries will be written by Keith Giffen with art by Dexter Soy. There is a story here. After barely escaping from his last battle with He-Man, Skeletor has run off to the most unexpected realm in order to recover and catch his breath - EARTH. Once he gets there he starts to siphon off Earth's core magic. This obviously won't go unnoticed. He-Man forms an unlikely hunting party and sets of in search of Skeletor. Of course this will put him up against the heroes of the DC Universe. Eventually they will all need to figure out how to put a stop to Skeletor and his mysterious new master.

The cover art is by Ed Benes and DC UNIVERSE VS HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #1 is on sale August 28.

Source: DC Comics