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George Takei Travels to Riverdale

Star Trek's Sulu and voice for equal rights, George Takei, will

Archie's first openly gay character, Kevin Keller, will have a very special guest, in issue six:

This November, Star Trek's "Sulu" will meet Riverdale's own Kevin Keller in the pages of KEVIN KELLER #6, which features the hottest Archie character in years meeting his hero, George Takei.

The story will be written and drawn by Kevin creator Dan Parent, who pitched the idea to Takei at a chance convention meeting. Takei loved the idea and it soon became a reality.

George Takei has become a figurehead of the LGBT movement and for equal marriage rights. May of 2011, he made a video which coined the phrase "It's ok to be Takei" which was a huge hit. He's made a big impact on the movement, and he's the perfect person to put into this comic.

Recently, we've seen Archie appear in KISS, and now we get George Takei inside the pages of Kevin Keller. These crossovers, thus far, have been a ton of fun.

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What do you guys think about this guest star? Kevin Keller 6 hits your local comic ship in November.