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"Futurama" Returns To TV!

But with a few changes...



So the announcement has been confirmed! According to the folks over at Killerfilm, Futurama will be making it's official return to the small screen. However, it has also been confirmed in a quote from the representatives at 20th Century Fox that Fox was unable to meet the salary demands of the voice actors and will therefore be replacing the character voices that so many "Futurama" fans have grown to love. 

We love the Futurama voice performers and absolutely wanted to use them, but unfortunately, we could not meet their salary demands. While replacing these talented actors will be difficult, the show must go on. We are confident that we will find terrific new performers to give voice to Matt and David’s brilliantly subversive characters.

After having interviewed Kevin Conroy, the voice of "Batman" from "Batman: The Animated Series" just last week, I got to thinking. There is really something about having the perfect voice actor behind an animated character. It is almost as though the actor's voice attaches itself to the character, at least that's how I feel. "Futurama" has been around for a little bit over ten years. That's ten years of fans listening to the characters and watching them on television; ten years is a long time for fans to become attached to a voice actor's voice. Perhaps I am a bit picky when it comes to this sort of thing, but somehow I feel like when you spend ten years attaching a voice to a character, it would be hard for a fan to make the transition away from that voice and to another.  
Check out the casting call release from last week. Looks to me like the only actor making his return will be Phil LaMarr, who played "Hermes." What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to the show's re-launch, or are you disappointed?

Thursday, Jul. 16, 2009, 5:54 PM Pacific

Voice Over
1/2 hour animated comedy for Twentieth Century Fox Television
Creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen
Casting Director: Scott Muller
Shoot/Start Date: August
Pay Rate: TBD
Location: Los Angeles






We are starting casting immediately for Futurama, a half-hour animated comedy created by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen. Descriptions of these established characters follow, along with links to clips of previous episodes for reference.


Fry, a 20th century slacker, works as a pizza delivery boy. On December 21st, 1999, he is cryogenically frozen and wakes up 1000 years in the future in the city of New New York. Through a series of events, Fry tracks down his great (x30) nephew Professor Hubert Farnsworth and lands a job at the Professors Planet Express delivery company as a delivery boy. Fry bunks with Planet Expresss beer-swilling robot, Bender. Fry is constantly trying to win the heart of Leela, the companys ship captain…SERIES REGULAR (Episode 5ACV03)

Leela, a sexy Cyclops, is the captain of the Planet Express delivery ship. Leela is in charge of every company mission, having her hands full keeping Fry and Bender in line. Her early years were spent in an orphanage where she was a bit of an outcast for having one eye. She took up kickboxing and other similar sports to make up for the lack of friends. She still has problems with men and often gets jealous of Amys (her co-worker) popularity among the opposite sex. She has a soft spot for Fry but is unsure of anything further than that, due to Frys clumsy advances…SERIES REGULAR (Episode 4ACV02)

Bender, a cigar-smoking, booze-guzzling, kleptomaniac robot, had a successful career in bending girders but tired to kill himself when he found out the girders were being used for suicide booths. He was saved by Fry and later took a job at Planet Express. To be able to function properly, Bender needs the chemical energy from alcohol. Excessive drinking is mandatory or he will become sober and unable to control his body. Magnets stuck to his head make him sing like a folk singer…SERIES REGULAR (Episode 5ACV05)

Professor Hubert Farnsworth is the owner of the Planet Express delivery company, which he uses to fund his strange scientific experiments. He also lectures at Mars University on the mathematics of quantum neutrino fields (he made up the name so no one would dare take the course). He is technically 160 years old, but to avoid being picked up by the sunset squad and taken to the near death star he says he is only 150…SERIES REGULAR (Episode 5ACV01)

Dr. Zoidberg, a lobster-like alien, left his home planet of Decapod 10 to become a rich doctor but instead became the Planet Express staff doctor (doesnt pay so well). Zoidberg, who is usually shunned by the rest of the Planet Express crew, is always in search of his next meal. His skill as a surgeon, and basic knowledge of human anatomy, are often called into question. He secretly desires to become a stand-up comedian…SERIES REGULAR (Episode 2ACV05)


[ MOM ]
Mom is the very old, very rich, very ruthless founder of Moms Friendly Robot Company. She has three sons: Walt, Larry, and Igner, who work for the company and help Mom do her dirty work. Many years ago, Farnsworth worked for Moms Friendly Robot Company, and they had a fling, which ended when Mom kept turning Farnsworths cute inventions into mad, killing machines…RECURRING (Episode 2ACV14)

Zapp Brannigan is a 25-star General of the Democratic Order of Planets and has been responsible for several successful wars including a triumph over the pacifists of the Ghandi Nebula. He is always accompanies on mission by his hapless assistant Kif Kroker. Behind all his bravado he is a wimp who is not very intelligent. He once slept with Leela, a fact hat he constantly reminds her of…RECURRING (Episode 2ACV17)

Kif Kroker is a hard working, long suffering alien Lieutenant of the DOOP who does all the hard work and takes the rap for problems usually caused by Zapp Brannigan (his superior officer). Zapp considers Kif to be his most loyal friend however, Kif in fact views Zapp as an imbecile. He is smitten with his current girlfriend Amy. He has no bones and is supported by a system of inflated bladders…RECURRING (Episode 4ACV01)

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Avatar image for nova_prime_
Posted By Nova`Prime`

I am not so sure if Futurama is going to be a big hit with new voice actors. I guess it could work, but I doubt it. I am a huge fan of the show and watch it whenever its on, but I just don't know if I'll get use to hearing a different voice for Bender, Fry, and the rest. I know it probably wasn't even discussed with the directors and creators, but why not have a new crew? That way you can get new fans and maybe keep the old fans looking for something new.

Avatar image for media_master
Posted By Media_Master

For fans of the show, different voices will through off the momentum of bringing back the show at its former glory.

Avatar image for jloneblackheart
Posted By jloneblackheart

That sucks. It's going to be like when you watch the Flintstones and you catch the later ones with the horrible voice of the new Fred. I don't think I am interested in watching this.

Avatar image for decept_o
Posted By Decept-O kind of sucks to an extent not to have the same voice actors.  Will the show succeed without the same voice actors?  I'm curious how this will turn out.  Having said that, perhaps this MIGHT be one time where actors should be grateful to have a job and not demand so much money.  I mean, if Fox was having an issue, it makes me wonder how much of a salary increase the actors were asking.  Times are tough, I would have accepted whatever they were offering, but that's just me--I like to live in a home, eat, and have my bills paid.   Maybe the voice actors have the luxury of past royalties, I don't know.  Great as all these voice actors are, just wondering whether their demands were that high or not.

Avatar image for asymmetrical
Posted By Asymmetrical

Honestly, the original voices were my favorite whether I'll enjoy this (or even watch it) is questionable...

Avatar image for dipic
Posted By Dipic

This makes me a sad panda. :(

Avatar image for obsurity
Posted By Obsurity

I'll give it a chance but the new does sux :(

Avatar image for the_hottness
Posted By The Hottness


No Caption Provided

Avatar image for darkcanuck
Posted By DarkCanuck

This is an absolutely terrible idea. The original cast were all bouncing along doing the periodic movie releases and from what I've heard in the past, they all wanted to do the show again. So I have to guess that Fox, being the pricks they always are when it comes to Futurama, low-balled the hell out of the original cast. I've got the original series on DVD, I don't think I'll bother with this new series.

Avatar image for chocolate_lantern
Posted By Chocolate Lantern

that's cool that they are bringing it back... but to replace all the actors that's just going to make it weird for a few episodes until you get used to it.

Avatar image for ca_bo
Posted By Ca_Bo

This sucks, i think i'll pass. Come on FOX, what are you thinking?

Avatar image for kjc007
Posted By kjc007

Without the original cast I'm not going to beable to watch this.

Avatar image for dondasch
Posted By dondasch

Not a chance I'll waste my time on the new one.  Huge mistake not to have the original cast members doing the voice overs.

Avatar image for archetype
Posted By Archetype

aw shucks!

I thought at their panel the cast said that they were fairly certain that they would get their jobs back.Of course you don't want to show any signs of giving in when you are still negotiating so they may have just said that to save face.Without the original actors this show will fail.

Avatar image for cezar_thescribe
Posted By Cezar_TheScribe

If they don't sound the same this will be pulled more quickly than a new FOX sitcom in the fall. 

Avatar image for wonderboy1132
Posted By WonderBoy1132

sucks about the voices but, im excited to see the show return again.

Avatar image for wildcrawler
Posted By WildCrawler

As a huge Futurama-fan, I say that the show will prolly lose a huge chunk of the fanbase thanks to this

Avatar image for foxxfireart
Posted By FoxxFireArt

I don't know about this. It would be one thing if you couldn't get one or two voice actors, but they only have one returning. It almost makes you wish they would just do a whole other project. Rather then throw in a whole new cast.
This sort of reminds me of when Disney would make animated TV shows/DVD sequels based upon popular movies, and the only returning actors are minor characters.

Avatar image for xerox_kitty
Posted By xerox_kitty

This is sad.  It is a cult series, and the fans know the voices.  So it will be like when a new character is introduced to a sitcom to replace a long-standing popular character because the actor wanted better pay.  I'll watch the first few to try it out, but I wouldn't be surprised if it gets cancelled after the first season.

Avatar image for shikaku_nara
Posted By Shikaku Nara

This is sad. Im a huge fan.....And the voices are a big part of what made the show special.

It might work but im not hopeful.

Avatar image for kcsuperman09
Posted By KCsuperman09

well this is not going to last long

Avatar image for son_of_storm
Posted By Son Of Storm

Ok not that I'm a " I would die for this show" fan. But shouldn't we all just be grateful that they are bringing it back. I mean if FOX thinks that it wont get its popularity back IDT they'll let it go past a couple of episodes.
Then we would all be sad :(
Avatar image for ch3burashka

I loved and still love Futurama, and this is not good. I recently heard or read somewhere that switching voice actors is a common occurrence that is announced but never carried out, so I can only hope that this will go down the same way.

Avatar image for raptorfratboy
Posted By RaptorFratBoy

You know how I'm going to show my support for "Futurama"? Not watching THIS abomination.

Avatar image for loony_moony
Posted By Loony Moony

I'll give it a chance, but I'm quite sad that I won't be hearing Bender's true voice anymore :(

Avatar image for glrayner85
Edited By glrayner85

Wow That Is Bad News, So The Movies They Put Out Were Like A Last Hoorah For Them Being Together. I Wonder How Little Fox Was Offering If Pretty Much Nobody Stayed, Cause I Doubt All The Talent Got Together And Said Lets Drain 'em. So What Did Fox Think, Well They'll Come Back No Matter What We Offer Them. They Didnt Do This To Family Guys Return, Its Like They Are Determined To Kill Off This Show.

Avatar image for je46and2
Posted By je46and2

You think they'd make it a point to pay Billy West at least!

Avatar image for DorianOtten
Posted By DorianOtten

I have to agree with babs on the voice actor thing, especially with a cartoon as big as Futurama. Replacing John dimaggio is like replacing Kevin Conroy, though i might be impartial since batman the animated series is one of the best cartoons, it defined '90s cartoons for me and i still like it now as an adult

Avatar image for raptorfratboy
Posted By RaptorFratBoy

They didn't do it to "Family Guy" because 9/10ths of the voices on that show belong to Seth MacFarlane, and it's not like you can have "Family Guy" without the creator. The other voices, such as Seth Green and Mila Kunis, were probably already under some form of contract at FOX for other shows, or at the very least on decent terms with the company. I doubt they asked for the same aount of money the cast of "Futurama" did, either.

Not saying those actors don't deserve it, of course they do. Just sayin' I think MacFarlane certainly has a better working relationship with FOX.

Avatar image for emperor_gonzo_noir
Posted By Emperor Gonzo Noir

No John Dimaggio as Bender! no I say no!

Avatar image for fuzzy_dudette
Posted By Fuzzy Dudette

Noooo for changing voice actors, yesssss! for it coming back on TV

Avatar image for toastalchemist
Posted By Toastalchemist

NO! I've been waiting for it to come back for so long and now it's going to suck.

Avatar image for korg
Posted By Korg

I wouldn't even watch this, and I'm far from the only one. Way to screw the pooch yet again, Fox. All you had to do was give them more money, and they would have given you a mint, but noooooooo, that would be too easy, and make far too much sense! Seriously, this is one of the worst ideas ever on television. Bring back a cult classic after 6 years, but get rid of the original cast... retards. They couldn't even afford Billy West? Seriously? He does like 25% of the voices on the show, including 3 of the main cast. The new voice actors will probably be lambasted by fans until they commit suicide.

Avatar image for ninjadude853
Posted By ninjadude853

it wont be the same without those actors, but hey, same writers, same show

they are using the same writers right?

Avatar image for the_crimson_nutcase
Posted By The Crimson Nutcase

Hm i loved their voices, but i guess i might give it another shot an see if i can get used to the new ones... =/

Avatar image for sirsparkington
Posted By SirSparkington

I am decidedly less excited for the return of Futurama now.

Avatar image for korg
Posted By Korg
@ninjadude853 said:
" it wont be the same without those actors, but hey, same writers, same showthey are using the same writers right? "
They will be using some of the same writers, but without the cast they are used to writing for, you can bet you ass it will suck pretty hard.
Avatar image for asymmetrical
Posted By Asymmetrical

with most of the characters, half the humor was in their voice...Zapp Brannigan, Dr. Zoidberg, Professor Farnsworth, Rich Little, etc.

Avatar image for jdeluca2
Posted By jdeluca2

It'll make one season, but I doubt we'll see more than that. I can't imagine hearing someone else try to pull off Bender. I wonder however, is this the work of greedy actors or if the company was quick to let them go. Over the years they have seemed to want to get rid of the cartoon.

Avatar image for edwardwindsor
Posted By EdwardWindsor

why bother making new ones that will just be hatted for not sounding right ? dam fox with there crazyness just pay up and make something fans wanna see

Avatar image for korg
Posted By Korg
@jdeluca2 said:
"I wonder however, is this the work of greedy actors or if the company was quick to let them go."
It is most definitely the latter. Voice actors on the Simpsons make more than 4 times what the Futurama cast was asking for. Billy West alone is worth his weight in gold, and was asking for a very reasonable amount.
Avatar image for supafuz
Posted By supafuz

they better change the name of the show as to not ruin the reputation of the real "Futurama"

Avatar image for e_i_s_a_m_
Posted By E.I.S.A.M.

If they aren't careful.... this will kill Futurama... a second time.

Avatar image for hpwaz
Posted By hpwaz

Well,I'll watch it. But,OMG how stupid to replace actors aftermany years!! How would people feal if the Simpsons were recast?!

Avatar image for thebug
Posted By TheBug

I love Futurama, but since pretty much everyone is being recast, I don't know if I could get into it. Its going to feel wrong.

Avatar image for oy
Posted By Oy

I don't believe the comedy timing and jokes are going to play without the original voices.  I mean Bender with a new voice?  I can't see myself enjoying that at all.

Avatar image for blackandredflag
Posted By Blackandredflag

This news honestly makes my stomach churn! i would rather they just left it rest in peace than do this! :(
the idea of having new characters or new crew or something is better!

Avatar image for gerald
Posted By GERALD

everyone agrees

this is a travesty

how will fox respond?

Avatar image for bruce_vain
Posted By Bruce Vain

I will not be watching this then. It's like I had a hard time accepting George Newberns voice when Tim Daly wasn't able to do Justice League.

Avatar image for ninjadude853
Posted By ninjadude853
@Korg said:
" @ninjadude853 said:
" it wont be the same without those actors, but hey, same writers, same showthey are using the same writers right? "
They will be using some of the same writers, but without the cast they are used to writing for, you can bet you ass it will suck pretty hard.
i dont  think that it works that way for animated shows, i can understand live action, but not animation

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