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First 'Superman: Unbound' Trailer Arrives

Get an extended look at DC's next animated film!

Marvel might have the edge when it comes to feature films, but DC is destroying when it comes to animated releases. The beyond epic The Dark Knight Returns: Part 2 just came out and now we're already getting a glimpse at the next animated feature!

Based on Geoff Johns' Brainiac story in ACTION COMICS #866-870, the story focuses on Superman (Matt Bomer) attempting to defend Earth from the classic villain (John Noble). As you can see in the trailer, it'll also include Supergirl (Molly C. Quinn), Lois Lane (Stana Katic) and the Kandor, the capital of Krypton.

No exact date has been released yet but the film is slated to come out on blu-ray/DVD and digital download this year. Viners, does this look like a must buy for you?

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Posted By Yung ANcient One
A Superman animated film after Batmans animated film? Wow! Who saw that coming?  I wonder if they'll make a Justice League animated film next.  XP  (+) 
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Posted By DoctorTrips

Wow, this trailer has sold me - Matthew Bomer as Superman is phenomenal! Along with John Noble and Molly Quinn. I'd be very excited to see him voice the Man of Steel a few more times.

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Edited By Captain13

@doombot890 said:

didnt they say they were going to do a Flashpoint movie?

It should come out after this in the Fall.

@Mister_Sensational said:

This looks like it could be really good and I'm sure I'll enjoy it, I'm just a little tired of every DC animated film revolving around either Superman, Batman, or both. Okay I know there are a few that don't just feature Superman and Batman i.e. the Justice League animated movies (Doom, Crisis on Two Earths, and New Frontier) and the ones that don't have Superman and Batman in them at all like Wonder Woman and the two Green Lantern movies but that's exactly my point, why can't we get more animated features like those from DC featuring characters who haven't had a chance to star in their own solo work like Flash or Aquaman... (I would also say Green Arrow but the Arrow T.V series is handling that quite nicely). Or how bout more movies based on major crossover events like Infinite Crisis, Blackest Night, or Flashpoint. Or ones that take place in another reality Kingdom Come! I'm just saying there's all kinds of material they can use from all over the DCU why do they keep going back to just Superman and Batman!?

Because Wonder Woman and Green Lantern sell a lot of comics, but their films didn't sell. Why would a company like Warner take unnecessary risks on other unknown solo heroes or not beloved solo heroes

that are unlikely to pay off?

Bruce Timm has said that no one can properly animate kingdom come without using CG. And Flashpoint is a crossover that is being adapted.

That said, I do want a Justice League: Origin movie adaptation that is better than the original. Throne of Atlantis would also be really cool.

@LordRequiem said:

With the technology and artists they have now I don't understand why they don't make everything a little more detailed.

Because it would be too expensive in comparison to the return that these films make. To elaborate my point: Young Justice is one of the most expensive animated shows to date.

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Posted By Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Looks awesome. I love that Brainiac story by Johns.

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Posted By longbowhunter

I recall reading this when it first come out. Really enjoyed the story. This looks ok. I'll probably watch, doubt I'll buy it.

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Posted By kuma_far

I liked it. It causes me some loling that Superman is the guy from White Collar

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Posted By Squalleon

@GothamRed said:

So what are our chances of a non-batman or superman movie from DC animation these days?

Next movie is Flashpoint.So there are some big chances

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Posted By Kervan21

I'll definitely get it, because that book is one of my favorite Superman stories.

But I'm not sure I like the look of the animation that much. It looks almost nothing like Gary Frank's artwork, so I wish it looked more like that. Oh well. I'm sure it will be enjoyable.

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Posted By GodDamnIronMan

strength of 10,000 worlds?!!!

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Posted By Red Rum

Superman: Brainiac Attacks - the reboot

Now we're gettin' somewhere.

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Posted By SmashBrawler

@KnightRise said:

@SmashBrawler said:

No Caption Provided



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Posted By SmashBrawler

On a more serious note, John Noble as Brainiac sounds fantastic.

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Posted By jwalser3


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Posted By DanteTheRedKnight

I feel like they should do movie on the H'El story arc, and reintroduce Supergirl and Superboy in the DC animated universe.

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Posted By RedOwl_1

@Mia26 said:

Looks awesome ....

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Posted By ssejllenrad

@Atary77 said:

To those who say Superman is difficult to write for, take a look at this!

Superman IS difficult to write. This and other great Superman stories are a credit to the genius of its writers.

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Posted By Manute117

this is all they do superman and batman......lets do someone else or add someone else to the mix..

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Posted By gre789

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Posted By LeaderVladimir

Neal Caffrey must save the world from the evil Walter Bishop with the help of Alexis Castle and Kate Beckett!


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Posted By davidgrantlloyd

Pretty cool trailer. And I like a good Brainiac story. I think I'll rent it first tho before buying it. Animated Superman has often been a little hit or miss for me.

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Posted By colonyofcells

I am also happy that Kandor is back in the new 52 just like the silver age and bronze age.

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Posted By RavenT2

Looks awesome. And I after I SERIOUSLY underestimated "Superman Vs. The Elite" I won't make that mistake again. For this, I'm in.

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Posted By Moby
No Caption Provided

Looks like another DC animated movie hit!!! DC owns animated movies!!!

Superman could have been drawn better though

Besides that very excited

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Posted By naustin07

Obviously good story. Not to crazy about the character designs. Definitely will watch though. Also can't wait for Flashpoint, heard it is coming out this year,

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Posted By HashbrownsCV

@GodDamnIronMan said:

strength of 10,000 worlds?!!!

That would make it over... 9,000!

Sorry... that was uncalled for.

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Posted By KnightofSteel

Finally a Superman movie with Brainiac!

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Posted By quiksilver70777

Movies I would like to see are Green Lantern: Sinestro Crop War, Blackest Night, Batman The Long Halloween and Dark Victory. I would love to see a Batman Hush done in two parts. The Killer Joke would be epic, but not sure if Warner Brothers would be able to be ture to the comic because its too dark.

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Posted By Big_Nasty

@GodDamnIronMan said:

strength of 10,000 worlds?!!!

I love that line.

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Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Why does Lois have purple eyes?! O_O Anywho, this looks amazing. Makes me wonder if they are going to do New Krypton next.

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Posted By nappystr8

Finally, Quentin Tarantino's take on a vengeful antebellum Superman is upon us!

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Posted By JLDoom

I just noticed that I havent posted my opinion yet so here it goes:


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Posted By TwoArmed

So much punching the "screen".

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Posted By clemj


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Posted By moywar700

Sexist Pigs!

Where is WW's second animiated film!

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Posted By SandMan_ has better animation than Superman vs the elite....Damn it DC give Supes better artist!

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Posted By Bobsjonjon

Looks great cant wait!

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Posted By Mbecks14

This looks like it's going to be EPIC! I love DC Animation! Great story and the voice cast sounds great!

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Posted By Mbecks14

@zeejaybay said:

@LordRequiem said:

With the technology and artists they have now I don't understand why they don't make everything a little more detailed.

Agreed, I don't dig the stiff animation but it perhaps takes more money then these movies earn to include the detail we'd like? Not sure but I agree with you.

@k4tzm4n said:

The beyond epic The Dark Knight Returns: Part 2 just came out and now we're already getting a glimpse at the next animated feature!

Part 1 in my opinion dwarfs part 2. Besides part 2 is what lead to the Batman vs Superman anatgonism we are still dealing with today. That book, and movie adaption before MOS drops, was horrible for Supes reputation, still is ..and all because he wanted to continue helping people while all the other heroes retired. Believe me people are finding even more reasons to hate Supes from that one stupid story.

Anywho, what do you think our chances are at a JLA - The Nail adaption next?

SO TRUE! I cannot express strongly enough how much I utterly despise the interpretation of Superman in Dark Knight Returns. I mean I understand it from a story perspective, he was supposed to be a symbol of the conservative conformity from the Reagan era but that's just so NOT Superman. It wouldn't bother me as much if it's not how some people see Superman. People read DKR and think that's an accurate Superman.

But when it comes to more detail in animation, I don't think you grasp how difficult it is to animate minute details, especially consistently, That's usually why animation designs are so streamlined, that way minutia doesn't have to be recreated endlessly. But I'd say we still get a pretty detailed world here, I'm not sure what kind of detail you're looking for. Superman looks just like Superman (with a really long jaw) and then we have brainiac who looks pretty detailed to me.

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Posted By age_of_ultron_Prime2000

What is with Superman's face

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Posted By Barkley

would be a cool similar storyline in a sequel to man of steel....brainiac

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Posted By Teerack

Another superman movie with bad art. Yay.

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Posted By Panelbomber

This is really one of my favorite Superman stories. I know they weren't going to make it look like Gary Frank's art but the designs are a bit strange. other than that Ill be on the look out for this one.

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Posted By powerhouse1122

Ummm when are we going to see some new52 based animated film? That wud b great.

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Posted By Mbecks14

@Panelbomber said:

This is really one of my favorite Superman stories. I know they weren't going to make it look like Gary Frank's art but the designs are a bit strange. other than that Ill be on the look out for this one.

I wish they had gone with Frank's style! His art was awesome in the book! This animation style is just too "anime" for my tastes but I don't dislike it.

@powerhouse1122 said:

Ummm when are we going to see some new52 based animated film? That wud b great.

No. No it would not be great at all. The less we see of New 52 Superman the better.

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Posted By TheMtVernonKid82

@GothamRed:I understand that dude but I rather have Clark get another movie than Bruce. But how a Flash or JSA movie.

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Posted By mcbean

Looks good can't wait to see it but they should have gone with someone else with the animation.

No Caption Provided

Something like this would have been better for the animation I think.

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Edited By G_Money_Christmas

@SmashBrawler said:

No Caption Provided

I'm just going to post this again.

Actually, in that particular scene, he says, "Now that's what I call a close encounter." He says "Welcome to Earth" Directly after he punches it and doesn't have the cigar in his mouth. Sorry, I pretty much have that movie memorized. It's one of my favorites.

I'm excited for this though. I don't like Superman's face much but I thought the Brainiac series was awesome.

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Posted By Captain13

@powerhouse1122 said:

Ummm when are we going to see some new52 based animated film? That wud b great.


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Posted By Captain13

@moywar700 said:

Sexist Pigs!

Where is WW's second animiated film!

a movie has to be profitable to warrant a sequel

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Posted By GrimoireMyst

That is a really good trailer so now I really have to see this when it comes out.