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First Look: X-FORCE #1

Get a look at the latest incarnation of the mutant strike team.

3571463-0 x-force_1_cover.jpg

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at X-FORCE #1 – the exciting new series from innovative creative team Si Spurrier and Rock-He Kim! Every sovereign nation in the Marvel Universe makes use of superhumans to protect national interests and pursue a covert national agenda. The stakes are high, and the prizes are intelligence, security, resources and power. Now, Cable and his new black-ops squad are entering this endless shadow-game to ensure that Mutants have a hand in the future of the Marvel Universe – by any means necessary!

“They don’t want global domination nor mutant superiority; merely to protect and strengthen the interests of The Mutant Nation,” says writer Si Spurrier, in an interview with “And they’ll rain thunder and flame on anyone who says different.”

“X-Force isn’t looking to keep its existence a secret,” says Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “They want to send a loud-and-clear message to the world that the Mutant Nation is not to be messed with.”

But when an international incident threatens the already fragile human/mutant relations, the Mutant Nation needs a dirty tricks department – and X-Force is it! Don’t miss the explosive action and political intrigue when Cable, Psylocke, Fantomex, and Marrow burst on to the scene in X-FORCE #1 this February!

X-FORCE #1 (DEC130676)



Variant Covers by PHIL NOTO

Animal Variant by KATIE COOK

FOC 01/20/14, ON-SALE 2/12/14

3571464-2 x-force_1_noto_variant.jpg
3571465-3 x-force_1_noto_sketch_variant.jpg
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Avatar image for lensnart
Posted By LenSnart

Dear God, those hair styles

Avatar image for nickxh
Edited By NICKXH

The art looks disgusting.

Avatar image for blackair9
Posted By blackair9

Im moving it from my pull list to "puruse". art cool but Im not a fan of the line up cable an fantomex could get the job done without the rest of them. They should have kept most of cables team ( forge didnt seem like a good fit ..sage would have been better, boomer is great comic relief) and added Spiral and fantomex

Avatar image for simonm7
Posted By SimonM7

Yeah, having this sort of interior art is disappointing. I don't think it looks bad, stylistically, but this kind of very computer graphicsy style is very cumbersome, very static. It's the opposite of what I'd like on this book.

But it's a give and take, I guess. I love how open Marvel are to different art styles these days, and the way they rotate that stuff means they often rotate in things I love. This is just my time to be sorta dismayed, I guess. I'm gonna give this a shot and hopefully the writing is good. I'm gonna miss the sorta unfulfilled potential in the previous UXF lineup, but who am I to cry over spilled milk.

Avatar image for makkyd
Posted By MakkyD

Some interesting art.

Avatar image for timelordscience
Posted By TimeLordScience

@xwraith said:

Am I really the only one who thinks this is some of the ugliest comic art ever?

nah, it's pretty turrible

Avatar image for joeeddie
Posted By JoeEddie

@xwraith said:

Am I really the only one who thinks this is some of the ugliest comic art ever?

Ugly book is ugly

Avatar image for dbatdog
Edited By dbatdog

reboot again :( i think marvel is renumbering their books based on their sales, #1 always sells a lot.

Avatar image for wavemotioncannon
Posted By WaveMotionCannon

Sad to see CaTXF go, I am loving that book. I will give this one a go though. The art looks great , I don't understand all the b*tching.

Avatar image for damian_arrows
Posted By Damian_Arrows


Avatar image for stu630
Posted By stu630

love that art!

Avatar image for mtrakos
Posted By mtrakos

Not a fan of the art. Reminds me of this other "artist" Rob....

Avatar image for lykopis
Posted By lykopis

I just don't understand the line-up. The art doesn't bother me.

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