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First Look: THANOS ANNUAL #1

The Mad Titan returns. Again.


This May, Jim Starlin and Ron Lim, the legendary team that brought you The Infinity Gauntlet return for an epic untold tale of the Mad Titan like you’ve never seen him before. Today, Marvel is proud to present your very first look at THANOS ANNUAL #1! A devastating defeat in Thanos’ past has set in motion cataclysmic events that cannot be undone. Facing his ultimate demise, Thanos welcomes the afterlife, hoping to finally be united with his one true love, Death. But he was wrong. There is no love waiting for him in the beyond. Only pain and malice at the hands of Mephisto!

And Mephisto is not alone. He brings with him a mysterious being with deep ties to the Mad Titan. A mysterious being who will take Thanos on an unparalleled journey through space and time reliving his greatest triumphs and his most crushing defeats. Now, Thanos must face down Mephisto, the Avengers and even his future self to prepare for what comes next! And seeds sown here bear bitter fruit in August’s highly anticipated Thanos: The Infinity Revelation original graphic novel! As the Titan prepares for his greatest battle, no fan can afford to missTHANOS ANNUAL #1 this May!


Written by JIM STARLIN

Art by RON LIM


Variant Covers by JIM STARLIN (MAR140694)

and RON LIM (MAR140693)

FOC – 05/05/14, On-Sale 5/28/14


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This is going to be the last Jim Starlin Thanos tale, I'm super bummed.

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Posted By Perethorn

Pumped for this one

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Posted By thewalkingdeadpool18

Thanos is one of the best villians there is.

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thanos now day

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Underwhelmed :/

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Posted By NukeA6

Anything with Thanos and Starlin is always a classic. I'm glad I don't have to wait 4 months for this one.

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Posted By eamon542000

Is this what happens to him after Infinity?

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Is that top image what Thanos looked like in Infinity (haven't read it) or are they now taking cues from the MCU design?

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Hail Darkseid.

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One of the variants have Thor with a beard. I like Thor with a beard.

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For sale one day after my birthday?!


Seriously, though. I could not be more excited. Especially with such a badass creative team.

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Jim Starlin writing Thanos? WIN WIN WIN.

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I like how Marvel just doesn't care at all what they name things now. This is in no way an annual, but that doesn't matter just slap it after Thanos. /named.

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Posted By fACEmelter88

What is going on? He fights his future self?

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I'm so down for this. Huzzah!

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Is that... old Drax!?!

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I can't wait, I love the Starlin/Lim combo.

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All those pics are flash back images from his past, from when he fought earth's heroes' from IG #4 (That's Eric Masterson as Thor, hence why he has the beard), When he fought Drax & Captain Marvel earlier in his career with the cosmic cube etc.

3797534-thanos ig 4.jpg

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can't wait to read this, I am a huge fan of Thanos =)

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This should be good.