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First Look: 'Batgirl' #6 Cover

The new 'Batgirl' takes on the new 'Robin'



Seems like Stephanie will be taking on Damian Wayne in the January issue of Batgirl. Check out the cover art by Phil Noto of 'Batgirl' issue #6 courtesy of DC.

Forgive me for my negativity, but I still can not get over that odd looking fanny pack on Stephanie Brown's leg. I feel like realistically, it would throw a person off balance when they are trying to fight crime. Does making that kind of an observation make me an uber-nerd? Not that I care. Not to mention that something feels a little bit off with the expressions of these two characters. What are your thoughts?
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Posted by PrinceIMC

Y'know I'm starting to like Stephanie as Batgirl.

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Posted by badog

Lol I know what u mean, how would it stay there, wouldnt it slide down, although I have to admit the costume is growing on me, maybe its because my favourite colour is purple but i swear that has nothing to do with it...
I really like this cover, Im curious to see whats going on, why does Steph look so worried but Damian looks like hes having a good ol time!
:  )

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Posted by skprgb

i agree with the expressions being off damian looks a little too happy. but the fanny pack thing is alright with me.

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Edited by Samuraikenpo

Theres another dc character that can kick Stephanie Brown's  ass lol I think that fanny bag is from back from the days when Jean Paul was wearing the mantle its very 90s comic book.  Saying something like what I just said makes you a uber-nerd lol         
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Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Brown has gained a couple pounds it looks like. She looks like Brittney Spears right before her meltdown. I've gotten over Spoiler becoming Batgirl, but that comic just isn't that good. Yet I still keep reading cause ya never know, maybe Cass will show up for a cameo.

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Posted by DMC

Looks like Damian was the bait to lure her out. She's in trouble now.  : P 
The "leathery" appearance of the costume and the color adjustment has sold me on Steph's look. I'm not crazy about it but it works for me.  Hopefully the next time she's shown in daylight (?) the costume will look better.  
The "fanny pack"? That's a no brainer. Her iphone, makeup, ipod and other essentials. I'll bet she can swing while texting  ; P
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Posted by NightFang3

Can't wait for this one.

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Posted by Green ankh

In the 80's every Liefeid hero had a legband. I know what you mean but i think she looks kind of cool.
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Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

The more I look at this picture the more it looks like  "Batman in Adventures in Babysitting."

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Posted by sora_thekey
@Gambler said:
" The more I look at this picture the more it looks like  "Batman in Adventures in Babysitting." "
I like Damian.... haven't gotten used to as Batgirl though...
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Posted by Legacy_

Damian looks UCK

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Posted by burr787

That's not a real good cover, but Steph and Damain in the same comic sounds awesome. I can't wait for this.

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Posted by spiderpigbart

O think someone is arriving to make Damian go "yay" and to make Steph go "oh shit."

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Posted by Brutopian

That thing on her leg can't possibly be worse than a holster for a gun for balance.

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Posted by OzzerOzby

I was going to make a comment about how it looks like someone told them to look up and then took their picture, but then I noticed the ominous shadow starting to pour over them.
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Posted by burr787
@spiderpigbart said:
" O think someone is arriving to make Damian go "yay" and to make Steph go "oh shit." "
It's Batman, you can see his ears in the shadow.
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Posted by Media_Master

I wonder why they are fighting..

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Posted by BatGhostin

Do I like the new Batgirl? Yeah actually, Ive never read Batgirl before so I dont have to get used to someone new to that role but I did like Spoiler so it works for me.. so far. The new look umm issue 4 totally sucks I am not impressed one bit.  Can I request a variant? Issue 5 looks awesome and gave me faith but this morning I see this and well lets just say the coffee I drank this morning isnt the only thing that made me shit!  Its better than 4 but this just looks plain goofy like they were at a family get together or something and grandma said oh you kids get into one oif those crazy fighting postions for the camera. Damian is really chessin it up and speaking of shitting Stephanie looks like she accidently just did and her left hand looks weird.  
I still like the story and will get it I'm just the kind of person who enjoys a good cover I mean thats part of the excitement for ME when dealing with comics. 

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Posted by BatGhostin

Oh and the pack on her leg what the hell!! First with all the physical movement involved with bein a hero that thing wouldnt stay in place and would drive anyone crazy!!  
Second if you ot it  tight enough to stay in place it would cut off circulation and she wouldnt be able to feel her leg and would walk around like a damn peg leg pirate!!  geez We arent a bunch of girls into ridiculous accesories that are around for no reason. 
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Posted by Dr. Maxwell

I still say she isnt worthy of the Cowl

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Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

thats some baddd art

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Posted by Dipic

Damien looks like Matt DAAAMON.

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Posted by xerox_kitty

It's kinda funny, with the 'fighting brother & sister being caught by Bat-Dad' look to it.