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First Look: AVENGERS #1

Get a delicious taste of Jerome Opena’s amazing pages from issue #1.

Jerome Opena has been in the comics industry since roughly 2005. However, it wasn’t until his recent work on UNCANNY X-FORCE with Rick Remender that the artist really started to turn heads. And it was that gorgeous work that landed Opena the biggest gig of his career to date – AVENGERS with writer Jonathan Hickman.

Hickman and Opena will be collaborating on the brand new title AVENGERS this November as part of Marvel NOW!, which Marvel released the first preview pages from issue #1 today. Before scrolling down any further, may I suggest you get a drool bucket ready? With Hickman’s high concepts and Opena beautiful pencils, AVENGERS should be a title at the top of everyone’s “must buy” list come November.

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