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Favorite Movies RESULTS: The Avengers vs. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The voters have picked a winner!

Marvel Studios continues to entertain and its latest project, Guardians of the Galaxy, is now only two weeks away! Obviously, we're thrilled and you should be as well, but for this week, we wanted to reflect on the studio's history. We all have our favorites, but two movies tend to almost always be listed at the top: Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Avengers. This week, we wanted to see if the voters could choose between these two exciting movies or if they love them equally. Well, it turns out they can pick between these two movies and a majority sided with...

Anthony and Joe Russo's Captain America sequel is debatably the most serious Marvel Studios project yet. It took a good look at Steve Rogers' (Chris Evans) morals as he faced the modern world. The political narrative had plenty of fan service as it took from the source material (by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting) and, even though it offered a more compelling storyline, it still managed to offer a ton of spectacle and fun. While The Avengers had a thrilling final battle, the action in Cap's film was consistently impressive and offers what it without question the best hand-to-hand fights we've yet to see in a Marvel movie.

Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) was a great and charismatic addition to the cast and the sequel did a surprisingly good job adding more depth to Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). Plus, it paved the way for some big changes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and left many of us wondering what Marvel Studios has up its sleeve as it moves forward with these characters.

The super-soldier's movie took a strong majority, but Joss Whedon's team-up movie still received a fair amount of love. Here's a look at how all of the votes were distributed.

  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier 56%
  • The Avengers 25%
  • I can't choose... I love both of them! 17%
  • Sorry, I'm not a big fan of either movie 1%
  • It brings me great shame to admit I haven't watched these movies and won't be able to before Friday 1%

The community has been chatting about the strengths and weaknesses of these two entertaining movies since Monday. So, let's see why a few of them said they decided to side with Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


"I haven't commented on anything so I thought this would be a nice place to start. I voted Winter Soldier.

Avengers was a great movie that not only brought the MCU together perfectly, it also felt like a comic book brought to life. It always annoyed me when I watched comic book movies where the characters felt watered down. Of course effects have evolved a long way and I understand that plays a huge part, but I got tired of seeing a hero perform one or two feats and then appear as a regular person for the majority of a movie. Avengers not only showed each character off but Whedon used the whole city and made me believe they were a powerful team. The moments where Ironman transitions from flying around to battling with Cap and showing off the repulsor/shield combo or Hulk and Thor teaming up on the big alien creature. These scenes felt like super humans instead dudes that just so happened to have extra powers.

Sadly there were parts of the movie where it felt like a CW or WB tv show. I felt like the acting and effects elevated the movie. Winter Soldier might have not been the most profound or ground breaking cinema experience but for me it felt like a well rounded movie. The story was a great adaptation that completely fit in with what's currently going on in the world and never felt heavy handed nor did it dip into campiness. The dialogue was fun and delivered well. Plus I absolutely loved Stan's WS. Both him and Evans owned those roles. Actually everyone killed it with their characters.

Honestly Avengers and Winter Soldier are pretty even but the script and acting really push WS to the top."


"Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Don't get me wrong, Avengers was a solid, enjoyable movie with lots of Superhero Brawls, enjoyable dialogue and watching Thor, Cap and Iron Man standing together, for the first time on the big-screen sent chills down my spine.

But TWS wasn't just an exceptional Superhero movie, it was also an incredible spy/political thriller in the same vein as 'The Bourne Trilogy' and 'All the President's Men'. This film touched upon the growing paranoia and fear and distrust of the government and that ongoing debate about whether or not we should trade freedom for security.

Another aspect of the film that differentiated it from most other Marvel movies is the dark, serious tone that it has going for it. There is less humor and the few humor that is in the movie, doesn't feel out of place. Wouldn't be much of a political thriller if it was humorous, would it? These are what put the movie above most other CBM's for me.

However, TWS doesn't stop there. Up until now, TWS has the best portrayal of Steve Rogers in movies. He actually moves and fights like a highly trained Super-Soldier this time around. And the fight scenes were, in one word, nuts. The choreography was insane and puts most action-movies and every other Superhero movie to shame.

The ship-infiltration scene in the beginning comes to mind which feels like something right out of a Modern/Military video-game (Modern Warfare anyone?).

Plus, Chris Evans was brilliant as Steve Rogers. He is Captain America, for better or for worse.

If those weren't reasons enough, there's one more. Buck Barnes a.k.a Winter Soldier himself. Sebastian Stan's portrayal of Winter Soldier has been one of the best CBM villain/anti-hero roles for me. And it was spot-on, from the arm to the hair to the uniform. Everything about his portrayal of WS exudes terror and danger, the way it should. No, seriously, he freaks me out just by the way he stalks his victims and his soundtrack. Another movie-villain that he's reminiscent of is the T-800 from Terminator, the whole 'unstoppable' vibe that surrounds these two characters.

And if the final scene didn't make you cry, you have no heart."


"These are two of my top comic movies. So while it'd be easy to pick loving them both, am I going to side with one SLIGHTLY more than the other. I'm going to go with Winter Soldier.

Avengers was everything it set out to be: fun, action packed, entertaining, had awesome music and the best big-screen Bruce Banner and Hulk yet. I could throw it on any time and enjoy the ride.

Winter Soldier has all the action, but also has a great story, pacing, deep characterization, and a bit of an introspective look at what it is actually like to be a soldier. The latter is my main reason for picking Winter Soldier. It just spoke to me on a more personal level, and as far as superhero flicks go, seemed to get the baggage that comes with being a soldier and fighting for the people and to protect even when your superiors may be misleading or exploiting you. It's a hard life to live, and you are often torn about why you do what you do, and I feel like on some level Winter Soldier understood that."


"Although I absolutely love both movies I love Captain America: The Winter Soldier more. It had a better story with the whole HYDRA having infiltrated SHIELD from its founding. The characters both old and new were absolutely at the top of their game, and the dynamic between Captain America and the Winter Soldier was absolutely amazing. Lastly, the action was some of the best I've seen in a long time. Although Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America 3, and Avengers 3 might surpass it as of now Captain America: The Winter Soldier is my favorite movies of all time."

Now comes the REALLY tough part, Viners. What's your favorite moment from either of these movies? If you can eventually choose one, be sure to share it with the community below and say why it rocks! Don't forget to check the homepage on Monday for a brand new edition of this segment. If you want to suggest a future match-up (it can be comics, TV shows, movies, or video games!), tell us below or reach out via twitter.

Posted by ccraft

Avengers: Hulk vs Thor

TWS: Cap, BW, and SHIELD rescue hostages from that ship.

Posted by saintwildcard
Posted by AllStarSuperman

The right one won. I guess wish it would hurry out and come out on bluray.

Edited by Pwok21

Winter Soldier is easily the best Marvel film IMO, so this is a good result.

Iron Man and The Avengers are both in the top three though.

Posted by k4tzm4n
@ccraft said:

Avengers: Hulk vs Thor

TWS: Cap, BW, and SHIELD rescue hostages from that ship.

Nice. Yeah, the bit with Mackie and then the hostage rescue was a good way to open the movie.

Posted by The Stegman

The right movie won.

Edited by lvenger

Though I prefer The Avengers, I can't wait for TWS to come out on DVD and blu ray. I need to watch that film again :D

Posted by saintwildcard
Posted by ULTRAstarkiller

Ehh I wanted Avengers to win but I can't complain about the results.

Posted by SlimJ87D

TWS was like a terminator. I'm very pleased with how all the fight scenes played out. They were well done. Street leveler fights are supposed to be among the most entertaining to watch, and they delivered what I wanted to see in a comic book movie for so long.

Edited by RisingBean

Best Scenes?

Avengers has two. Hulk vs Thor. Too short but awesome. Also taking the focus off Iron Man for a minute was a nice change of pace. The other is the dialogue between Hawkeye and Widow as he is coming off the mind control Loki had press ganged him with. Clint feeling guilt over his deeds and Natasha protecting him from that was moving character development.

Winter Soldier for me is probably the free way battle. Although the opening scene and the final battle were also pretty boss. The Zemo Zola scene was also a nice nod. I'd need to watch it again to put it down as definite, but for right now, I'll roll with the free way free for all.

Posted by Oscars94

Who wins between Cap:TWS or the Avengers? The audience wins.

Posted by Novemberx2

Winter Solider wins automatically on grounds it have Robert Downey Jr trying be the centre of attention and delivering the worst dialogue ever

"you can be damned well sure we'll avenge it!" (oh because you think the audience is made up of idiots and won't understand why film is called avengers)

"we have a hulk" (No at this point you didn't, he had ran off, partly because Tony stark had spent so much time being trying to make himself look to annoyance of the rest of team)

"Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist" - (and your supposed to be hero how?)

Posted by space4rentt

From Avengers, it's probably the point at which Banner comes back and the team's back together. I just loved the "I'm always angry" line.

Winter Soldier, it's got to be the street fight with Cap and Bucky. I loved how Cap would keep blocking the blows and Bucky would drop the dagger to the opposite hand and strike again.

Posted by TommytheHitman
Posted by harashkupo

Wow my first post on comicvine was used. Thanks k4tzm4n.

Now onto favorite moment for me would be the New York battle in Avengers. It's like I said, it's watching a comic book come to life. Avengers worked as a team like no other CBM. 'Nuff said.

Posted by RedX17

I think Blade II should be up next. It is a mix of the superhero genre, martial arts genre, and vampire/horror genre.( Though I'll be the first to admit that unless you under 10, the movie isn't very scary.)

The action is beyond spectacular, and it has what in my opinion is one of the best hand to hand superhero scene's I've ever scene. Right Below Winter Soldier, Man Of Steel, and Iron Man 2.

And the movie is directed by Guillermo Del Toro! One of the best Directors of our time!

Here is a passage from a review done on the movie:

Del Toro’s BLADE is so much more appealing than the original, and the reason is Del Toro gets Wesley to smile… and for a bit, he takes off his glasses and we see his eyes… He strips away a bit of his cool stoic manliness and lets a bit of that kid in the cookie jar joy of naughtiness out. The result is absolutely captivating.

The difference between BLADE 2 and most sequels that you see is that Guillermo wasn’t interested in making a sequel to BLADE. He wanted to make a vampire that you could be afraid of again. Not some guy with extended canines, but something you would run in mortal fear of. He wanted to create a swallower of souls… something from the inky black parts of your mind. Something new.

BLADE has subtle romance… platonic bonds… machismo posturing… and just an insane amount of ass-kicking.

So yeah, I want Blade II next.

Posted by vandinejd_1991

@k4tzm4n: You have made my day in putting something I said on this article. Thank you kind sir.

Posted by amazing_webhead

Whatever. Cap's movie still made him boringly invincible.

Posted by k4tzm4n
Posted by Spidey_Jackson

Glad TWS won.


Posted by dondave

@lvenger said:

Though I prefer The Avengers, I can't wait for TWS to come out on DVD and blu ray. I need to watch that film again :D

Posted by Fallschirmjager

The fact that Falcon was kind of cool speaks more about WS than anything else.

I didn't even know that was possible.

Posted by Rubear

Avengers were epic and fun.
CA: The Winter Soldier (or First Avenger: Another War in our cinemas) was interesting and modern-problematick.

Posted by josai21

Best moment?

Avengers: Hulk punching Thor in Stark's tower.

TWS: The whole movie. Seriously, cannot make a decision. Though 'on your left' will forever be imprinted in my mind.

Posted by Spideysense44

@oscars94 said:

Who wins between Cap:TWS or the Avengers? The audience wins.

Posted by nightwingnerd

The right one won. I guess wish it would hurry out and come out on bluray.

Edited by MannEffest
Posted by RisingBean
Posted by TommytheHitman

@risingbean: It would have been awesome if it were true. Sadly I doubt Zemo will ever make it to the big screen. Same with the Masters of Evil... but wouldn't that be badass.

Posted by Herokiller12344
Posted by Herokiller12344
Posted by Herokiller12344
Posted by infantfinite128

I thought the Winter Soldier was a much better movie than the Avengers, but I think Iron Man is still the best Marvel movie.

Posted by Winter_Kills

I love both movies, but I voted Cap:TWS because it took it over the top as an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride, a great way of using the source material but doing it in a uniquely original way with lots of surprises. It had everything I wanted not just from a Cap movie, but from a comic movie in general. Probably my all-time favorite comic movie. The Avengers is a close 2nd, just because of the epic prospect of uniting all these characters & the cinematic universe cohesively for the first time, & exploring all their interactions, as well as one word: Loki. Hiddleston kills it every time & steals the show with every scene, even in both Thor movies. (Would love to see which Thor film people prefer, the 1st one or The Dark World.) Still, the right movie won; I'm extremely satisfied with the results & can't wait to see where the MCU goes from here- I feel Cap: TWS really raised the bar & created a new standard.

Posted by DoctorXander

Quite interesting results, though I wonder if it would be different if it was done a year later, I think the fact that the Avengers has been around longer has given time for people to start hating on it because of its popularity, which isn't yet the case for Winter Soldier (and likely won't be)

Now for best moments,

Avengers: Puny God

Winter Soldier: When Zola reveals that HYRDRA has been influencing SHIELD the whole time

Posted by patrat18
Edited by DD208

If Cap had come out 2 years ago and Avengers just 3 months ago the Avengers would have won.

Posted by vandinejd_1991

My favorite moment in Captain America: The Winter Soldier is during their last battle when Steve stops fighting him and just lets Bucky pound on him because he's "with him to the end of the line." Best quote in a Marvel movie ever.

Posted by Aliltron

I loved both movies but yeah, Captain America: TWS was definitely better than Avengers

Posted by DarthAznable

Avemgers was pretty lame. TWS was a big improvement. I hope Age of Ultron capitalizes.

Posted by WarBlade539

Holy fudgeballs! I got quoted. Thanks @k4tzm4n!