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Favorite DC Animated Movies: 'Wonder Woman' vs. 'Superman vs. The Elite'

The Man of Steel's action-packed story about his morals or Wonder Woman's origin story and thrilling adventure?

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The next DC animated movie, Batman: Assault on Arkham, is currently available digitally and the Blu-ray/DVD will go on sale next week (you can read our review here). To help ease the wait, we thought it would be fun to reflect on two of DC's excellent animated projects: Superman vs. The Elite and Wonder Woman. While Assault on Arkham juggles a variety of characters, these two features focused solely on their famous leads and both delivered hugely entertaining rides.

Directed by Lauren Montgomery, Wonder Woman proves that yes, a Wonder Woman movie can work! Diana's voiced by Kerri Russell and the narrative doesn't shy away from the iconic character's mythology. It embraces the key elements of her tale, focuses on the character's depth, and produces plenty of fun and exciting scenes. Meanwhile, Superman vs. the Elite is directed by Michael Chang and is inspired by the terrific ACTION COMICS #775. If you think Kal-El is just a lame or boring boy scout, this is a story you seriously need to experience. The movie places his morals front and center and the adventure will help you appreciate why one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe acts the way he does. Obviously, both are more than worthy of your time and attention, but which one do you prefer and why?



Don't worry, you have plenty of time to reflect on these animated movies! The poll will stay open until Friday morning (ET), so that should give you more than enough room to watch these movies and really give the comparison some proper thought. If you do happen to have a preference, we want to hear why! What is it about the experience that made you prefer it over the other one? Is it a specific scene? Do you think the narrative is more gripping? Perhaps you thought one was simply more exciting than the other? After you vote, be sure to let us know in the comments below! So, which DC animated movie will take the victory, Viners?


Check the homepage this Friday to see how the voting ends up and why. In the meantime, feel free to make future match-up suggestions in the comments below or tell us via Twitter.

Avatar image for antihero_jaymok
Posted By Antihero_Jaymok

While I will admit Superman vs the Elite is one of my favorite DC movies, I really did enjoy WW's movie more. I saw S vs E twice, but WW's movie is one I put on whenever I can't decide on anything to watch because it's just that good to me. The story, the art, the voice acting, EVERYTHING about that movie just grabs my attention and refuses to let go. So, in conclusion... Wonder Woman gets my vote. :)

Avatar image for mister_sensational
Posted By Mister_Sensational

If you were to imagine a world where the Wonder Woman animated film doesn't exist but DC/Warner Bros. made a live action film with the same storyline, a great actress in the lead role, good supporting actors and actresses, and Nathan Fillion still as Steve Trevor then we would be heralding it as a cinematic masterpiece, one of the best movies based on a comic book ever and eagerly anticipating the sequel. So with that being said I'm voting for WW.

Avatar image for bunt947
Posted By bunt947

Wonder Woman.

Avatar image for farkam
Posted By Farkam

Superman vs The Elite is my favorite animated Superman film.

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Posted By The_Titan_Lord


Avatar image for spiderman1997
Posted By Spiderman1997

I can't vote for some reason. Superman vs the Elite though Wonder Woman's quality can't be denied. And for suggestions, Superman/Batman : Public Enemies vs Justice League Crisis On Two Earths or Batman : Under the Red Hood vs Mask of Phantasm.

Avatar image for ravisher
Posted By ravisher

i dont remember WW but i remember not hating it

supes ending was epic

Avatar image for superguy1591
Posted By Superguy1591

Wonder Woman. The Superman animation took away from the message Of the film.

Avatar image for crazyscarecrow
Posted By CrazyScarecrow

I have seen neither.

Avatar image for GrimoireMyst
Posted By GrimoireMyst

Its Superman Vs the Elite for me. The Wonder Woman movie was good but it had one flaw that the Superman movie didn't and that was to be re-watchable. I can watch SvsTE from start to finish no problem with the ending being my favorite part but for about the first half of the Wonder Woman movie it seemed to be all "Man definitely Evil and always doing wrong" and "Women absolutely pure who are always in the right" over and over made my eyes roll more than a few times. lol

Example : (This is from memory so I know it isn't verbatim but you still get the idea.)

Steve Trevors wakes up and see's the Amazon's and says "Am I in Heaven".

He then gets punched in the face by Artemis then Hippolyta says "We are a peaceful people".

Avatar image for cantdance93
Posted By CantDance93

Too good, both of them, must choose both!

Avatar image for perfect_10
Posted By Perfect 10

wonder woman always wins cause its the best dc animated movie EVER

Avatar image for artoreus
Posted By Artoreus

Wonder Women, all I have to say is the lasso scene with Nathan Fillian.

Avatar image for amaterasunohasu
Posted By AmaterasuNoHasu

I can't choose!

Avatar image for redwingx
Posted By redwingx

Superman vs The Elite.

The WW movie was fantastic tho.

Avatar image for arkay74
Posted By arkay74

Superman had a nice message.

Avatar image for eivion
Posted By Eivion

Went With Superman vs. the Elite. Always felt Wonder Woman was good but overrated due to it being the first real feature of hers in years and the feelings that it might be the only one we will get for long while.

Avatar image for wardishy_
Posted By WarDishy_

Haven't seen either but I'm interested enough to try and check them both out before the poll closes.

Avatar image for knightfall225
Posted By Knightfall225

Wonder Woman easily. I wasn't interested in her character until this.

Avatar image for mazahs117
Edited By MAZAHS117
Avatar image for darling_luna
Posted By Darling_Luna

I say WW by a hair

Avatar image for soumya
Posted By soumya

Wonder Woman.I mean everything is great in this movie...even the soundtrack is great too IMHO

Avatar image for rulerofthisuniverse
Posted By RulerOfThisUniverse

It brings me great shame to admit I haven't watched these movies and I won't be able to before Friday (unless someone provides a link to Wonder Woman online).

Avatar image for amazing_webhead
Edited By amazing_webhead

Tough call, but I'm gonna say Wonder Woman. Not only is it the closest we'll get to a Wonder Woman solo movie for a few years, but they just updated her origin so damn well.

Avatar image for jj_was_here
Posted By JJ_Was_Here

I say Superman vs. The Elite. Not just because I'm a Superman fan, but because of the analogy that it represented in the comic and how it lost nothing of the message for this adaptation. People love love LOVE the darker heroes and Superman has fallen out of favor with a lot of people because of his ways. I think it shows us what society has really become and what we can be capable of if we just tried.

Avatar image for mrmazz
Posted By MrMazz

Wonder Woman, in the pre-Flashpoint Paradox anthology style animated features, Wonder Woman was one of the high points and signs of what is possible when you have the right script and good casting. Kerri Russel brings youthful exuberence but hardened life to Diana Prince. Nathon Fillion's Steve Trevorr is a fun scamp to play off of.

Superman vs. The Elite, though based on one of the more acclaimed stories just didn't feel right to me. Maybe it was the art style, it and Unbound were an odd stylistic choice. Even though it has fine moment in which Supes finally lets go, the overal quality of Wonder Woman can't be denied.

Avatar image for casval
Posted By Casval

Wonder Woman, by far.

Avatar image for allstarsuperman
Posted By AllStarSuperman

Its been so long since I watched either, but IIRC I enjoyed WW more. I'll rewatch them then vote.

Avatar image for MadFacedKid
Posted By MadFacedKid

Kinda hard..

Wonder Woman had better animation and great story telling

But Superman vs Elite had great story telling and had me emotionally invested in the story it gets you hyped up to see Superman pushed to his bounds and then how far he's willing to go to show his morals made him seem incorruptible so I gess Supes vs Elite wins for me.

Avatar image for the_stegman
Posted By The Stegman

Wonder Woman

Avatar image for theamazingimmortalman
Posted By TheAmazingImmortalMan

I may be biased but Supes vs. the elite

Avatar image for i_dont_like_comics
Posted By i_dont_like_comics

the only movie to rival under the red hood or the other one? hmmmm decisions decisions.