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Fantastic Four #588—The Final Issue

Why will this be the final issue? Is this the end for the team?

With the death of a member of the Fantastic Four, the series is about to end. We know there will be an FF series but it looks like there will not be a Fantastic Four. Why is this? Can't the team continue with someone else? Would replacing the fallen hero simply be too painful? 
Marvel has released the following image from the final issue of Fantastic Four. 

Rated A …$3.99
FOC – 1/31/11, On Sale 2/23/11 
What do you think happens next? 


Here's a look at some of the pages. 




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Posted by halfpastwhenever
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Posted by gmanfromheck
@halfpastwhenever: I think that's not going to happen. That's why Valeria is erasing it. She's probably looking at it from what would be best for everyone versus the family. Replacing the hero is good for the world so they still have a Fantastic Four to save everyone. If this is the last issue, it just looks like the team won't continue. Maybe they'll focus on spending time together as a family rather than risk their lives.
Avatar image for joe_venom
Posted by Joe Venom

Will Spiderman succeed in pushing Franklin off the roof?! Will Sue ever find out how to properly spell She-Hulk? find out in the final issue of Fantastic Four! 
But really, this looks very interesting cant wait to read this.

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Posted by dondasch

Fantastic Four lost its appeal a long time ago.

Avatar image for redk
Posted by RedK

looks like spidey is gona give some advice to franklin about losing an uncle

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Posted by SirSparkington
@Joe Venom said:
" Will Spiderman succeed in pushing Franklin off the roof?! Will Sue ever find out how to properly spell She-Hulk? find out in the final issue of Fantastic Four!  
You just sold me on the comic. Where do I send my money to?
Avatar image for duo_forbidden
Posted by Duo_forbidden

Man, Mr Fantastic(?) doesn't look too good. He's probably been keeping himself busy after what happened.

Avatar image for gambit1024
Posted by Gambit1024
@RedK said:
" looks like spidey is gona give some advice to franklin about losing an uncle "
I smell an emotional speech involving Spidey's favorite catchphrase. 
Avatar image for rowen545
Posted by Rowen545
@Gambit1024 said:
" @RedK said:
" looks like spidey is gona give some advice to franklin about losing an uncle "
I smell an emotional speech involving Spidey's favorite catchphrase.  "
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Posted by Jake Fury

Hickman is the shiznit. His entire FF run has been brilliant.  
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Posted by b3n8m3

I think " The 4" need a reboot and the best way to do it is do tare down all preconcived notions of what the FF are. I think with Reed's genius and Sue's at times strained relationship, not to mention Frank and Val's crazy potential . . . . this is no longer a story about "Family". It's not about a Father/Husband, Wife/ Mother and their children. 
It's about a megaloaniac with delusions of a "greater good" a woman that acts as his conscience while being ignored and missing out on potentail happiness, and two extremly unrelatable children that border on scary due to their omnipotance/ genius that just happened to be biologicaly prodgeny to the former. 
Marvel needs a family centric comic . . . but the FF isnt that comic and hasnt been for a couple of decades. 
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Posted by MrFantastic

Ok, Hickman says they are going to FF But not the Fantastic Four, so what are our name choices?    Future Foundation?  Fantastic Family?  Fantastic Force?
They have already promoted Future Foundation ...

And The Fantastic Force has had two incarnations, the first occurred when there was a death in the Fantastic Four (sound familiar?).

And ended with Reed's return to the living....

 And so ended the first Fantastic Force. The second Fantastic Force was a reboot of the New Defenders, who were introduced in Fantastic Four 558, and come from 500 years in the future who were originally lead by Reed and Sue Richards (who both stopped aging).   

It is interesting that Logan recommends the name Fantastic Force, but if you look at "old Sue", she is clearly wearing a Fantastic Four outfit.
It is probably fitting to become the Fantastic Force for a while until Johnny Storm's re-ignition. 
If Ben were to leave the FF (and become a full time Avenger), then Reed, Sue, Franklin and Valeria could become the "Fantastic Family" and still use the "4", but the is little chance in Hell Ben would leave the kids now that Johnny is dead.  If anything he will be overly protective, as he will be feeling guilt for their uncles death.
So even though it is obvious and has be done before, I think Fantastic Force it will be. At least for the next 11 issues or so.

Avatar image for zombietag
Posted by zombietag

i dont like it when marvel does this. watch, a couple years from now whatever FF series is going is suddenly going to start back up w/ these numbers to come out with a 600 issue or whatever. 
i can see how this book was underselling though so i guess it makes sense. although i heard it was amazing

Avatar image for princeimc
Posted by PrinceIMC

I'm kinda hoping it'll be Future Foundation, for the next 11 issues the remaining FF members can focus on teaching the kids. I'm also kinda hoping the expand to more than just a team of four so I guess Fantastic Force will work too.
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Posted by DEGRAAF

I couldnt make out all the names on the board but i figured the first name was she-hulk, then the rest i could make out were Alex Power(?), Luke Cage, I assume one meant Black Widow, and Wyatt someone. I couldnt figure out the rest. Valeria doesnt seem to torn up about it. She actually looks pissed like she is upset that everyone else isnt moving on as quickly as she is.
I was more interested in the list of threats, Franklin's Powers being one of them**** and the creepy eyes at the bottom. There is something about the eyes that make me think that they are Reed's. Im curious who that might be. Do you think that is Reed's list? Do you thik these are all possible future outcomes that Reed has seen?
I think Johnny will be alive in the Negative zone some time in the future. How does time function in the neagtive zone? Is it faster, slower, the same as the 616 universe? Is it like the Phantom Zone where time stands still and You never age or need food or water?    
Avatar image for dondasch
Posted by dondasch

Why does the Invisible Woman, if that is her, look like she is 12 ?

Avatar image for princeimc
Posted by PrinceIMC
It's Valeria. 
Avatar image for jstarzyk
Posted by jstarzyk
@dondasch:   I think it's her daughter, Valeria.
Avatar image for princeimc
Posted by PrinceIMC
It's Probably She-Hulk, Storm, Black Panther and Wyatt Wingfoot. They were all members of the Fantastic Four at one point or another.
Avatar image for om1kron
Posted by Om1kron

what a burn...

Avatar image for batmanary
Posted by batmanary

see spidey's creeping in already!!!

Avatar image for mrfantastic
Posted by MrFantastic

 Alex Power led the "Power Pack" team, which Franklin was a member when he was younger.  Super kids. Valeria was right to cross him off the list.

Avatar image for mutant_god
Posted by Mutant God

If Franklin's powers got out of control couldn't they just called Hope to fix him
Avatar image for dalekdoctor2011
Edited by DalekDoctor2011

Wyatt Wingfoot and Alex Power WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for doctor_____
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

It can't be the Fantastic Three..thats just tacky.
Avatar image for umbrafeline
Posted by umbrafeline

marvel doesnt keep the big name characters dead forever. knowing them theyll come up with a story on saying how johnny survived the horde and was either put in the heros reborn earth or put in suspended animation. maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but someday
Avatar image for degraaf
Posted by DEGRAAF
@PrinceIMC said:
"@DEGRAAF: It's Probably She-Hulk, Storm, Black Panther and Wyatt Wingfoot. They were all members of the Fantastic Four at one point or another. "

Avatar image for video_martian
Posted by Video_Martian

They should call themselves the "Terrific Three" now...

Avatar image for avenging_x_bolt
Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

My guess is its going to be either a new fantastic force or an unnamed team, and spidey will take the 4th place
Avatar image for leokearon
Posted by leokearon

Maybe they should make Dragon Man , the new member, he seems to be with the Future Foundation, plus he can do stuff similar to Johnny.
Avatar image for haydenclaireheroes
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

This makes me more excited for the next issue then I was and I thought that was impossible. 

Avatar image for raul_the_man
Posted by Raul_The_Man
@Joe Venom said:
"Will Spiderman succeed in pushing Franklin off the roof?! Will Sue ever find out how to properly spell She-Hulk? find out in the final issue of Fantastic Four!"

Very funny.
Avatar image for g_bird
Posted by G Bird

It's only a matter of time before he comes back from the dead, they never stay dead for long in comics.

Avatar image for shadowinfinite
Posted by KRYPTON

Spider-Man wants to join, so he talks with the F4. That really is obvious with Spider-man on the picture. I wonder if Spider-man remembers that the F4 are non-profitable (hopefully) and it looks like he's also in his original suit. Maybe he lost his job (again).

Avatar image for goldenkey
Posted by goldenkey
The Thrabulous Three
Avatar image for goldenkey
Posted by goldenkey

they should go get Iceman.  That could actually work.

Avatar image for pizawle
Posted by Pizawle

The repercussions should be as powerful to read as the "death" issue was.
Reed not only has to deal with Johnny's loss but now must 'solve everything'.

Avatar image for darksyde79
Posted by DarkSyde79

It shouldn't last!!! Fantastic Four would’ve reach’d #600 soon. I think they’ll do the FF thing for 11 issues (about a year) then come back with #600. And as for the images, Spider-Man talking to Franklin makes complete sense with the effect Peter’s uncle passing had on his life (in and out of his costume). Valeria whipping away the list of potential members might show the fact that she has to deal this on an emotional level and not just an intellectual one. And finally, the list points out that this has really hit the family and they WILL NOT be taken by surprise again with any threat and might even represent a change in strategy to possibly become more preemptive concerning threats.

Avatar image for crimson_eagle
Posted by Crimson Eagle

Maybe the FF member who died, may permanantly be out of the picture. :(
Avatar image for kungnima
Posted by kungnima

They should get Batman.

Avatar image for shadowpdf
Posted by shadowpdf

This is just stupid!  There's no reason to end the series, especially one as venerable as Fantastic Four.  People have left the FF many times during the series run.  Others fill in or the team makes do with what they have.  But at the heart of the ongoing story (and certainly at the core of Hickman's run, as well as others) is family.  It is talked about a lot in the title over the years, but it's true.  The FF is a family.  When someone has moved on or stands down for a while, the family continues.  And I can't see the family stopping even with the death of a core member.  Yes, we'll get a new title with a new number 1 ... such a well-used and obvious marketing ploy to kick the price up to $3.99 ... but the classic title will be gone, and it shouldn't be.  Marvel has made a mess of their numbering in the past decade; a mockery of it.  Fantastic Four and Spider-Man were books that I hoped would withstand the current spate of Marvel stupidity (canceling Thor Mighty Avenger is the highlight of the extant list of blunders).  But ... looks like I was wrong ... again.
Avatar image for tbpinkfloyd
Posted by tbpinkfloyd
@dondasch: Have you not read any of Hickman's run? The way it all meshes is genius; he brought back the sci-fi exploration aspect to the title.
Avatar image for jakob187
Posted by jakob187

Spider-Man shows up to console Franklin Richards, according to a solicit I had read for #588.  As for Valeria, it said nothing about her.  The last picture in the teaser image is what has ME curious.  Is that Reed?  If not, who the hell is it?

Avatar image for jonesdeini
Posted by JonesDeini
Never had any to me. Title was only around to introduce better characters IMO. I mean I liked the Thing and ummm...I liked Ben lol
Avatar image for luke_danes
Posted by Luke Danes

Franklin will develop his powers and becomes the fourth member... :)

Avatar image for oldgum
Posted by oldgum

Doctor Doom should be the fourth XD, as Namor is with X-men.

Avatar image for bobby_x
Posted by Bobby X

i can't wait to buy up all of Hickman's run and read it all together :)
Avatar image for shadowdoggy
Posted by Shadowdoggy
@Luke Danes:
that's what I think will happen too 
maybe by some twist of fate he will develop his powers in a way similar to Johnny's (making him the mobil flying member of the 4, not necessarily giving him flames)  
Franklin has so much potential 
I think it's time he got more into the spotlight
Avatar image for green_ankh
Posted by Green ankh

Fantastic Four has been part of my reading for nearly 25 years. It has not always been good. So ending this title is a sore spot for me. Johnny dead... as far as i go it really isnt an issue. He was the only one whos loss is not going to shake the world. At one time or another they have been replaced for better or worse.  
Happy ? no .. interested....maybe. Angry?  yep

Avatar image for themadmonkey
Edited by TheMadMonkey

Johnny isn't dead. 
Hickman left it wide open to bring him back. 
When we last see Johnny, the Negative Zone hoards have descended upon him.  Then the portal closes before we can see what happens next. 
The easiest thing to do was say that Johnny waited until the last possible second and went super-nova on them.  And now, after crispifying the monsters, he's stranded in the Zone and potentially powerless. 
It would only make sense for Reed and crew to go back and see if they can recover whatever, they assume, is left of Johnny.  Upon re-opening the portal, they find him sitting in the middle of a pile of ashes with a huge smile on his face...saying, "What took you guys so long?" (or something like that). 
If that doesn't grab you as a possible way to bring Johnny back, just remember...Marvel is planning to reboot the movie franchise.  There's no way they'd do a Fantastic Four movie without the Human Torch.  They might get away with it in a cartoon (and they did...WAAAAYYYY back), but not in a live-action feature film.

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