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Extended Preview of Next Week's 'Arrow'

Love 'Arrow'? Then you're definitely going to want to watch this 30 second preview of next week's new episode "Tremors."

If you haven't watched "Blind Spot" yet, now is the time to bail because this video reveals last night's cliffhanger. Also, if you're current with the show and really against any potential spoilers, odds are you should avoid this, too. If you pay close enough attention, you can definitely spot at least one big moment in this video.

Are they all gone? Okay, good. As you know, the latest episode ended with Green Arrow telling Roy he'll teach him how to become a hero and deal with the changes he's going through. The preview for next week's episode, "Tremors," shows a bit of their training and reveals Bronze Tiger is back for round two.

Viners, are you going to watch next Wednesday's episode or has your interested in the show faded?

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hehe Roy gets to Slap the Water (man that sounds like euphemism) and yay more Michael Jai White, which can only mean the Suicide Squad.

Posted by AlKusanagi

I really hope they pick it up. The last couple of episodes have been pretty dire, especially after the mid-season finale. Other than the last few minutes, last night was by far the worst episode of the season.

Posted by WarDishy_

Looks like this will be the episode Roy finds out Oliver's identity? Cool.

Obviously not every episode can be better than the last one but I'm still liking the show.

Posted by laabitres

i hope they make him arsenal instead of red arrow tho

Posted by Guardiandevil83

@alkusanagi: Really? I loved last nights episode. Diffrent strokes I guess.

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Definitely looking forward to next week. Roy, Sin, and Thea have been my favorite part of the season thusfar. Looking forward to seeing Roy take steps towards becoming Speedy or Red Arrow or Arsenal. Hopefully bringing Sin and Thea into the fold as well.

Prediction: Thea will be kidnapped (and partially trained) my Malcolm Merlin. Roy and Sin will leave Starling in an attempt to save her. Oliver will be forced back to Starling because of his mother and will trust saving Thea to Sin and Roy. This will lead to the three teens becoming their own sort of 'Arrow' team.

Posted by TheFirstLantern

Liked last nights episode more than last weeks. Big things are coming.

Posted by SynCig

@alkusanagi: It wasn't my favorite but I thought the Count Vertigo episode was by far the worst of the season. I think the reason last night's episode wasn't as good is because Laurel got a lot of the attention and she is just plain awful.

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I thought last night's was great. I thought it was on par with the rest of the season. Deathstroke was the best part for sure.

Posted by Vitalius

So Roy is on field with just a hood. At least so far Roy doesnt yet Arrrow´s identity but still Roy could be capture and tortured.

Posted by KEROGA

I need to catch up on this show,

Posted by Ando123


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You're late.

@kerogaI need to catch up on this show,

Uh-huh....i haven't cought up,im in ep5 S02 and im enjoying it


Posted by jackbensley777

IS THAT SPEEDY... I was wondering where he went on teen wolf.... HE LEFT BC HES SPEEDY

Posted by Fallschirmjager

Was wondering when Bronze Tiger was gonna come back. :)

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Looking good.

Posted by asjmooney

When is Waller going to come back? Her appearance was massively hyped this season and she has so far been given like 5 mins of screen time. Why bother introducing her to then bench her?

Posted by fallbrigade

I really enjoyed last night's episode. Thought it was great, and seeing Slade in his Deathstroke outfit was freakin' awesome! Looking forward to next week. It's about time Roy found out who 'Arrow' is.

Posted by Guardiandevil83

when Manu took off the Mask. He was Deathstroke. I cried a little.

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I thought last nights episode was great! I'm digging the new direction that Laurel has taken (she's a lot less annoying now). What can you say about death stroke? Bring it on!

Posted by cobra88king8

Slade's outfit still reminds me of Young Justice's Sports Master

Posted by patrat18

Bronze is a badass.

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@k4tzm4n: Ever since Roy has had the super-strength, it really feels like he holds the name title Arsenal. So, I don't mind if he keep the super-strength now. I'm also wondering did his robotic arm have any super-strength in the comics? I know it didn't really show in Young Justice. His arm was really tech base in that series.

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