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Exclusive: THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN #12 4-Page Preview

Hawkman captures the mercenary Pike and learns what his next move might have to be.

Things are beginning to look a whole lot clearer for Hawkman in THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN. We received an exclusive preview for issue #12 this week that gives us a big hint at what might be in store for Hawkman very soon. The winged hero has come face to face with Pike, a mercenary hired to seek him out. Question is, who hired him? Enter the alien race, the Daemonites, who are coming close to invading Thanagar. Looks like Hawkman may be meeting more people like him in the very near future -- at least based on this preview.

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THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN is written by Rob Liefeld and Mark Poulton and features art by Art Thibert and Joe Bennett. Check out the preview below and let us know if this is a series you have been enjoying and whether or not it's an issue you will be picking up on August 22nd, 2012.

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Avatar image for larrydallas
Posted By LarryDallas

I'm going to pretend it was a choice on Mr. Liefeld's part to indicate that Pike isn't very bright but one cannot "fathom" heights.

That said, I've always found Hawkman more interesting in theory than in execution so I will likely not pick this up. The interior art is pretty sweet, however.

Avatar image for thomaselliot
Posted By ThomasElliot

That covered scared me... good thing he's not doing interiors.

I was into Deathstroke and Grifter until Liefeld came aboard those titles. And look here, I didn't automatically hate it because it was 'Liefeld'. Honeslty... while I don't really like his art, I kept an open mind, both about his writing and by reading comments from Liefeld fans who defend him. So I gave it an honest chance.

No sir, didn't like it.

I genuinely do not want to crap on Rob Liefeld here, but at the same time... I've dropped Deathstroke and Grifter and that Hawkman cover tells me not to buy Hawkman.

Avatar image for chaosblazer
Posted By ChaosBlazer

@JohnnyWalker said:

ugh. dc just let him go. most people wont give the comic a second glance thanks to the cover. look at the awesome art on the inside. shame.


i assume you're talking about Liefeld, in which case, agreed.

Avatar image for ___prodigy___
Posted By (((Prodigy)))


Avatar image for codemanmello92
Posted By CodemanMello92

A few years back when the Starcrossed episode on Justice League aired, I became interested in Hawkman and Hawkgirl. I was only 11 back in 2004, but had my grandma get me a subscription of the Hawkman comic that they had at the time. It was written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, with art by Joe Bennett. Beautifully drawn comic at that time when reading. Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders had great chemistry and it was just a good comic that Justin and Jimmy wrote. So lately, I've not really liked the story, but I love the art. With their All Star Western being really well done and their pre 52 Jonah Hex comic that was really good too, they should put the two of them back on Hawkman. I personally think the comic good be rebooted, not in the New 52 way, but still be the same characters but make it more grounded and make The Savage Hawkman something more than written by a 90's artist. Since Kendra is on Earth 2, Carter Hall/Katar Hol and possible Shayera Hol/Hawkwoman could go quite well if done correctly. I love what they did on Justice League Unlimited. Anyways, rambling as usual. New to the forums, but excited to post some more.

Avatar image for jaymar89
Posted By JayMar89

the cover is not good but the art and the dialogue look good so i think ill pick this up

Avatar image for batmarcus
Posted By Batmarcus

I'm I the only one who thinks Pike looks a little like Deadpool??

Avatar image for lagoonman
Posted By lagoonman

This book is not bad,but the covers ugh!

Avatar image for bsavelli
Posted By bsavelli

savage hulkman

Avatar image for darth_jones
Posted By darth_jones

@JohnnyWalker said:

ugh. dc just let him go. most people wont give the comic a second glance thanks to the cover. look at the awesome art on the inside. shame.

Right?! The interiors are great! Why use liefield on the cover? Or at all?

Avatar image for supermanprime6
Posted By supermanprime6

I only kept getting Savage Hawkman after Liefeld took over because I wanted to collect the whole series. I was so relieved when I realized he wasn't doing the art on the inside. Bennett's art is great, it was even better than Tan's art, and I didn't think anyone would top that. The only book that Liefeld draws, to my knowledge, is Deathstroke... and I had to let that one go because I couldn't even focus on the dialogue. His art is AWFUL. Absolutely no detail whatsoever. Please DC, wake up and realize he's past his prime.

Avatar image for band_lone
Posted By Band Lone

Deadpool always finds a way to get into DC comics :p

Avatar image for cuddles666
Posted By cuddles666

@JohnnyWalker said:

ugh. dc just let him go. most people wont give the comic a second glance thanks to the cover. look at the awesome art on the inside. shame.

Exactly. I never even saw the interior art until I clicked on this article. It's beautiful!

Avatar image for rico_3088
Posted By rico_3088

@Tellumo said:

Pike just seems like a deadpool clone...

yes, rob sucks

@cyberchop979 said:

WOAH!!!! Is that Deadpool fighting Hawkman on the cover.....oh, nope. Diehard!?!?....nope again.....Cabot???? Oh, I see now, It's Pike. Sorry, my mistake. How dare I confuse those characters based on the cover. Shame on me......


I wonder how they are going to tie the wildcats together with them and their villians making guessspots in other comics.

Avatar image for wolverine0628
Posted By Wolverine0628

Pike reminds me of Deadpool.  Maybe I'll get it in graphic novel form sometime.
Avatar image for uncaringmachine
Posted By uncaringmachine

ARRRGGHHH!!!! That cover.......*blech* I've started picking up Hawkman again(bought the first issue) because Joe Bennett is drawing the comic, and his art is AMAZING on this book. But that stupid horrible cover(Liefeld's Hawkman doesn't look anything like the one INSIDE the comic!!!) totally and completely detracts from the book! Why do the higher ups not see this!!???? PLEASE LET BENNETT DRAW THE COVERS!

Avatar image for haaydrian
Posted By Haaydrian

@xAnimosity said:

I dropped this book once Liefeld started writing it. It was already barely hanging in their with Daniel writing it. Which sucks because I love Hawkman.

Liefeld's doing a much better job at writing this than Daniels ever could. Liefeld might have no talent as an artist, but that doesn't dictate the quality of his writing.

I wish James Robinson was the writer like it originally was going to be. The interior is great but the covers are horrible.

Can't disagree on both accounts.

And I am sick off all of Liefelds villains being another Deadpool knockoff. Just give it up already!

This is the only thing that's bothering me. Pike isn't a Deadpool knock-off, hell, he was created just a few months after Deadpool was in the early 90s, in Wildstorm. Even if he was (which he isn't, because Deadpool didn't even have a mini-series back then), Liefeld wasn't the one who created him, and its highly likely that he isn't the one that's forcing him onto the book -- seeing as DC is the one that's editorially integrating Wildstorm into the DC Universe.

Avatar image for lifeboy
Posted By lifeboy
I didn't realize it but yes I do have a problem with image integration into dc. They are uniquely tied to image.
Avatar image for lifeboy
Posted By lifeboy

I wish you had not said that because pike as well as a lot of image characters are knockoffs of marvel characters and I don't want them interacting with my dc universe.


Avatar image for arkhamc1tizen
Posted By Arkhamc1tizen

pikes just a cheap knock off of deadpool

Avatar image for herx
Posted By Herx

well i don't think i need to say anything about the cover. It's already been said. Interior art looks much better though :)

I think Lifeld still gets work is that he has some sort of incriminating evidence against Jim Lee from their Image comic days that he placed before Lee after the cancellation of Hawk and Dove, thereby allowing him to walk out of the office with Griffter, Deathstroke and Hawkman under his arms.

Avatar image for maesterwar
Edited By maesterwar
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Avatar image for simian
Posted By simian

Rob Liefeld's on the cover? Don't give an eff. I gave him a couple issues (plus 1 for Deathstroke) to see if somehow, maybe he could redeem himself but NOPE. Thanks to him TSH is out of my rotation.

Avatar image for secondfallen616
Posted By secondfallen616

This looks like trash, what the hell happened at DC that they would let Liefeld put out this hacky junk? Is he holding them hostage in their offices? Of all the #0 covers theyve shown, i'll bet 1,000,000 facebook credits that theres not one person outside Rob's family that would say his covers on Deathstroke and Grifter are anything but an abomination. C'mon DC, kick his cocky, pompous ass out the door, unless of course he really is pointing a ridiculously oversized gun at you guys.....

Avatar image for thewitchinghour
Posted By TheWitchingHour

@JohnnyWalker said:

ugh. dc just let him go. most people wont give the comic a second glance thanks to the cover. look at the awesome art on the inside. shame.

I know. The interior art is actually really good. But no one is going to give a crap due to Liefield's awful cover. At least his plotting isn't terrible. It isn't good but it isn't terrible.

Avatar image for video_martian
Posted By Video_Martian

Love Hawkman, Hate Liefeld... -__-

Avatar image for damocles
Posted By Damocles

Wow, I'm really amazed by the cover/interior discrepancy...

Avatar image for zombietag
Posted By zombietag

does anyone read this?

Avatar image for jaredbright
Posted By jaredbright

That cover is classic Liefeld. That's all I'll say.

I've seen worse feet drawings. They are hard to draw, they are so weird looking.

Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Well, I won't comment on Liefeld here anymore because anyone who knows me knows I'm a Liefeld supporter. In truth this looks great, its just SH isn't one of my pulls, so I'm not getting it, but I am interested in it nevertheless.

Avatar image for henryarguelles5
Posted By henryarguelles5

What is so hard about drawing FEET, Liefeld?!?

Avatar image for kartron
Posted By kartron

The preview is very attractive. LOL "new car smell". "uglier than my mother in law"... :):) I wasnt reading this but I'm going to pick it up.. Or maybe buy them digital as I'm interested in the story and not collecting "HAWK".. Atleast for now..

Avatar image for davidgrantlloyd
Posted By davidgrantlloyd

I'm not a Liefeld hater (tho I'm not exactly a die-hard fan either), and his take on Hawkman does intrigue me, this arc has me interested. Unfortunately, my budget is stretched thin enough with all the other comics I'm getting.

Avatar image for miss_garrick
Posted By Miss_Garrick

I actually kinda like Rob Liefeld's art. It's better than Skottie Young or Mike Mignola. YMMV.

Avatar image for MadeinBangladesh
Posted By MadeinBangladesh
Joker Troll
Joker Troll
Avatar image for allthatsgeek
Posted By allthatsgeek

Is part of Liefeld's contract with DC that they HAVE to let him do cover art? That's the only thing I can imagine as to how they let that cover print.Oh god, where is Pike's left foot?!

Avatar image for doom_doom_doom
Posted By DoomDoomDoom

I was really enjoying The Savage Hawkman up until issue #9 when Liefeld took over covers and started co-writing. I can get past the covers, as "savage" as they might be there no reflection on what type of art is waiting inside for those willing to take a closer look. I'm still pulling this title in hopes that Liefeld will eventually leave it.

Avatar image for lifeboy
Posted By lifeboy

Please write a dove comic rob

i w

Avatar image for they_killed_cap_
Posted By They Killed Cap!

I don't like the changes to hawkmans mask.

Avatar image for cyberchop979
Posted By cyberchop979

WOAH!!!! Is that Deadpool fighting Hawkman on the cover.....oh, nope. Diehard!?!?....nope again.....Cabot???? Oh, I see now, It's Pike. Sorry, my mistake. How dare I confuse those characters based on the cover. Shame on me......

Avatar image for crazed_h3ro
Posted By crazed_h3ro

@Jonny_Anonymous: Too true. I personally still hate how DC are treating the Wildstorm characters. Warblade is a Titian's villain, voodoo has not been the same voodoo we were reading for the past 3-5 issues, grifter is alright, but I haven't read anything from him yet, and I do love Stormwatch.

Avatar image for zeeguy91
Edited By Zeeguy91

I'm not gonna comment on the writing because A) I stopped reading this title and B) I've never read any of Liefield's work. Although I will say that that cover is just....awful. I mean, does Hawkman have a neck?

Avatar image for spiderman20991992
Posted By spiderman20991992

I'm really enjoying this series. love Joe Bennett's art. and I'm super glad that he'll be doing the covers starting with the zero issue.

Avatar image for kuma_far
Posted By kuma_far

I dont know why Liefeld haves job, he is the joke of the industry

Avatar image for armiv2
Posted By ARMIV2

Ugh...that cover...dude isn't even holding the sword, it's just kinda floating there...

Avatar image for jonny_anonymous
Posted By Jonny_Anonymous
@jointron33 said:
Pike is an old Wildcats why isn't he fighting Voodoo or Grifter, especially since Liefeld is writing Grifter.
Because the idea is to integrate the Wildstorm characters in to the larger DC universe, haveing them fight other Wildstorm characters is just a case of "same old, same old"
Avatar image for jointron33
Posted By jointron33

Pike is an old Wildcats why isn't he fighting Voodoo or Grifter, especially since Liefeld is writing Grifter.

Avatar image for barkley
Posted By Barkley

liefield art is better..but not by much..Hawkman deserves not a liefield hater

Avatar image for broo1232
Posted By broo1232

Horrible cover.

Avatar image for grifter78
Posted By grifter78

yay Wildstorm villain! :D

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