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Exclusive Preview: LIBERATOR Volume 1

Check out a brand new story from Ed Brisson.

On April 9th, Black Mask Studios will be releasing LIBERATOR VOLUME 1 with 40 pages of brand new shorts from some well-known comic creators. This book is not just about fighting against animal cruelty though. 30% of this book's profits go directly to animal rescue initiatives. Check out the info and our exclusive preview.

LIBERATOR Vol. 1: Rage Ignition

Creator/Writer: Matt Miner

Illustrators: Javier Aranda (pencils/inks), Joaquin Pereyra (colors)

Cover: Tim Seeley

Animal cruelty is the most pervasive form of torture in the modern world. The heroes who fight it don't wear capes, they wear ski-masks. Whether it's vicious dog-fighting clubs or senseless lab experiments force-feeding oven cleaners to monkeys, Jeanette Francis and Damon Guerrero have had enough. Using any and all means available to them, Jeanette and Damon not only rescue the animals but also avenge them - delivering harsh retribution to the animals' captors and tormentors.


Collected for the first time, this 144-page volume includes 40 pages of brand-new, previously unreleased comic stories taking place in the world of Liberator written by:




- Alex de Campi (GRINDHOUSE),

- Frank Barbiere (FIVE GHOSTS),

- Megan Hutchison (OCCUPY COMICS),

- Fabian Rangel Jr (DOC UNKNOWN),

- Matt Pizzolo (GODKILLER),

- Matthew Rosenberg (12 REASONS TO DIE), and

- Adam Egypt Mortimer (BALLISTIC).

Here's an exclusive look at Ed Brisson's story, "Broken," which is illustrated by Brian Level.

LIBERATOR Vol 1 hits stores on Wednesday, April 9th and is also available on Amazon.

Posted by JerryGraff

hell yeah

Posted by SuperBoyPrimeMa

Seems like a good title that could be implemented into both DC and Marvel comic stories as subplots to the main storyarc

Posted by Tattacus

I enjoyed this when they came out. Though I don't know about picking up the new 2 part story.

Posted by Renchamp

@superboyprimema said:

Seems like a good title that could be implemented into both DC and Marvel comic stories as subplots to the main storyarc

How? More importantly: Why?

Posted by Renchamp

@superboyprimema: I am going to be very blunt here: No.

This book is an independent for a reason. Marvel and DC don't want this type of book. They want books that will sell to a wide variety of people. Just because integrating this story into the Marvel cinematic universe would be good for this book it would not be good for Marvel. What, we have some random dog protector that gets introduced? Then what? People go out and buy the book? Not bloody likely. I've seen all the Batman movies yet I have never been inclined to pick up one of his books. Maybe some would. The point is, this book would do very, very little for the Big Two.

On the other hand, I do wish more daily life stories would be introduced to the Big Two. But really, who is going to read an ongoing about a librarian who just happened to be standing around when Age of Ultron was going on? Dollars and cents, yo. As in: If it doesn't make dollars then publishing makes no sense.

Posted by SuperBoyPrimeMa

You might be right, though what if Marvel and DC are looking for fresh stories, Marvel have placed their attention to promoting Galaxy of the Guardians, which is lesser known in the Marvel universe to fans and Marvel are boosting their appeal and their stories to further enhance the Guardians of the Galaxy universe and the Avengers universe. Once Avengers' cinematic universe looses its target market's attention which Marvel seem to be prepared for, as Marvel has made it a big deal that they are completing against DC: this seems like one of Marvel's marketing strategies that DC are using as well, to keep the attention of fans and the target audience of the comic cinematic universe. So its not far off to think that either Marvel or DC would take the opportunity to integrate independent comic titles into the main stream comic universe. I think that it would be good for both Marvel and DC to not just rely on this strategy too much as the fan's realization might be a push factor for both the comic and cinematic universe of both major publishing companies: resulting in bad publicity and reduction in income and sales. What do you mean by random dog protectors? do you mean lesser known main characters from weak of failed titles, becoming boosted in appeal to aid Marvel's and DC's recognition? I think that fans would go buy the comics: collectors might do from being fans or noticing the current and growing value of the merchandise and really at the most of it, the merchandise don't have to be bought: if the above strategy is being used in silence, which is most likely how the Avengers movies were planned and made and how the Justice League movies will be made, then the actors, actresses and production crew will be using the merchandise materials: comics and past footage, and even including toys in such of the first Fantastic Four movie. The profits will come from the sales of tickets and related merchandise issued by Disney/Marvel and Warner Brothers after the release of the movies or even before. Buying Batman merchandise will help boost inspired indirect DC sales or direct DC sales, however should never be relied on. Your Librarian example could be an interlude to the climatic points of the main plot of the movie or series. And the strategies wouldn't be making money if Marvel or DC haven't tried it yet @renchamp:

Posted by Renchamp

@superboyprimema: We are clearly not on the same page, as I have no idea what you are talking about.