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Exclusive: GREEN LANTERN CORPS #5 4-Page Preview

Guy Gardner must gather the toughest members of the GL Corps to save John Stewart and Vandor from the Keepers!

DC Comics have given us an exclusive look at the fifth issue of the ongoing GREEN LANTERN CORPS book and it appears that we will be meeting some interesting new characters.


In the fourth issue of GREEN LANTERN CORPS readers were introduced to a mysterious foe: the genocidal Keepers. This new enemy has taken both John Stewart and Vandor captive, leaving the Corps without two of their beloved teammates. If there's one thing Guy Gardner isn't about to do is let some maniacal group keep his teammates hostage.

One look at the preview below and it's clear that Gardner isn't going to take this hostage situation lightly. The GL member has taken it upon himself to gather the most deadly members of the Green Lantern Corps together to take on the Keepers. Question is, will they succeed? Take a look at some of the GL Corps "old timers" below and let us know if you'll be picking up the fifth issue of this ongoing series on Wednesday, January 18th, 2012.

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