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Exclusive: GREEN LANTERN CORPS #5 4-Page Preview

Guy Gardner must gather the toughest members of the GL Corps to save John Stewart and Vandor from the Keepers!

DC Comics have given us an exclusive look at the fifth issue of the ongoing GREEN LANTERN CORPS book and it appears that we will be meeting some interesting new characters.

In the fourth issue of GREEN LANTERN CORPS readers were introduced to a mysterious foe: the genocidal Keepers. This new enemy has taken both John Stewart and Vandor captive, leaving the Corps without two of their beloved teammates. If there's one thing Guy Gardner isn't about to do is let some maniacal group keep his teammates hostage.

One look at the preview below and it's clear that Gardner isn't going to take this hostage situation lightly. The GL member has taken it upon himself to gather the most deadly members of the Green Lantern Corps together to take on the Keepers. Question is, will they succeed? Take a look at some of the GL Corps "old timers" below and let us know if you'll be picking up the fifth issue of this ongoing series on Wednesday, January 18th, 2012.

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Posted by Gordo789


Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

This has such an Iron Eagle feel to me...and I mean that as a compliment, truly! Always nice to see old blood being recruited for an upcoming fight.

Posted by BatteredArmor

Almost makes me wish I hadn't dropped this for Green Lantern

Posted by jsphsmth

@BlackArmor said:

Almost makes me wish I hadn't dropped this for Green Lantern

wish I hadn't dropped all three GL comics

Posted by Kallarkz

Are these selling well? I'm always able to pick this title up from this swap meet comic place every Saturday for fifty cents

Posted by BatteredArmor

@Kallarkz said:

Are these selling well? I'm always able to pick this title up from this swap meet comic place every Saturday for fifty cents

wait, where is this, sounds like a great deal

Posted by Kallarkz

Near los Angeles here in California there is a place called frank and son. Everyday Wednesday and Saturday vendors come to this location and sell figures, posters, comics etc. some of the vendors discount 50 cents from the books they sell, others take off a dollar and some sell the newer books for fifty cents but those go quick. It's a real nice place to go. I haven't been back to a comic shop since I found it. They discount and dont charge tax.

Posted by TypH

sweet this looks awesome! I want it!

Posted by GamerGeek360

This issue is what will determine whether or not I drop this series. Better be good.

Posted by BatteredArmor

@Kallarkz: Thanks, I don't live in the area but I 'll check and see if there is anything like that near me

Posted by TheRyanHimself

All three Green Lantern books have been great so far. I don't get why anyone would drop them. Maybe I'm just a fanboy. I'm not above admitting it. Any-who, I will get this without a shadow of a doubt. Needless to say, not everyone will be walking away from this rescue mission I bet.

Posted by The Impersonator

Big Green Mean Machine! HULK SMASH! =P

Posted by MorlockMartyr

Hey whatever happened to Sodam Yat? Or that guy Zardor, with the three eyes, snakes, and flaming sword, for that matter? Or was that left behind in the "old" 52?

Posted by longbowhunter

Been waiting for a Guy-centric issue. This looks good.

Posted by BigMatt

This is gonna be good. Some bad-ass GLs, I'm allll in.

Red-Hood + GL = Comic Gold.

I love bad-asses

Posted by zackattack529

Frank and sons is the kinda place where u gotta kno ur shit before u go or ull get ripped off. Yaa SOME venders do discount but its rare and ud hav to go very early to get the new comics. And if ur goin for older comics forget it! For any vol4 green lantern comic runs for about $8 and up where at the swap meet i get them for a $1. So yaa frank and sons is a plave for experts enoufh said.

Posted by Top Flight Security

I gotta admit, the "old timers" look pretty awesome.