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EXCLUSIVE: Four Page Preview of HAWK AND DOVE #6

Hawk and Dove leave Washington, D.C. for Gotham City in the series' sixth issue.

What happens when HAWK AND DOVE goes from crime-fighting in Washington, D.C. to Gotham city? DC Comics has given us an exclusive look at the upcoming sixth issue of HAWK AND DOVE where the duo takes it to Gotham and teams up with Batman, himself. Well, at least one of them will.

Written by ROB LIEFELD

Art and cover by ROB LIEFELD

Hawk and Dove arrive in Gotham City hot on the trail of a villain who has stolen a deadly weapon from their home turf in Washington D.C.! The trail leads from the nation's capitol all the way to the doorstep of the Dynamic Duo. Get ready for Batman and...Dove?

Legendary creator Rob Liefeld flies solo in this issue with a story that'll change the way you see Gotham forever!

Hank Hall is on the run from Blockbuster across Gotham City's rooftops while Dove is keeping herself busy teaming up with Batman. What are the two crime-fighters doing in Gotham? Will they be able to stand the Gotham heat? Will Hawk be able to take on Blockbuster? If all else fails, "hit him in the jewels -- full force," right? Check out the four-page preview of the upcoming book written and penciled by Rob Liefeld, below.

== TEASER ==

HAWK AND DOVE #6 hits store shelves on February 1st, 2012.

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Posted by kennybaese

So nineties...

Posted by jsphsmth

...but so much better now that Sterling Gates is off the comic.

Posted by ColonelRunAway

It is said that if you gaze long into the Liefeld, the Liefeld also gazes into you.

Posted by BatClaw89

Wheres Batman? I thought Batman was in this? Need Batman? NEED MORE BATMAN

Posted by Cafeterialoca

@jsphsmth: serious?

Posted by iLLituracy

This book made me stop being a comic book nerd.

Posted by redbird3rdboywonder

Does this seem stupid to anyone else. Also does this the dialouge seem kinda off or is it just me

Posted by Scribbles

I was about to say that Liefeld seems to suck less on these pages. Then I looked at them for more than a second. "I like how rips and tears on his pants and shirt seem to magically appear and disappear between panels," he said sarcastically.

Posted by Billy Batson

LOL, this is getting cancelled anyway.

@iLLituracy said:

This book made me into a comic book nerd.


Posted by pikahyper

That's one ugly Batman o.o

Moderator Online
Posted by snowtires

Jesus, has Rob Liefeld never seen what a human face looks like?

Posted by KidSupreme

@walkingcarpet: Ain`t nothing wrong with the 90`s :D ... I remember reading comics in the 90`s thinking the comics in the 80`s were lame. I learnt I was wrong. LoL


I think Rob Liefeld is alright... I do not know him personally and yeah I heard different things some good some bad but his artwork is alright its not the worst, its not the greatest either. Yes we have all see the Fu*k up drawing. It easy to pick on him I know.. ok I don`t wanna get into a big Rob Liefeld rant, but so far I have buying all the new 52 dc issues. The hawk and dove series is alright, I`m excited to see with Rob does with Batman and Dove.

Posted by Ganthetsward20

Im looking forward to this issue, ive enjoyed the book.

Posted by Herx

*looks around*..... *tests post for echoes*.........*prepairs to repeat himself once more*


Posted by ips

does anyone really care -- as long as Leifield is drawing it I don't think anyone really cares about this title at all. DC are you listening?

Legendary creator? more like infamous.

Posted by BatClaw89
@Herx: Batman sells comics
Posted by KainScion

not even batman can save this.

Posted by ARMIV2

Y'know, considering all the other pieces I've seen from Liefeld past, this stuff is actually pretty decent.

Edited by jsphsmth

@Cafeterialoca: Yes, Sterling Gates work on the book was not good. I was extremely disappointed. Everybody wants to blame Rob's art, but the writing contributed to its demise.

Posted by waruikumo

OH BOY! Bob the Butcher is back and in force.

Posted by ArtJoker

Looks like Batman had his Protein today

Posted by Whisper_

Oh. Em. Gee. Is there actually more than one foot in the above panels? :O

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Looks just fine to me. I'll have to pick up the trade when all the issues are finished.

Posted by KidSupreme

@Herx: LoL I totally agree haha

Posted by sterlinggates

@jsphsmth said:

@Cafeterialoca: Yes, Sterling Gates' work on the book was horrible. I was extremely disappointed. Everybody wants to blame Rob's art, but the writing is what killed the series.



Sorry to hear you were disappointed with my work, jsphsmth. I hope you'll give Rob's writing a chance. He definitely takes the book in a different direction than I would've and makes the series his own!


Posted by cmaprice

This art is mediocre. What I mean by that is that this actually is among the best Liefeld stuff I've seen.

Posted by BatteredArmor

I don't always examine comic book art, but when I do I punch Leifeld in the face

Posted by Cafeterialoca

@jsphsmth: ...seriously? You think Rob taking over will make it better?

Posted by jsphsmth

@Cafeterialoca: Probably not. I was disappointed in the series.

@sterlinggates: I was too extreme. I edited my previous post. Sorry. I imagine that there are a ton of things that we readers don't know about how/why the series is getting cancelled.

H&D made my list of titles to pick up from the reboot purely on the strength of your name. I didn't expect what I got from the series. I do look forward to reading your future work.

Posted by hulkmakedoodoo


Posted by Video_Martian

@KainScion said:

not even batman can save this.

Posted by The Impersonator

@Billy Batson said:

LOL, this is getting cancelled anyway.

@iLLituracy said:

This book made me into a comic book nerd.


Posted by The Stegman

Even Batman can't save this title

Posted by sparty-dbq

We should make Bingo cards using all the different New 52 books and play "Batman Cameo Bingo."

Posted by ReVamp

They did this to Blockie?

I don't even...

DC, I'd like the criminal mastermind with a need for an ape's heart back please. Pwetty, Pwetty please.

Posted by Mumbles

that cover is to funny. it seems if your jumping from a building, you wouldn't be so stiff and no expression of falling. liefield.....i love you.

Posted by nightwing91

@ReVamp said:

They did this to Blockie?

I don't even...

DC, I'd like the criminal mastermind with a need for an ape's heart back please. Pwetty, Pwetty please.

Looks like they've went back to the Mark Desmond version.Which with the status of all the Nightwing stuff unclear it makes as much sense as anything.

Posted by Omega-Man

I don't know how this stayed the course this comic sucks and putting Batman on the cover won't save it. It's the same with every comics seems DC are really trying to milk Batman and that he is the only desent character they have thats popular. Like I said before every DC comic should have Batman in it thats pretty much DC's way of thinking. It's starting to get annoying that DC have no idea how to write stories that are good and think Batman will save the day.

Posted by shawn87

WOW....that Batman looks atrocious 

Posted by reaper2923

Thus we must have batman's mandatory appearance at least once in every comic

Posted by mbembet

Batman is DC#1 so it is important for him to appear at least once in every DC books lol

Posted by Walley

Hawk and Dove is one of my favorite DC duo's but thanks to Liefeld they now go back into comic book limbo..... Seriously any artist would been better than Liefeld. He can't even draw Bats right.

Posted by squidnosis

its dissapointing because the overall idea of the storyline seemed interesting enough, like there was a lot they could do with it, but between the god awful writing and the terrible artwork its just an unreadable book

Posted by Darkmount1


I was just going to ask, what IS Blockbuster doing there anyway? I thought both of them were dead nowadays....then again, with New 52 revamping a few things here and there, makes you wonder how they're going to explain Dick Grayson vs Roland Desmond in this semi-new continuity...

Posted by Thunderscream

Ha! Liefeld's art just gets more and more hilarious with his giant crotches and fun house mirror proportions....and, uh, is Hawk giving Blockbuster some "mouth service" in that full page? lol

Posted by ReVamp

@nightwing91: I still want him back.

Edited by Comicbookgal

wow, that art is just bad. The writing is just horrid. Why did DC put Leifeld on MORE books if this one is getting cancelled? I love the concept behind Hawk and Dove but this makes me lose interest in them.

Posted by DickDastardly

@BlackArmor: thank you for an awsome laugh, sir!

Posted by nightwing91

@ReVamp said:

@nightwing91: I still want him back.

Who's to say he won't be back, I mean Mark is back.We could see Roland become Blockbuster, but having him being Blockbuster now wouldn't really make sense.

Posted by ReVamp

@nightwing91: I know, I know. But I... I WANTZ BLOCKIE BACCCCCCCCK.

Seriously though, I know that he could be back, I just wanted to emphasize how much more I prefer Roland over Mark. Mostly because one is a Nightwing villain.

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