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Exclusive First Look: SAVAGE WOLVERINE #13

Wolverine is headed to Madripoor. Too bad it's not for a vacation.

Get ready for the second part to Phil Jimenez's Wolverine story. In the next issue he's going to Madripoor (Wolverine, not Phil). 9 times out of 10 whenever Wolverine shows up there, there's always chaos and mayhem. Maybe this will be that one time everything is calm and peaceful. But then again, since this has SAVAGE in the title, Wolverine is likely to be anything but calm.

Check out our exclusive first look at next month's issue.



Writer: Phil Jimenez

Artist: Phil Jimenez

Cover Artist: Phil Jimenez

* Part 2 of 2!

* Wolverine's hunt leads him to Madripoor, where he makes a shocking discovery.

* Guest-starring Kitty Pryde

Format: COMIC Price: $3.99 On Sale: December 18, 2013

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Posted By Wolverine008

This looks like it can be a dope story. Will definitely be picking this up.

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Edited By Iron_Turtle

Daken? I thought he was (Very recently) dead?

Not that it counts for much in comic books.....

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Posted By Super_SoldierXII

Meh. Art style is a turn-off for me personally. And I never was a fan of Madripoor (at least not after the Claremont run). Or of the Savage Land for that matter.

Book needs some originality. I dug Zeb and Joe's run. I thoroughly enjoy Elektra & Wolverine team-ups. Think there's a lot more untapped storytelling potential to be had there. Their individual characterization polarizes the other nicely.

I do dig the Kitty Pride team-up potential here though. Another mentor/student relationship with as yet untapped potential. For some reason, it kind of fell flat once Chris left the reigns. It's a shame.

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Posted By Perfect 10

sigh cant wait. phil is my favorite artist and wrote/drew my favorite run on wonder woman. the guy can do no wrong.

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Posted By Perfect 10
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Posted By halfthai

Pretty sure that looks like a Daken flashback there.

Not sure how anyone can just write off a Phil Jimenez book after seeing 3 unlettered pages and solicitation text, but it's good to have an opinion.

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Posted By patrat18

Looks cool.

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Posted By Jake Fury

Art looks great! How was the first issue of the story?

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Posted By Iron_Turtle
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Posted By Perfect 10

@iron_turtle: oh this site lol. sometimes my posts dont go through. i was letting you know daken has been ressurrected in uncanny avengers along with banshee, sentry and the grimm reaper as the new four horsemen of apocalypse