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EXCLUSIVE: Dynamite Offers Free Issue of 'Vampi,' Announces Vampi Omnibus

Read the first issue of the 'Vampi' omnibus due in stores this December here first.

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that this December they will be releasing a 'Vampi' omnibus and to commemorate the release of the collection, Dynamite has given Comic Vine fans an opportunity to read the entire first issue of Vampi for free here first.


The series, which started out as a re-imagining of the popular Dynamite character 'Vampirella' grew to become a unique character of her own. A cross of dystopian sci-fi and the supernatural heavily influenced by Japanese manga, 'Vampi' is a far cry from the traditional 'Vampirella' series. The omnibus will feature the first 18 issues of 'Vampi' as well as the the Vampirella Manga 2099 and Vampi 1/2. The omnibus collects over 430 pages featuring work from David Conway and Kevin Lau. If you loved Vampi, or if you want a very different interpretation of Vampirella, then this might be something you want to add to your holiday wish list.

If you wish to download the free preview file onto your computer, click on this link and save the document to your desktop.