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Exclusive Cover Reveal: Juan Doe GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY ANNUAL Variant

Check out the cover for the October annual.

Everyone's talking about the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Brian Michael Bendis series is getting its first annual this October. While Frank Cho will be doing the regular cover, here's your first look at the variant by Juan Doe.

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(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Frank Cho (Variant) Juan Doe

• Most days in space aren't exactly what you'd call normal, but everything seemed to be status quo today.

• That is until a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier showed up out of nowhere...IN SPACE.

• Sometimes you have to go outside your jurisdiction to take care of business, but this might be stretching it a bit.

Item Code: JUN140675 In Shops: 10/1/2014 SRP: $4.99

Let your local comic shop know if you're interested in getting this cover.

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Posted By MegaHGFan

I think that I like the regular cover better.

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Posted By The_Titan_Lord


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Ohh thats sweet. Looking at Juan's artwork now, I like it.

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Posted By ShadowSwordmaster

@xwraith said:

Has the regular cover been shown yet?

Yes it has.

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Rocket Raccoon head is really flat.

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Posted By GraniteSoldier

It isn't bad, but Rocky looks off to me. Gamora looks good though, so does Groot.

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Posted By longbowhunter

I like what I see.

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Posted By dagmar_merrill

As far as the cover, Drax has a forehead I could fit a 50 inch flatscreen TV on and Rocket's head looks peculiar.

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Oooh. I loved Juan Doe's work in Legion of Monsters. Nice line work on the the characters here. He gives a sense of immediate need of action.

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Posted By Xwraith

Has the regular cover been shown yet?

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Posted By dagmar_merrill

Juan doe? Really? He's the mexican John Doe?