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Exclusive Cover Reveal: DEATHSTROKE #1 Monster Variant

Get a look at Kevin O'Neill's variant cover.

This October, DC Comics is unleashing some themed variants. For the month of October, the theme will be MONSTERS. We've seen some of the variants for other issues when the October 2014 solicitations were released. It turns out we haven't seen them all.

DC has given us a look at the Monster variant for DEATHSTROKE #1.

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The cover is by Kevin O'Neill with colors by Ben Dimagmaliw. The issue is written and drawn by Tony Daniel and goes on sale October 22 with a $2.99 cover price. Talk to your local comic shop if you're interested in this cover.

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'ok, kevo. just draw nonsense.'

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Not his best work.

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The monster variants are the worst month yet. Deadly unoriginal and unappealing and of course nothing to do with halloween and coming out of the selfie month which was a very fun concept with some cool variants it only makes the monster ones look worse.

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Comic books fans complaining. Nothing to see here.

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Comic books fans complaining. Nothing to see here.

people trying to undermine other people's valid complaints. ignore them. they live in happy town in joy reality.

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Still not the ugliest Medusa I've ever seen

WARNING: Viewer Discretion is Advised! View at your own risk of mental health! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Well, you asked for it:

Repulsive, isn't she?
Repulsive, isn't she?

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A #1 comic shouldn't have any themed variant cover. Just have an awesome cover to attract readers, this would not draw me to it.

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ugly but still better then an Skottie Young variant cover

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Skottie Young would wipe the floor with this, imo...

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What even...

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Not good.

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Love this!

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The fack is this.

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How high was Kevin O'Neil..?

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Hey looks it is Plastic-Man easter eggs. This makes me happy :)

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I don't get it.

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@amazingwebhead: looks like Green Goblin, lol

anyways, only one thing to say:


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Bit much.

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Kevin O'Neill?! What a surprise.

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I really loved his work on LOEG but this is not that great tbh.