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Exclusive: 'Antboy' Storyboard Sketches

There's a movie coming based on the Danish comic book series.

On April 16, Antboy, an all-new live-action family film will debut theatrically. Antboy is based on the popular Danish comic book series.

Antboy is based on a 12-year old boy who's transformed into an extraordinary superhero after he's bitten by a super-ant. Antboy and his friends must fight treacherous evil and save a damsel in distress before dinner time!

I'll be honest, I hadn't heard of this movie. If you check out the trailer, you can see it's meant for younger audiences. With many of today's live-action comic book movies focusing heavily on action, violence, and death, this could be a nice alternative for younger viewers.

Check out the trailer:

We've been given an exclusive look at the film's never-before-seen storyboard sketches. It's pretty cool seeing the process into how a scene is created. We have a few different scenes for you to check out. Click to enlarge!

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With fire.

Posted by KidChipotle

Any-Boy: The secret prequel origin of HANK PYM!


Posted by dondave

Danish Spider-Man

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@dondave said:

Danish Spider-Man

this, also it doesn't take much to put Superman Returns to shame, lol

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So all the kids will be saying this was here before ant man

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Wow this doesn't seem like a rip off of a cetain Marvel character at all....

Posted by lifeofvibe

oh boy...

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Its an obvious rip off of Green Lantern :P

Posted by Transformers1024

Well that looks dumb

Posted by Cloudguy

When I first saw the trailer I thought it was a parody then I reread the article.

Posted by fables87

so...spider-man/kick-ass for kids...?

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basically. this movie looks terrible. the last scene where she bends over to kiss him looks kinda funny though. but that's kinda a rip off of KA.

Posted by iceslick

It would be funny if casual comic book movie goers get confuse into thinking this is a prequel to Ant-Man, lmao.

I just saw the trailer, it doesn't look that bad at all. To be honest, its pretty god damn hilarious. It's a comedy of superhero movies/genre. Apparently, the commenters here are taking the movie too seriously. The movie is just trying to make fun of superheroes in a fun new way.

Posted by Child_Karl

I was wondering what the hell this was after seeing posters of this in West Hollywood. I figured it was some sort of low-budget indie direct-to-DVD kids film.

Posted by nappystr8

This looks hilarious.

Posted by Renchamp

Whaaaaaaaaaat? (There are not enough a's in the world to encapsulate my thoughts.)

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I'm hoping people don't get this confused with Ant-Man. That looks really bad. Noone in that trailer could act. At all.

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It's like a parody of Spider-Man plus Kick-Ass and not a very good one at that.

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Damn it. I know they're expecting kids to see this and all, but I detest poor dubbing.

If your kid wants to see this, great. Give them an incentive to learn to speak a second language, or to read the one native to them.