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Exclusive 9-Page Preview: FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES #3


As San Diego Comic-Con gets closer and closer, we're getting one more issue further into FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES. If there was a zombie outbreak, you could bet someone at Comic-Con would know how to defeat them.

The third issue of Sam Humphries loosely-based-on-reality comic (okay, I made that part up) is out this Wednesday. Boom! Studios has given us a whopping 9-page exclusive preview (including the covers) for you whet your appetite.


Written by Sam Humphries

Art by Jerry Gaylord

Covers by Humberto Ramos and Khary Randolph

'Oh word, what are you doing here at Comic Con?' 'Oh yeah, I'm here to complete my collection of mid-80s murder comics.' 'I'm gonna line up to see the Alien Family reunion.' 'I gotta go to Artists Alley and track down Mahfood.' 'You going to that Wolfbiter party later?' 'Actually, probably not, because I'm a zombie, and all you fools are already dead.' WHO SAYS THIS ISN'T THE GOLDEN AGE OF ZOMBIES IN SAN DIEGO?? Not me. Because there probably won't be a Silver Age. Written by indie sensation Sam Humphries (OUR LOVE IS REAL) with art by hot new talent Jerry Gaylord! Don't forget to ask your retailer about the #3 (of 4) rare CGC 9.8 Near Mint variant by MARVEL ZOMBIES artist and Zombie King Arthur Suydam!

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Posted by cyberchop979

Looks interesting.

Posted by BatteredArmor


Posted by KainScion


Posted by jcj145

I picked up the first two and I have to admit its quite funny and entertaining. I was pleasantly surprised

Posted by wowylied

I tried 8 LCS and it was impossible to find the second issue.

I'm thinking of dropping it if i can't find it this week.

Posted by revbucky

Cool artwork.

Posted by ssj2DeadPool

This looks cool, but the art is so cluttered, I cant really tell whats going on.

Posted by htb106

That's put me off ever going to a Comic-con...

Posted by blur1528

Dude on Ramos cover looks like Grady lol

Posted by InnerVenom123

... Eh.

Posted by wmwadeii

Looks good. Didn't check out Cheerleaders vs. Zombies seemed too much like fan service to me. Might read this one.

Oh and FYI I'm stocking up on Amp Energy Drinks for the Apocalypse to treat those pesky Zombie bites.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Oh that looks great! Love the homage cover to Detective Comics #27, btw! Go fanboys!

Posted by ThinkingCape

This looks pretty awesome. Just gory fanboy references!! I really like the art as well.

Posted by Spidey_Guy1

I can never have enough zombies in my life. Thanks to the Walking Dead, I'm hooked.

Posted by Dragonage2ftw

Looks hilarious. I may just have to pick this up.

Posted by KidSupreme

looks funny