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Emmy Rossum Is Interested In Neil Gaiman's Death

She's interested in the comic book character, that is.

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Let me just clarify, Emmy Rossum is not wishing that Neil Gaiman dies.  No one wants that.  She's interested in his beloved version of DEATH, sister to Dream (from the Sandman comic).

When I first saw this post, I started getting excited that a movie based on Death was finally going to happen.  MTV recently spoke to Rossum, she mentioned that she was really into Neil Gaiman's "Black Orchid" and "Death."  She mentioned that both were being considered to be adapted.

When she was asked if she attempted to contact Gaiman, she simply said, "I love Neil Gaiman. I think he's a genius. Let's leave it at that."

Not much to go on.  Let's hope that a Death movie (or Black Orchid) will get made.

Do you think she could capture the character of Gaiman's Death?