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Eartha Kitt is in Cat Heaven

Eartha Kitt passed on on Christmas day.

Eartha Kitt as Catwoman
Hi guys, this is Gia from Anime Vice popping in for G-Man, who is (hopefully) spending some quality time with his family. Unfortunately, I'm dropping by with some very sad news: Eartha Kitt, who many of you may remember as the fourth season Catwoman in the original Batman TV series, died of cancer yesterday.

Kitt, with her warm beauty and her husky voice, was my favorite Catwoman, even though Michelle Pfeiffer's in Batman Returns was more prevalent when I was a child. Kitt also recorded some of my favorite music ('tis the season for “Santa Baby,” as it happens-- all the more ironic that she died on Christmas Day, since it was her biggest music hit) and even voiced one of my favorite recent Disney villains, Yzma in The Emperor's New Groove.

Eartha Kitt continued working up to her death, voicing Yzma in the TV series The Emperor's New School, and her last stage role was as recent as 2005 (in The Junfan Project). Not that we would have expected any less from the woman Orson Welles once described as “most exciting woman in the world.” May you catnap in peace, Ms. Kitt.

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Rest in peace Eartha Kitt.

Posted by vance_astro

I didn't even know she had cancer.Hopefully someday we will figure out how to cure that.

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Bummer. :(

Posted by Kiara_Sullivan

:( RIP

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Eartha Kiiiiiiiit

forever my catwoman.... Sham shame ]=

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R.I.P.-Eartha Kitt, you will always be my Catwoman.
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best catwoman ever. no one will ever outshine her.

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Wow, what sad news...I guess I'll never watch Emperor's New school the same way ever again, may she rest in peace.

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Rest in Peace, Miss Kitt.  We will always miss you.

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