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Dynamite Exclusive Extended Previews: GRIMM #2 and THE SHADOW #14

Get a look at this week's exclusive, extended previews for two Dynamite Entertainment new releases.

Each week Dynamite Entertainment gives us an exclusive, extended look at some of their new releases. This week the publisher has given us a closer look at GRIMM #2 and THE SHADOW #14. Get a look at both previews below as well as the rest of the Dynamite Entertainment previews on our previews board, here.


David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf (story)

Marc Gaffen, Kyle McVey (script)

José Malaga (a)

Lucio Parrillo (c)

FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

The creators of the Grimm TV series expand its mythology in continuity! Nick, Hank, and Monroe travel to Europe to help Nick’s mother, Kelly, complete a mysterious task, discovering family secrets best kept buried. Meanwhile, a Big Bad hunts them from the shadows, a menacing presence with a scar cleaving its left eye…


Chris Roberson (w)

Giovanni Timpano (a)

Alex Ross, Jason Shawn Alexander, Tim Bradstreet,

Francesco Francavilla (c)

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

The Shadow is on the hunt for a serial murderer in the darkened streets of New York. But what is the connection between these killings and the shining woman known only as “The Light”? Meanwhile, a nun named Sister Esclarmonde, a newcomer to the city, tries to ease the suffering of the sick and dying at a local hospital. But does she know more about the unfolding mysteries than she will admit?

Edited by fables87

oh look. dynamite has their own version of fables now. :P

Posted by DonFelipe

I see the light and I really like her!

Posted by Dark Cloud™

Ever since I heard Grimm was supposed to film here at my factory, I got into the show. Now that there's a comic, I might as well look into it.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Don't remember Shadow's nose being that big, but nice! Not sure I like I like this Light character being able to get the drop on Kent so easily. Gosh I really need to get back into this ongoing series.

Posted by bigboi100000

So, is the plot of "Superman Unchained"; Superman escapes from slavery and becomes a bounty hunter to kill the men who stole his wife?

Or is the DC reader the one that is being unchained from the horrifyingly bad Superman run of Scott Lobdell. Scott Lobdell's run is almost as offensive and disturbing as slavery and I feel like slavery there are evil people like Dan Didio who refuse to acknowledge just how bad it really is.

Either way, I am not reading Superman (Unchained or otherwise) until they liberate the main Superman titles from the oppression of Scott Lobdell.

Posted by NightFang3

Can't get enough of the Shadow!