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Dynamite Announces New Crime Title With Duane Swierczynski

The writer is brought on to do what he does best: write a crime book!

Dynamite has wisely chosen Duane Swierczynski to join its "Crime Line." When it comes to comics, Swierczynski has tackled the likes of CABLE, JUDGE DREDD and BLOODSHOT, but EX-CON will be his first book with Dynamite.

The title will follow a very talented con artist after spending five brutal years in San Quentin. To survive inside the prison, the man had to promise a favor to a convict the writer describes as "a living nightmare in a cage." Now free from the prison, the con artist has to follow through on said promise.


Swierczynski also says there will be a psychological angle to the book and it'll be unveiled on the first page of the conflict. Additionally, the very awesome Tim Bradstreet will create the covers for EX-CON.

The publisher's expanding "crime line" also includes writers Garth Ennis (RED TEAM) and Andy Diggle (UNCANNY).

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superman: grounded & spider-man OMD. you do not exist to me.

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superman: grounded & spider-man OMD. you do not exist to me.

JMS did those...


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Another book that sounds interesting...LOL. I could honestly be buying like 35 books every month.

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Its like Dynamite went "yo, how do we write a book that is exactly the kind of thing Jonny_Anonymous would read"

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I became a fan of Duane Swierczynski after his amazing Cable run and have been picking up every comic he's been writing since.

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Dynamite's Crime Line is really hitting it home for me. Duane's contribution just shows how Dynamite has all the more reason to be one of best damn indies in comic publishing right now. Awesome!