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Dustin Nguyen's LI'L GOTHAM Launches Just In Time For Halloween

Get a look at the digital-first series created by Dustin Nguyen and co-written by Derek Fridolfs before it is made available tomorrow.

If you've ever stopped by Dustin Nguyen's table at a comic book convention then it's likely you've seen Dustin's sketches of his Li'l Gotham characters. Dustin is known for his stylized versions of Gotham's most prominent characters, where he takes traditional characters like Batman and the Joker and turns them into tiny, baby versions. Often the characters are illustrated in pencil and colored using traditional watercolors -- the result of which are really beautiful. For those of you that haven't had a chance to see Dustin's Li'l Gotham version of classic DC characters, you're in luck; Dustin and co-writer Derek Fridolfs are taking the characters mainstream in their very own LI'L GOTHAM digital first series. According to Nguyen, this is something he has wanted to do for quite a long time.

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“This has been a passion project of mine for some time now, and for anyone that’s followed my work, I’m sure it’s more of an ‘its about time!’ explained Dustin Nguyen. “The look and style is a slight departure from my usual (think the exact opposite of serious), but the idea has always been the same—to take our favorite existing Gotham characters, place them in fun scenarios without having to be tied to just one continuity or look and feel. It’s basically a Batman book for fans, by two huge fans.”

The digital series will be "set against major holidays" including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years; and the first issue will be available tomorrow, October 31st, just in time for Halloween. So if you're looking for a series that is all-ages friendly, you may want to give this a look. Not only are Nguyen's LI'L GOTHAM absolutely adorable, but with Fridolfs on the series as a co-writer, you can likely expect them to be really entertaining. What do you think of the idea behind LI'L GOTHAM? Is this something you will want to download on DC's digital site tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below.

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