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DuckTales Returns This June...In Uncle Scrooge

Woo-oo! Life will be like a hurricane once again.

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Last Saturday Boom! Studios delivered the good news that Darkwing Duck would be making a return. The fun will continue as we will also see the return of DuckTales...sort of. Apparently Mickey's Mailbag has been overflowing with requests for a return to DuckTales. The return will begin in Uncle Scrooge # 392 in June. This will be the same month that the Darkwing Duck mini-series will go on sale.
In Uncle Scrooge # 392, a four issue arc will begin, "Like a Hurricane!" Fans of the animated series as well as the classic Carl Barks comics the show was based on will be delighted to see these stories, never before seen in the United States along with old favorites printed at the time of the show.
You can expect non-stop adventure when Uncle Scrooge is joined by his nephews and the unpredictable Launchpad McQuack. And let's not forget about Gizmoduck. Issue # 392 will include scripts by veteran Disney writers Paul Halas Tom Anderson, Didier le Bornec, Chris Weber, Karen Wilson, Doug Murray and Régis Maine with outstanding art by modern masters Xavier Vives Mateu, José Maria Carreras, Roberto Santillo, Cosme Quartieri, Wanda Gattino, and José Cardona Blasi. The series will carry a $2.99 cover price. Be sure to pick it up for yourself and the little ones in your life.
Now crank up your computer speakers and sing along!


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Posted By nryan

Anybody else thinking Darkwing Duck/Ducktales crossover?

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Posted By sora_thekey

Something I never understood of this series was why wasn't Donald Duck in it!
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Posted By Emperor Gonzo Noir

Blathering Blatherskite!

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Posted By Grendel

Give us the Gummi Bears, goddmanit

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Posted By SevanGrim

cool, buut id rather have the sho back.
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Posted By Agent Buttons
So Darkwing and DuckTales are getting made into comics. Awesome
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Posted By Moomin123

I remember the Nostalgia Critic review about this.
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Posted By Bruce Vain

Uncle Scrooge is EVIL !!! LOL 
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Posted By defaultdefaultdefault

Mozzarella Bubble Gizmoduck Most Eminent!!!

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Posted By Kid_Zombie

NICE! man I loved duck tales growing up.

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Posted By inferiorego

Thank you for posting the intro to the show because if wouldn't have... I would have done it