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Doctor Who - The End Of Time Part 2 Clip

Could the Master actually be beautiful?

We're just a few days from Part 2 of The End Of Time, David Tennant's final episode of Doctor Who.  How does that make you feel?  I have to admit, thinking about this episode kind of turns my stomache into knots.  I'm not really sure what to expect.  As we wait for this episode to air, a clip has surfaced.  We get to see the Doctor professing his admiration towards the Master.

io9 reports a rumor that I hadn't heard before.  Apparently there's been some talk that the Doctor will not regenerate in this episode.  The new season will be a reboot of Doctor Who.  Matt Smith would actually be portraying the first Doctor.  Crazy, huh?  They quickly debunk it by presenting some facts we've seen.  Matt Smith has been seen wearing David Tennant's costume.  We know the TARDIS is getting a makeover and you might recall how white and plain the TARDIS interior used to be for the longest time.  There's also been mention of the sonic screwdriver which the Doctor didn't always carry around.
I do hope this final episode is truly remarkable.  I did really enjoy part 1 but I can't say it was perfect.  There were some...weird scenes of the Doctor simply walking around looking for the Master.  Is the Master going to be responsible for the Doctor's regeneration?  Will the two ever get along?  Is anyone going to shed a tear during this episode?  I know I say it often at the end of a Doctor's run, but it won't be the same without David Tennant.