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Doctor Who And Captain Jack Kiss At San Diego Comic-Con

There's just so much love in the air.

Unfortunately I missed this panel but my wife came across it.  David Tennant and John Barrowman share a moment.  They're both great guys.  

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Posted by King Saturn
Oh Wow... I thought you meant the other Captain Jack here... Johnny Depp aka Captain Jack Sparrow. Man that would have been Superepic if David Tennant pucked up on Johnny Depp...

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Posted by gmanfromheck

Ah, I suppose I should've put Captain Jack Harkness in the title.

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Posted by iLLituracy

Nothing like watching two men share a platonic kiss.

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Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

well this just made my month

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Posted by gmanfromheck
@iLLituracy said:
" Nothing like watching two men share a platonic kiss. "
That's what I love about it.  I'm sure there'll be some people that have a "problem" with this but it's pretty funny and cool. 
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Posted by Giuseppe Riccadonna

That was hilarious. I love it how he "fainted".

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Posted by TheBug

That was hot.

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Posted by Citizen 14

haha. That was hysterical. Jack is so awesome, and same with David.

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Posted by prez


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Posted by Decept-O

Maybe it's a good thing I was unable to attend the Con.  I don't think I'd be able to handle all the "fabulouthness".  *joke*  That WAS funny. Tennant is danged skinny, has anyone fed him?

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Posted by Lantern Prime

Thats disgusting!!!

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Posted by Legacy_


I wonder what a certain viner's reaction is going to be >_> <_<

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Posted by Green ankh

Jack is a rotten role and ruins Tourchwood. John Barrowman is a lousy actor.

Tennant is great

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Posted by Stormultt

lol never knew comic0von was the hook up spot

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Posted by Lady Tlieso

@G-Man: OMG that totally made my week! Too bad we don;t have CV coverage of the panel but you can;t hit them all right? John Barrowman is hilarious & I never realized how adorable David Tennat was. Thank your wife for the find. :-)

I really don't understand why some people are so narrow-minded. If you don't like it why did you watch? The title made it VERY clear what the video was about.

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Posted by MoonKnightFan123

fan fic writing time XD

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Posted by Jamiracles


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Posted by darthmal

That was amazing!

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Posted by PrinceIMC

Now let the fan fiction begin. Heh.

Both are awesome. Though Jack pissed me off in Children of Earth.

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Posted by Bruce Vain


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Posted by Selty

He totally made fun of those irritating fangirls ahhaha that was great though

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Posted by xerox_kitty

That's hysterical!!  And RTD gets a quick kiss too, bless!

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Posted by Darkchild

I seriously love David and John, awesome actors and as we see awesome people who have a great sense of humor

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Posted by pixelized

That was too adorable.

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Posted by Lady Tlieso
@pixelized said:
" That was too adorable. "
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Posted by The Psyentist

That was actually kind of funny. Haha.

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Edited by King Saturn
I am gonna miss David Tennant as The Doctor...
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Posted by AngelFrost



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Posted by 04nbod

Am I dreaming? Life isn't this hot!

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Posted by Desiderina Redhead

wowzas never new how many homophobics were on the vine... oO its not even a real kiss....

anyway i loved it, very funny and so cute!!! wish i could have been at that con just for that!!
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Posted by Vindellavon

LOL I knew this was coming. John's great!

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Posted by Media_Master


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Posted by Risky

That is so disgusting.

Disgusting that I missed that. Time to move over to the states. ;)

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Posted by .Mistress Redhead.
@Risky said:
" That is so disgusting. Disgusting that I missed that. Time to move over to the states. ;) "
lol i know right, those two can come visit me any day roaar 
love you baby ;-P
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Posted by RANDOM Man

In the moment yes it's funny, but when you Think about its preettyy SIck!!!!!

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Posted by raidingkvatch

I hate John Barrowman

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Posted by King Saturn
I wanna see Johnny Depp and David Tennant do a Feature Film... that would be Awesome

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Posted by BardofWonder

This was awesome.  
I would agree with the sentiments for Jack except that he was awesome in Children of Earth and totally redeemed 2 horrendous years of Torchwood.

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Posted by Constantine

video has been removed