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Details Revealed on 'XX' Teaser Featuring an All-Female X-Men Squad

Find out who is on the roster!

Last week we saw a Marvel NOW! teaser for 'XX' by Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel. The first assumption most of us made was it was another X-Men book. But why the double x's? The second guess was something to do with the female chromosome. So why not an all-female X-Men book? There are certainly plenty of great female X-Men.

Today, Marvel has released details via USA Today.

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From the image we see Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Grey, Rogue, Storm and Psylocke. Brian Wood mentions the drama begins with Jubilee bringing an orphaned baby home. What amps up the tension here is the baby might be the "key to mankind's survival." There will also be the appearance and return of a Grant Morrison-created villain, Sublime. But his showing up doesn't mean what you might expect.

Wood mentions delving into the characters to show their flaws, something not often seen in superhero books. There will also be "a lot of relationships, love and sex" in the book "in the classic X-Men way - the way it used to be."

You can read more on what Wood has to say over at USA Today. The series will simply be called X-MEN.